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Chapter 233- Taking Down Er“Shi Ridge Part 3

Chapter 233- Taking Down Er'Shi Ridge Part 3

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The mountain bandits decided to throw everything in; they rushed to reinforce the mountain stronghold.

When they reached the front, Ouyang Shuo had already controlled the entire stronghold. They had killed or forced all the combat mountain bandits to surrender. Then, they locked the bandits up.

When he looked at the shut stronghold doors, the boss became so angry he wanted to vomit blood. He didn't expect the enemy to proceed so quickly; this time, he had completely failed.

Ouyang Shuo stood on the arrow tower with his Guards by his side, “Those outside, listen up. I have taken over your stronghold. It's not too late for you to surrender."

"You have the guts to say that? Why not come out for a battle to the death!" shouted the furious boss.

Ouyang Shuo knew that if he didn't kill the boss, he wouldn't be able to recruit the mountain bandits, “Ok, I, the lord, will do as you wish." He turned around, “Which one of you wants to fight and slay him?"

"Lord, send me!" Er'Lai and Shi Wanshui both wished to battle.

Both of them wanted to fight the mountain bandit leader, it was pointless as the mountain barbarian leader wasn’t their level. Ouyang Shuo didn't know which one to choose.

At that moment, Wang Feng stood out, “To kill a chicken you don't need to use a butcher knife. Lord, send me!"

Ouyang Shuo froze, “Good, I'll send you out!"

"Thank you, lord!" Wang Feng turned and walked down the arrow tower.

Er'Lai and Shi Wanshui were both happy with this decision and naturally didn't oppose it.

The doors of the stronghold opened and Wang Feng walked out under the protection of the Guards unit. Then, he pointed his spear at the bandit boss, “Shanhai City Wang Feng. I'm here to spar."

When he saw that his opponent had sent such a young general out, the boss grew even more furious, “A stupid kid that has just finished sucking milk? Eat a knife from your grandfather!" He raised his knife and charged at Wang Feng.

Wang Feng remained unfazed. He rushed forward and with a shake of his spear, he caught the knife. Both weapons were made of exquisite iron; both of the same quality.

Bajiquan and spears were the best combination. Wang Feng imbued the essence of the Bajiquan into each stroke of his spear.

Every time the spear struck the knife, a power will be spread through it, which numbed the boss's right hand. In a moment of carelessness, he nearly dropped his knife. This astonished him, and he didn't dare to underestimate his opponent anymore.

Since he was able to lead a whole mountain of mountain bandits, he naturally had strength. His strokes were heavy and powerful. Coupled with his vast experience, both of them fought evenly.

On the arrow tower, Er'Lai and Shi Wanshui watched on. Wang Feng's performance pleased these two experts, and they would comment a few words from time to time.

When the Guards unit soldiers saw their major strut his stuff, they started to cheer for him. The mountain bandits didn't back down and started to cheer their boss on. Both sides ended up in a war of voices.

The atmosphere made everyone's blood boil, and the battle instantly entered a white-hot stage. Each and every move aimed to take the opponent’s life, as they both thought of various ways to try and kill their enemy.

Ouyang Shuo knew that it was hard for Wang Feng to chance upon such a battle. He might even break the bottleneck and become an intermediate general.

Ouyang Shuo wasn't a gentleman. To ensure Wang Feng's safety, he ordered Shi Wanshui to shoot an arrow to kill the boss if Wang Feng fell into a perilous situation.

Luckily, it didn't reach that step in the end.

The pressure that the mountain bandit boss posed had ignited Wang Feng's potential.

He got close to his opponent. Then, he shook his spear to use the ultimate technique of the Bajiquan—Cling To The Mountain. The spear was like a poisonous snake, as it stuck to the knife and slid down, pushing the boss away. Like a shadow, the spear continued to stick, which forced the bandit boss to release the knife and drop it to the ground.

After the bandit boss dropped his weapon, his face turned white, as he muttered, “My life ends here, carry on.”

With victory in sight, Wang Feng waved his spear and charged forward with lightning speed. Then, he stabbed the spear into the bandit boss’s chest.

The screams of the bandit boss slowly stopped.

Wang Feng pulled out the spear from the bandit boss’s chest. Fresh blood spurted all over the place. The boss had his eyes wide open in disbelief, as he fell to the ground.

After he killed off his opponent, Wang Feng actually closed his eyes, as if he was reflecting on the battle.

In front of the stronghold, the mountain bandits were frozen. They didn’t dare to move, as they faced Wang Feng, who stood with his eyes closed.

