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Chapter 235 - Military and Governance Meeting

Chapter 235 - Military and Governance Meeting

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After the greetings, Zhao Sihu reported. "Lord, all the mountain bandits that tried to escape have been killed."

Ouyang Shuo nodded. "General Zhao, you have done a good job this time, breaking through two roadblocks and luring out half their forces, you deserve a reward!"

"This is my duty, I shouldn't be rewarded!" Zhao Sihu was a little emotional.

Ouyang Shuo waved him off, taking out the that he had just gotten and passed it to Zhao Sihu. "I’ll reward you with this manual, I hope you will train well in it and become a tiger for our army."

Zhao Sihu took over the manual emotionally, kneeling with one foot. "Thank you lord!"

Ouyang Shuo took out a box of silver from his storage bag and said, "Share this with your soldiers, they deserve it!"

"Yes my lord!"

After the rewards were handed out, they made their way back.

Gaia 9th month 25th day, afternoon

Ouyang Shuo and his troops returned to Shanhai City.

When he returned, he passed all the prisoners and resources over to the Military Affairs Department and Internal Affairs Department to handle.

The Military Affairs Department was in charge of giving prisoners trials, and killing the evil ones. The remaining bandits would be temporarily housed outside the city by the Household Registration Division. For this group of mountain bandits, Ouyang Shuo had other plans for them.

Returning to the lord's manor, Ouyang Shuo took out the 2 boxes of silver and box of gems to Zisu, and she would be in charge of placing them in the internal storage of the lord's manor.

Of course, he also didn't forget to ask her to prepare a box of malt candy for Xue'er.

As for the 2 boxes of gold, Ouyang Shuo took them for the time being. Adding with the gold they had taken from the mountain bandits, Ouyang Shuo had a total of 31,000 gold in his storage bag.

After dealing with the small matters, Ouyang Shuo took out the biggest reward from this raid, which was a king rank summoning token.

Ouyang Shuo tore the token, and with a white light, a young general riding a white horse appeared.

"System Notification: Congratulations Player Qiyue Wuyi for successfully summoning king rank historical person Luo Shixin, awarded 50 reputation points."

Upon seeing Ouyang Shuo, the young men immediately got off his horse, knelt on the floor and said solemnly, "General Luo Shixin greets my lord!"

Luo Shixin was an official under Zhang Xutuo during the Sui Dynasty, entering the military during the farmer uprising and entering the Wugang army. He was given the role of supervisor, but was captured when they fought against Wang Shicong.

As he lost to Wang Shicong, he took his troops and surrendered to the Tang Dynasty, and was given the role of supervisor of the Xiazhou Daoheng army. He used his spear to stab Wang Xuanyin, taking over Qianjin Castle and helping Li Shimin bring peace to Luoyang, where he was given the role of Jiangzhou’s supervisor and the lord protector.

Compared to other historical people, his specialty was his age. He joined the army when he was 14 and was captured when he was 19. When he was killed by Liu Heita, he was only 23.

He was a huge talent. Unfortunately he passed away too early. If not, he could’ve became a well-known general of his generation.

Ouyang Shuo was delighted. He took a step forward and helped Luo Shixin up. "General, please stand up!"

After he got up, Ouyang Shuo took a look at his stats.

Name: Luo Shixin (King grade)

Dynasty: Sui Tang

Identity: Shanhai City General

Occupation: Advanced Officer

Loyalty: 80

Command: 70

Force: 85

Intelligence: 50

Politics: 35

Specialty: Courage (Raise troops combat power by 20%), Charging (Raise troops movement speed by 20%)

Cultivation Technique:

Equipment: Fine Iron Overlord Spear

Evaluation: Shixin can be used as a vanguard or a protector. Strictly follows the law, has no relatives, not attached to anything.

Luo Shixin's arrival was a saving grace for Ouyang Shuo. He was worrying about not having good generals and wouldn't be able to expand the army. With him, the problem was half solved.

As it was already late, they couldn't have a deep conversation. Ouyang Shuo introduced him to Ge Hongliang and asked Ge Hongliang to welcome him. As for the specific role and arrangements, they would be discussed tomorrow.

During dinner, Ouyang Shuo asked Song Jia a question. "How's the building of Dongli Sword Sect?"

"It's nearly finished; we will have our opening ceremony on the 1st day of the 10th month." Song Jia was very excited.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and laughed. "Wow I really have to call you Song Sect Leader from now onward. During the ceremony I'll give you a big gift.”

Her eyes brightened, with Ouyang Shuo's position and rank, his big gift would definitely be big. She asked curiously, "What gift?"

"You'll know when the time comes." Ouyang Shuo wanted to keep it a secret.

"Hen, it's okay, don't tell me!"

9th month, 26th day, 10 AM.

