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Chapter 240- Becoming Famous

Chapter 240- Becoming Famous

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Gaia first year, 10th month, 1st day, Dongli Sword Sect base.

Lone Peak, Cloud Platform.

The originally empty cloud platform now had many courtyards. It had patios and pavilions; it looked very majestic. West of the cloud platform was a one thousand mu medicine garden known as 100 grass garden. It exuded the unique scents of medicinal plants.

A little stream split the cloud platform. There was an arch bridge above stream. Under the cover of the rainbow, it gave off a different aura and was very mystical.

Far away, at the bottom of the waterfall, beside the lake, was a wooden like hut, mixing in with the lake and the old tree, that was the sect leader's secret room.

The sect leader’s secret room. One could only enter if invited, the safest room in the complex.

There was a green stone tiled square at the front of the cloud platform. 800 nominal disciples wore the same sect uniform and neatly lined up.

Song Jia wore a sky blue robe and stood before all the disciples. Behind her were her two core disciples, Banxia and Cui Tianqi. One held a sword, while the other held a book.

The sword was the Qingfeng Sword that Ouyang Shuo had given her; the book was the Taoist scripture that Song Jia would read.

Song Jia had a solemn expression, as she was dealing with the system interface. A system notification sounded in her ear.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Jiaqi Rumeng for applying to create a sect, automatically checking if she has met the requirements..."

"Requirement 1: Sect funds not less than 200 gold, requirement met!"

"Requirement 2: must have more than 500 disciples, requirement met!"

"Requirement 3: Cultivation Technique must at least be emperor rank, meets requirements!"

"Requirement 4: has its own sect base, requirement met!"

"System Notification: Congratulations player Jiaqi Rumeng for fulfilling all the requirements. Player is allowed to create a sect. Please name your sect!"

"Dongli Sword Sect!" Song Jia said without hesitation.

In the sect leader secret room, a stone steele slowly rose up from the ground—the sect stone steele.

If this steele was destroyed and 80% of the disciples were killed, the sect would be destroyed.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Jiaqi Ru Meng for building the martial arts sect, Dongli Sword Sect. Player is rewarded five thousand reputation points. As the sect is within Shanhai City, Shanhai City has obtained the title ‘Home of Martial Arts.’"

As the system notification sounded out, Song Jia instantly became famous in the China region. She didn't need to live in Ouyang Shuo's shadow. Now, she had a bright path in front of her.

Song Wen directly congratulated in the country channel, “Good job Sister!"

Ouyang Shuo didn't lag behind, “Congratulations, Sect Leader Song."

The world was in an uproar. His influence and words had made many player groups very interested in Dongli Sword Sect and Song Jia.

Players who thought about it would have noticed something. Since Jiaqi Rumeng was Song Wen's sister, why didn’t she set up her sect in Song Wen’s Tianshang Town? Instead, she set it up in Qiyue Wuyi's Shanhai City.

Gossip! Sky breaking gossip!

The country channel burst into activity as players started to throw out conjectures.

"Qiyue Wuyi vs. Jiaqi Rumeng, big reveal, are they friends, a couple or..."

"They are definitely a couple. Don't tell me there is actually such a pure friendship?"

"Couple +1!!"

"Aiyo, another dream has been broken~~"

"[Brother Wuyi Fanclub] demands a battle!!"

"Little sister above, don't forget that Jiaqi Rumeng is the sect leader of a sect. She has many little boys..."


"This little girl is crying. Nearby brothers, please help her!!"

"Is Dongli Sword Sect accepting disciples?"


At this point, Song Jia had dispersed her disciples. She held the Qingfeng Sword in hand and walked toward Ouyang Shuo, “Blockhead, tell me the truth. What's Brother Wuyi Fanclub?"

When he saw this beauty emit such a killing aura, he had to give a serious answer. However, he was giggling inside. As a man, having so many girls idolize him felt good," Jia Jia, I swear I really don't know."

"Hmph!" Her man being so capable was originally something to be happy about. However, Song Jia didn't find it so in this a case. It wasn't easy for her to become famous, but this stupid blockhead had stolen half of her fame.

It was also very busy in the alliance channel. Be in Sun Xiaoyue or Song Jia, they were all added in to make it convenient for everyone to communicate.

"Sister-in-law is so amazing!" Gong Chengshi was playing around again. Every since he saw Ouyang Shuo and Song Jia acting intimately during the Battle of Muye, he would tease them and bring it up.

