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Chapter 237 - Rescued from the Death

Chapter 237- Rescued from the Death

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Ouyang a Shuo suppressed his thirst for talents and continued to plan and organize the territory.

"The finance problem of the territory is largely due to our excessive reliance on the Langshan Minefields and the Northern Saltpans. We lost the motivation to expand and find new industries because we have funds that stream in from these two places. As the territory and the military both expand, the gold from these two will not be enough and we need more.

"Be it the Langshan Minefields or the Northern Saltpans, their scale and profits have already peaked, so it has no potential for further growth. For the long-term future, we need to find other industries, apart from the core industries we settled on, the like military goods, the territory has also produced local products like the Three Flowers Wine and rainbow colored silk. These are high profit products. Unfortunately, they weren't focused on and are in a half-dead state. In truth, the potential of these local products are far higher than the mines and saltpans, as they have infinite possibilities.”

Ouyang Shuo's words were a form of self-criticism and also criticism toward the work of the Financial Department. Be it the Three Flowers Wine or the rainbow colored silk, Ouyang Shuo had passed them over to the Financial Department and had given them some advice. Unfortunately, they took only small steps, and they weren't adventurous enough.

Ouyang Shuo signaled at Yingyu with his eyes to stop her from apologizing. Then, he said, "I've decided to set up an Industry Division. I’ll place them in charge of the Three Flowers Wine, the rainbow colored silk, and the white tea. At the same time, I’ll be taking out 5,000 gold to support its development. The specific plans include building a large-scale wine workshop at the west suburbs. Let’s call it the Three Flowers Wine Factory. Monthly production must exceed 500 thousand units. Additionally, expand the production of the mulberry gardens to at least 10 thousand mu. Geography affects the white tea, so it faces a relatively high degree of uncertainty."

As the Three Flowers Wine opened up, the market in Dali became more and more popular. They could sell each unit of wine for two silver, resulting in a profit of 150 copper. If the factory could meet its production target, they could profit 7500 gold per a month. Moreover, if they expanded the factory the future, the profits would rise too.

After they built the Three Flowers Wine Factory, they would also create a large number of jobs.

Based on the information from the president of the textile association, Yingcui, Lianzhou Basin could rear silkworms four times a year. One mu of mulberry garden could produce 90 units of silkworm babies, with three units producing one unit of silk, and five units of silk producing a silk cloth.

Which meant that one mu could produce six colored silk cloths a season. On the market, one colored silk cloth cost one gold. After the deduction of 10% tax and the deduction of the costs, he would earn 4 gold in profit.

If the mulberry garden expanded to 10 thousand mu, they could earn 40 thousand gold each season and 160 thousand a year.

Based on his plan, the Three Flowers Factory and Mulberry Gardens were similar to another Langshan Minefield and Northern Saltpan, doubling the profits.

The plan that Ouyang Shuo suggested was very exciting, and it made everyone's blood boil.

Even so, Ouyang Shuo wasn't pleased and turned his eyes to the core industry—the Military. After he settled the problems with iron, the production of the three military workshops had increased, but this wasn’t sufficient. If weapons production wasn't self sufficient, how could they hold firearm deals?

Ouyang Shuo looked at the head of Fallen Moon Guild, Sun Xiaoyue and said, “We will open the three military workshops in the east region to the tailors, the blacksmiths, and the carpenters from the guild. However, this is on the condition that they sign a non-disclosure agreement; I hope that the guild will act as the leading force for this job."

Sun Xiaoyue was invited to the meeting as an advisor, so it wasn't convenient for her to talk too much. As such, she just nodded in agreement.

After three months of hard work, the Fallen Moon Guild had upgraded its guild token to silver rank. This gave them a new upper limit of 10 thousand people. It also granted them an additional Guild specialty at the same time.

When Ouyang Shuo learned of this news, he immediately contacted his little aunt. Then, he teleported over all the work occupation players that the Snow-War Rose Mercenary group had gathered for Shanhai City.

In a short amount of time, the number of members in Fallen Moon Guild broke two thousand and continued to rise.

The number of player groups in Shanhai City continued to increase. For a more balanced development, Ouyang Shuo had no choice but to send some work occupation players over to Qiushui City and Friendship City.

As for Beihai City, he had not opened it to other players yet.

Work occupation players usually brought along their families. As such, they all lived in Shanhai City.

This side effect had its pros and cons. The players were all young people and their family members could be split into elders, those of the same generation, and those of the younger generation.