As the 1st and 3rd regiments hadn't returned, Ouyang Shuo held a Shanhai City military governance meeting. This was the first time Shanhai City held such a meeting since military affairs and governance became separate; thus, it was of high importance.

Everyone who was a secretary and above were here; as for the military portion, everyone major and above were here. Apart from that, Ouyang Shuo also invited the professionals to attend the meeting.

During the 9th month, Ouyang Shuo spent most of him time outside and didn't have time for territorial matters. Luckily with the directors there, nothing much happened, but there weren't any eye-catching achievements either.

When Ouyang Shuo was in the Army Division, apart from the battles, the rest of the time he spent on thinking about the future planning and strategic settings of the territory.

As the territory continued to expand, and more player groups joined, Shanhai City looked prosperous, but internally there were many problems. The biggest problem would be the loss of direction without a strategic goal.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo wanted to have a military governance meeting to get ideas.

Ouyang Shuo said, "Courtier Fan, tell us the basic situation of the territory."

"Yes, lord!" Fan Zhongyan got up. "Till date, apart from Shanhai City, we have 8 affiliate territories, 4 cities and 4 towns. We take up half of the Lianzhou Basin, covering mostly the eastern and western areas. Population wise, Shanhai City has just broken 80 thousand, and our total territory population has broken 240 thousand.

"Finance wise, Beihai City, Qiushui City and Friendship City have all become self-sufficient, and their income levels are quite stable. The 5 new affiliate territories needs government help, especially Tianfeng Town, which needs to pay for half of the Tianhai Road, needing large amounts of financial help and subsidies."

After Fan Zhongyan backed down, Ge Hongliang, who was the military representative, said, "Lord, with Shanhai City as the core, counting Qiushui City, Beihai City and Friendship City, the central region has a population of over 200 thousand. Counting all our forces, however, we only have 15 thousand militants. I suggest we expand the military again."

As expected from him, Ge Hongliang's words were exactly what Ouyang Shuo wanted to hear.

Ouyang Shuo nodded. "Your suggestion is great. It's a good time to expand. Zhao Sihu!"

"I'm here!" Zhao Sihu stepped out.

"Use the city protection unit, two sword-shield soldier units, and one archer unit as a base to build the city protection regiment. You will be the deputy colonel, and once you officially upgrade, you will be promoted."

"Thank you my lord!" Zhao Sihu was very emotional and excited.

"As the city’s western and eastern camps have been moving outward, it would be difficult for them to protect the city. Hence, compared to the city protection unit, the city protection regiment has a more important task. Apart from the city walls and city gates, you are in charge of the defense of the borders near Shanhai City. The regiment will include 2 sword-shield soldier units, 2 archer units, and one cavalry unit. The original crossbowmen squadron will be removed and be back under the god machine unit's command." The change in duty meant that it would go from 2nd rate in the army to of 1st rate and of the utmost importance.

"Yes my lord!" Zhao Sihu suddenly felt the weight of the responsibility on his shoulders.

"Zhang Daniu, Hu Yibiao!"

"Present!" Both of them stepped out at the same time.

"Qiushui and Friendship City's city protection unit will both become regiments, with both of you as deputy colonels." Ouyang Shuo reorganized the military system once and for all.

"Thank you, lord!"

After dealing with the city protection forces, Ouyang Shuo shouted, " Wang Feng!"

"Yes lord!"

"The Guards unit is now a Guards regiment with you as colonel. Remember, there's no rush in the building of the regiment. After all the regiments are done and their battle strengths have formed up, hold the trials." Wang Feng, who levelled up during the Er'Shi Ridge battle, had solved a huge problem for Ouyang Shuo.

"Yes, my lord!"

Shanhai City now had a city protection regiment and Guards regiment; with the help of god machine unit, it had nothing to worry about.

Ouyang Shuo looked at Luo Shixin, who was siting beside Zhu Hongliang. "Luo Shixin!"

"Yes lord!" Yesterday, Luo Shixin got familiar with the Shanhai City structure, and as such he was very confident.

"You are in charge of the 4th regiment, which will be a light armored regiment. You will be given Qingfu horses and located at the city’s western camp. You will be the deputy chief of the camp and the colonel of the 4th regiment.

"Thank you lord!"

"Shi Wanshui!"

"Yes lord!" Shi Wanshui stood out.

"Once the 4th regiment is finished, the city’s western camp would be up and running. Bring the 2 regiments along the route of the Tianhai Road and clear all neighbouring raiders."

"Yes my lord!" Hearing that there would be more action, Shi Wanshui was very excited.

Since he had decided to end the peace and start to show his might, Ouyang Shuo would naturally take the initiative to strike.

Based on his plan, the first step would be to clear the western area of the Lianzhou Basin to create a peaceful and safe environment for the development of the territory.