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Chapter 257 - Bait

Chapter 257 - Bait

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“According to the reports of the spies, the grassland is gradually returning to its peaceful state.”

The reports of the spies said that after 3 months of chaos, the small tribes in the grassland had been wiped out. They either joined the other medium-sized tribes or entirely moved into the Tian Qi Tribe.

“Currently, there’s only the Tian Qi Tribe in the center, and 8 other medium-sized tribes in the grassland. There’s one tribe each to the north and south, and 3 tribes each to the west and east. About Tian Feng Tribe to the north of Friendship Town, after taking over the Tian Lian Tribe, they also took over the smaller tribes in the east and became the only tribe in the entire southern side.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded. He is more concerned about what the grassland tribes would do next right now.

“Are there any signs that the medium-sized tribes are forming an alliance?” Ouyang Shuo asked.

According to the usual strategies, forming up together and eliminating the Tian Qi tribe was the best way out. The only problem now was even though Tian Qi Tribe suffered some losses, they still remained the biggest power in the entire grassland. It would be difficult for the medium-sized tribes to invade Tian Qi Tribe as they had been living under the shadow of Tian Qi Tribe for too long.

“Eight medium-sized tribes did form an alliance, but they lack people who are strong enough to guide them. The alliance is way too fragile with their weak management. In contrast, the tribes to the east and west had some arguments when they invaded the smaller tribes. It would be difficult for them to form an alliance.”

Ouyang Shuo smirked coldly and said, “Heh, this is the human nature. They might even want to destroy each other and loot their possessions.”

“My wise lord, it is indeed like what you said.”

“But the problem is, how are we supposed to interfere to stir up chaos again?”

As one of the three heads of the Military Intelligence Division, Lei Xun had his very own unique insights and was sensitive about things like this. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him and he quickly said, “My lord, there’s another report. According to the spies, after taking over the lands of the eastern small tribes, Tian Feng Tribe has now placed their eyes on Friendship City.”

Ouyang Shuo said coldly, “You’re saying that Tian Feng Tribe is planning to invade Friendship City?”

“Probably. My lord, the market outside Friendship City has a significant amount of trading every day. The tribes were busy raiding the smaller tribes, so they could only obediently trade for resources in the market. But now, since the war is over, their nature has decided that they might want to raid Friendship City.” interpreted Lei Xun calmly.

Ouyang Shuo suddenly had an idea as soon as he heard Lei Xun’s report and he said, “If so, let us wipe out the entire Tian Feng Tribe and interfere with the matters on the grassland directly. If I’m not wrong, it’s not only Tian Feng Tribe that is eyeing Friendship City; the other tribes are also the same.”

“But,” said the hesitate Lei Xun, “If so, wouldn’t we cause the other tribes to team up and resist us together?”

Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, “There’s a possibility that this will happen. So we have to do one thing, which is to crumble their alliance and divert their attention. Didn’t you say that the eastern and southern tribes are in bad condition? Arrange some spies to incite the hatred between the two and stir up a war between them.”

“Understood.” Suddenly, Lei Xun felt like his responsibility increased greatly.

From the 2nd of November to the 5th of November, the peaceful state of the grassland did not last long and it became noisy again.

In just a few days, on the eastern and southern borders, there had been more than 5 raids within the borders of 6 medium-sized tribes’ territories. The raiders seemed to be very experienced; they had a clear target and they left no survivors.

Blood spilled everywhere in the ruins of the tribes, showing the cruelty that happened to them.

All the evidence shows that the murderers crossed the borders and raided these tribes. Because of this, the hatred amongst the tribe people has been pushed to an even higher level. Now, they were always asking their chiefs to declare war on their enemies.

However, the higher ups in the tribe would not act rashly. They were worried that those with ill intentions were seeking to destroy the alliance, and tried to solve the problem peacefully.

However, before they could finish their investigation, the nobles among the tribes were being assassinated; they either died silently in their tents or in the wilderness.

Suddenly, the situation made all of them jittery.

And it was at this moment, that the 2nd brigade garrisoned in the city north camp left the camp using the name of training. Without hiding their tracks, they crossed Friendship river and mysteriously disappeared.

As soon as the brigade left, a huge amount of iron and food had been transported to Friendship City and stored in the warehouse of the market. They were kept just like that, lying in the bare eyes of these tribal people who were trading in the market.

Tian Feng Tribe, Chief’s Tent

“Chief, this is a great chance, we must not hesitate anymore!”

As the neighbor of Friendship City, the movements of the market and city north camp would surely be noticed by the Tian Feng Tribe. They already had their eyes on Friendship City before this, and once they got the news, they were even more agitated.

“That’s right, chief, we only need 1000 men, and we can surely take down the market.”

Dariachi sat at the head; his brows were locked and his voice was solemn. “Use your brains; their actions are too dubious. This is clearly a trap.”

“Chief, whether or not it is a trap, in the end, it’d all come to the sizes of our fists. As long as we’ve taken down the market, what can the Friendship City military to do us? Even if it was a trap, we would still beat them down to the ground, and make them soak in their blood.” The one who spoke was Dariachi’s side arm, a general of the tribe, Huqitu.

“Yes, yes, that’s right!” Huqitu’s words were resonant to the others.

Even Daraichi was moved. He would be lying if he said that he was not tempted by the resources in the market. However, as the chief of the tribe, he needed to look further and deeper for the sake of his tribe, taking in every possibility into consideration. “Huqitu, your words are right. But what concerns me is the assaults that kept happening in the savanna lately; this place is now like an active volcano that would erupt at any time. This is really not a good time to stir up any more trouble.”

“Chief, in my opinion, this is exactly why we should act more decisively. Seize the opportunity and earn ourselves a substantial amount of ore and food. They will be the assurance of our survival.” Huqitu was staunch and firm, and he said this with determination.

Huqitu’s opinion had echoed with those of the tribe heads.

Dariachi sighed in his heart. Huqitu’s words were too vigorous, making him to think that he was really too conservative. In order to strive for a high place in the world, caution was needed, but excessive caution would eventually turn into timidity, and would allow countless golden opportunities to slip past his grasp.