Elders would be their parents or even their grandparents, who all had vast experiences. These people would either choose fishing or cooking and just enjoy life. If they had a skill, Xinan University would hire them as basic level teachers, they were the most stable and settled group.

Those of the same generation would be the player's brothers and sisters, which were all young people. This batch were also work occupation players. However, their talents weren't distinct. Most of them were still adventure mode players.

They belonged to the most unstable group.

For that, Ouyang Shuo gave the order and opened the Procuratorate Division to the bailiff players, the medical division to healer type players, and Song Jia's Dongli Sword Sect to chivalrous experts.

Alchemist type players could also go to Qingyang Temple at the west suburbs.

As for Advisor and General type players, they were the saddest group. Shanhai City Military was temporarily not open to players, so they were unable to join.

The last type were the younger generation—the kids. These bunch were like Bing'er. They just needed to go to virtual school every day. When they didn't go to school, they would play around in the territory, adding some fun and noise to it.

As Shanhai City became more and more open, player groups started to trust and gain a sense of belonging toward Shanhai City.

After Ouyang Shuo made some final arrangements and plans for the military, affiliate territories, territory structure, and industries, he finally said, “I hope you can all work hard and make sure all these plans succeed."

"Yes, my lord!" The officials all bowed together.

With that, the military and governance meeting that Ouyang Shuo ran alone officially ended.

Just as Ouyang Shuo was organizing and planning the territory layout blueprints, something happened at Broken Blade Town, located east of Xila Lake. This event would affect the future of Lianzhou Basin.

Broken Blade Town, Lord's Manor.

"What did you say, can you repeat it?" Ba Dao didn't believe it.

"Sire, it’s 100% true information. The mountain barbarian tribes that work with us found a gold mine in the forest. They don't know how to mine and extract the gold, so they want to work with us."

"Great!" Ba Dao slammed the table and stood up. Then, he paced up and down the meeting hall, as he tried his best to calm down, “The heavens didn't forsake me!"

During the territory war, Broken Blade Town had lost badly. Their military had nearly hit zero and they used up all the territory funds after the three teleportations.

To raise up funds to build a new army, Ba Dao had nearly sold all his resources. In that period of time, Ba Dao couldn't sleep. He feared that when he woke up, Shanhai City would have attacked. Luckily, Tianfeng City had used up all their efforts, and they had no time to think about further east. As such, they temporarily let off Broken Blade Town.

Just at that moment, the rise in grain prices had thrown Broken Blade Town into a state of emergency. On the verge of death, he became desperate.

While he thought that everything was lost, hope appeared.

The gold mine was undoubtedly a gift from the heavens. It gave him a road to survival.

"Qiyue Wuyi, I'll never forgive you!" Ba Dao viciously swore.

In the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo walked out of the Lord's Manor and entered the worship area.

It was very spacious and the square in the north area took up two-thirds of the worship area.

The square was made up of a green stone floor; there were also exquisite fences carved from Dali Stone all around.

There was a raised platform in the middle with a copper cauldron on it. Other than that, there weren't any other decorations in the square.

The three Temples stood at the back of the square. The middle was naturally the Yellow Emperor Temple. Beside it were the basic buildings of a Grade 3 City, the Confucius Temple, and the Martial Temple.

When one walked into the Confucius Temple, they would see five courtyards from the front to the back. The place had red walls, yellow tiles, Wanren Wall, Lingxing Gate, Pan Lake, Dacheng Gate, Dacheng Hall, Minglun Hall, Zhunjin Pavilion and the like.

The Confucius Temple paid respect to Confucius, his eldest disciple Yanyan, the 10 sages, the 72 worthy people, and the 22 wise people. Apart from the 22 wise people, the rest were Confucius's disciples.

The 10 sages all had statues, the 72 worthy people only had pictures, and they would all accept incense and worship.

In the game, Gaia made some changes to the Confucius Temple. Apart from keeping Confucius’s position, it changed the 10 sages and 72 worthy people into ministers and historical people.

Shanhai City's Fan Zhongyan were among these people, listed as one of the 72 worthy people.

If a person listed here died in the game, they could be revived. This positive aspect made such a person virtually immortal like players.

Ouyang Shuo took out the incense pill and a system notification appeared in his ear.

"System Notification: Found that player Qiyue Wuyi has an incense pill, will you use it?"

"Use it!"

With a swiping sound, the incense pill turned into a white light and entered the Minister Statue.

"System Notification: Incense pill has enriched Minister Statue, Confucius Temple has given birth to a new building specialty—Political Achievement (Raises chance of civil servants breaking through by 30%)."

As expected from the Confucius Temple, its specialty was made for civil servants.