The others all sent their congratulations. After she created the Dongli Sword Sect, Song Jia finally had the ability to stand on the same level as Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang. She no longer felt so pitiful and lowly.

Ouyang Shuo took the chance to take a look at the stats of the new title.

[Home of Martial Arts]: Raise body quality of residents by 20%

Ouyang Shuo nodded, it was as he had expected. Although they had the same title, Ouyang Shuo guessed that the buff of the Swordsman City would be stronger. After all, they were the first territory to set up a sect.

After building the sect, there were many things that she needed to do. Before she settled all this, most of her time would be spent in the sect. As a result, she would have less time together with Ouyang Shuo, which made him feel a little melancholy.

After congratulating her, Ouyang Shuo didn't stay for any longer and went down the mountain.

After he went down, he didn't choose to return to the main camp. At the foot of a mountain, a squadron of Guards awaited him. Ouyang Shuo planned to make a trip to Yishui Town and Gushan Town.

Ever since he conquered them, a month had passed. As the lord, Ouyang Shuo hadn't even visited once, which was somewhat a neglection of his duty.

Yishui Town was built at the side of Qiushui river. After the residents of Gushan Town moved here, the population of the town had passed 10 thousand.

After Ouyang Shuo reached Yishui Town, he officially renamed it Yishui City. As for the position of city magistrate, he wasn't in a rush to appoint one. He temporarily allowed the current head to take charge of daily duties.

The merger of Yishui Town and Gushan Town was also a merger of administrative personnel, which made the political structure well filled.

The current head of Yishui Town was a normal official in the past, so how would Ouyang Shuo be at ease if he let this person be in charge? If it was before, he might have taken someone from the main city and given him an opportunity.

But now, Cui Chamber of Commerce had sent the news that recruiting had been going well. It wouldn't be long before they could send a batch of people to Shanhai City.

Based on Ouyang Shuo's plan, he naturally wanted to choose an official from this batch of people to take up the position of city magistrate. These plans included Yongye Town and Guangshui Town in the west.

As the castle on the east side, Yishui Town held the responsibility of monitoring the player territories on the east side, so he naturally couldn’t forsake its defence. After both towns merged, Yishui City followed the standard rules and built a city protection unit.

Ouyang Shuo's arrival, apart from just taking a look, was to check the training of the city protection unit. What he saw made him displeased. The soldiers were rookies that remained from both towns. Even when they included their affiliate territories, they only barely managed to form a unit.

To raise their combat power, Ouyang Shuo chose 10 elite soldiers from the Guards squadron to join the Yishui City city protection unit. These 10 elites would act as lieutenants and majors. As for the original ones, Ouyang Shuo demoted them to sergeant.

He gave them a goal—eradicate the raider camps and raise their combat power.

Apart from the city protection unit, he couldn’t overlook the city protection facilities either.

Compared to Tianfeng City, Yishui City's city wall was really bad; it was just a mud wall.

After Ouyang Shuo saw it, he decided it was necessary to start a city wall building project.

Based on his long term plan, the future Yishui City would be a second grade city. Hence, its walls must follow the standards of a city and be 5 kilometers long.

After he made these changes to Yishui City, Ouyang Shuo spent the night there.

The next morning, Ouyang Shuo left and brought the Guards. They rushed to Gushan Town, which was a little further away. There were a bunch of mountain barbarian tribe leaders waiting for him.

After he destroyed the mountain bandits in Er'Shi Ridge, Shanhai City's reputation and position in the hearts of the mountain barbarians had soared to new heights. Especially the resources he had left them, which had helped to solve many of their problems.

After the mountain tribes took the resources, they burned the mountain stronghold down. From this, one could see how deep their hatred for the mountain bandits ran.

Mountain barbarians were a race that clearly differentiated friend from foe. They would hate those who bullied them, while they would forever remember those who helped them.

With the previous example of mountain barbarian soldiers joining the military and the example of the Qiushui City mountain barbarian settlement, Tian Wenjing easily convinced a large scale tribe, three medium sized tribes, and seven small sized tribes to move down the mountain. These were pretty much all the tribes in this region.

These eleven tribes will all settle down in Gushan Town; they would form a small, self-ruled community.

Based on Ouyang Shuo's promise, apart Four Seas Bank branch, the officials in Gushan Town would all be mountain barbarians. The only thing that Shanhai a City interfered in would be the building of the city defence unit.