"Kill him, take revenge for the boss!" Finally, a mountain bandit reacted.

"Protect the general!" The Guards unit soldiers quickly rushed up to cover Wang Feng.

Ouyang Shuo stood on the arrow tower and ordered the archers to shoot.

Wave after wave of arrows pierced the mountain bandit group. Immediately, the arrows brought about a large amount of casualties. Then, the bandits regained their senses. The enemy had already taken the stronghold and had all the advantages. Instantly, they all backed off like rats.

Ouyang Shuo knew that they had settled the situation. He smiled at Er'Lai and Shi Wanshui, “Let's go out."

"Yes my, lord!"

After Ouyang Shuo exited the mountain stronghold, he looked at the mountain bandits, “Aren’t you going to surrender? If not, don't blame me for killing you."

The bandits knew that it was over and immediately split into two sections. One group placed down their weapons and surrendered while the others chose to run.

Those that wanted to escape were obviously the ruthless ones. They knew that they had performed too much evil; they wouldn't be spared even if they surrendered.

For these people, Ouyang Shuo wouldn't give them a chance, and he ordered his men to give chase.

The Er'Shi Ridge was dangerous. Apart from the one way down, every other spot was a peak, so jumping down would only lead to one's death. The bandits knew that their road had been blocked. Their only choice was to jump and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, the archers blocked this last chance of survival.

The archers closely lined up by the cliff and shot down at the foot. The bandits that were not far away were hit and tumbled down. Only a few escaped, but they were unable to pose a threat. However, Ouyang Shuo still didn't want to let them off. He ordered Zhao Sihu and his men to search for them and clean them out.

After they cleaned up the mountain bandits, Ouyang Shuo returned to the mountain bandit boss's body. He found a dropped item under the body.

As expected, it was a token. After he took it out and looked at it, he was delighted, it was actually a rare summoning token.

Summoning Token (King grade): Randomly summons a king grade historical person to work for you.

Ouyang Shuo kept it in his storage bag. He wanted to use it when he got back.

After he dealt with all the mountain bandits, Ouyang Shuo ordered his men to clean out the stronghold and take all moveable resources.

At that moment, the mountain barbarian teen ran out, “Savior, the boss has a secret room. I can guide you there."

Ouyang Shuo was delighted, “Great, lets go!" Ouyang Shuo left a squadron of Guards to protect Wang Feng. He brought the remaining Guards and followed the barbarian teen.

The secret room was inside the bedroom, with a hidden passageway under the floor.

The Guards were worried about his safety, so they led the way. In a short while, they came out; their faces pale white. Some of them looked furious, “My lord, there are many girls locked up in the secret room."

Ouyang Shuo was stunned, and he turned around to the mountain barbarian teen, “You brought us here to save them?"

She was also not nervous and spoke the truth, “I don't dare to hide it from Saviour, I have such an intention. But I didn't lie to you, his treasures are hidden in there too."

Ouyang Shuo nodded, “Ok, let's go down together!"

There were torches on both sides of the passage, so it wasn't as dark as he had expected. Following the wet steps, they walked all the way down. In his heart, he counted approximately 70 to 80 steps before they arrived at a well lit hall.

Glancing around, the floor was paved with thick animal hides, while some who were treated poorly only had dried grasses beneath them.

There were more than a hundred girls, donned in tattered clothes, they stared apathetically into the void as they were lying on the animal hides or the dried grasses. When they saw that someone had come, they didn't panic nor were they happy; they were already numb.

In the corner, Ouyang Shuo also noticed several girls shriveled there. Their situation was horrible. They were as thin as bones and their bodies emitted a deathly smell.

Even though Ouyang Shuo was heartless, he still grew furious when he saw this scene. To think that the bandit boss had toyed and tortured these girls.

When the barbarian teen walked in front of them, she cried and laughed, “Sisters, we are saved.” She said as she pointed at Ouyang Shuo, “This prince is the lord of Shanhai City. He is here to save us. They have killed the evil man, I personally witnessed it."

When they heard this, the girls regained their senses. A flash of happiness and life appeared in them. Tears unknowingly flowed down their eyes. They had thought that they had cried out all their tears. They had not expected that someone would come to rescue them from this place.

"Thank you, savior!" Some of the girls had regained their senses. They walked before him and kneeled down.

Ouyang Shuo personally helped all of them up and said, “Stand up, there's no need to thank me. From today onward, you are free and can return to your tribes and family."