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Chapter 258- The Army at the Border

Chapter 258- The Army at the Border

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The Chinese had a saying. ‘If the time was right, one would reap all the benefits; however, if the timing was wrong, one would suffer the consequences.’

"Good!" Dariachi decided. "Huqitu, I order you to lead 1000 men and take down the trading market." Dariachi lost his usual calm demeanor. Under the temptation of victory and profits, under the pushing of the noble families, his blood boiled.

"Okay!" Huqitu was highly confident.

11th month 6th day

Huqitu led his army, suddenly crossing the city protection river and attacking the trading market which was totally defenseless.

The army chased away all the merchants that were there, plundering the entire trading market. They didn't forget to set fire to and destroy the entire place.

As the fire spread and rose into the sky, the army brought their large amounts of trophies and items and left.

The trading market outside of Friendship City was an important trading spot between Shanhai City and the nomad tribes. Every tribe, including the Tian Qi tribe, had merchants housed there.

The action of the Tian Feng Tribe was like a whirlwind, and it spread across the entire grassland.

When all the tribes learned of the news, there were some who envied and others who were jealous. Many even regretted, regretted that they weren't the ones who thought about that.

The victors were naturally delighted, and when huge amounts of ores and grain were transported back to their tribe, the entire tribe was bustling, and they held a huge feast the same day.

Even Dariachi couldn't believe what had happened and felt fortunate that he didn't miss the opportunity.

Based on the calculations, the amount of grain could last the tribe for half a year. The ores was enough to make numerous arrows, knives and armor.

The Tian Feng Tribe were now a step closer to becoming the overlords of the grasslands.

The second day, before the celebratory spirit of the tribe had even passed, the messenger from Friendship City had arrived.

The messenger warned Tian Feng Tribe of their actions and demanded that the tribe return all their goods and 500 Qingfu horses back as compensation.

"Haha~Haha~" the words of the messenger attracted the mocking laughs of the tribesmen.

The messenger kept calm and his facial expression didn't change.

Dariachi sat in his tent, shaking his head in amusement. "And what if I don't?"

"If you decline, then we can only go to war."

"Such big words, do you know who you're talking to?" Huqitu chided, the success of the robbery had made his prestige rise and he was now seen as the tribe hero.

The messenger's eyes froze and he turned towards Hu Qitu, saying calmly, "This must be the general that robbed the trading market? My lord has said that such evil must be ended!"

"You!" Huqitu was furious. "Such courage, I'm going to kill you." As he said that, he pulled out the crescent knife by his side and leapt towards the messenger.

"Slow down!" Suddenly, Dariachi stopped Huqitu. He was puzzled and asked, "What did you say just now, lord? A small Friendship City and he dares call himself lord?"

Facing such a forceful opposition, the messenger didn't fear and continued to keep a straight face. Hearing Dariachi's words he turned around and said, "You insulted my lord and now there's no road to reconciliation, goodbye!"

"Stop!" Huqitu shouted and laughed coldly, "You still want to leave?"

"Why? You want to kill me, a messenger?"

"Stupid messenger, go to hell!" Huqitu raised his crescent knife and chopped down.

"Hold your blade!" Dariachi shouted and said solemnly, "We Chinese have a saying, two countries have a war, but we don't kill the messengers. We can't let them say that we are uncultured; let him leave."

"Chief!" Huqitu was a bit reluctant.

"I said, let him go!" Dariachi was furious that Huqitu was getting a bit out of control.

"Okay!" Huqitu was a smart person and when he felt the unhappiness in the voice of the tribal leader, he backed down.

Dariachi looked at the messenger and said, "Go back and tell your so called lord and ask him to not look for humiliation."

The messenger shook his head in amusement and walked away.

Long before the Military Intelligence Division sent out their spies, the Military Affairs Department had started to move their army.

The Tian Feng tribe's population had broken 8000. Based on the tradition that all members of the tribe were warriors, the original 1000 man army was expanded to 3000.

For this battle, Ouyang Shuo didn't shift over the city’s western and eastern camp forces. They were clearing out raiders, and to call them over would not only cause panic to the commoners, but even alert the raider leaders.

The forces that were sent included the 2nd regiment of the 1st division, the Guards regiment, the Shanhai City city protection regiment, Qiushui City’s city protection regiment, and Friendship City’s city protection regiment, a total of five regiments and 12,500 people.

Apart from the Shanhai City’s city protection regiment, the other 2 city protection regiments were just built. After forming, they didn't have chance to join in any practical battles so their combat strength was a little weaker.

What Ouyang Shuo mainly relied on were the Guards regiment and the 2nd regiment. Both of them were well equipped with Qingfu horses, Mingguang armor, and horse lances.

The 2nd regiment's Qingfu horses already had defensive armor, and could be called a real heavy armored cavalry. As for the Guards regiment, to maintain mobility, they gave up on the horse’s defensive armor.

The sudden military action had caused all military training in the western suburbs to stop.

To avoid raising any suspicion, the 10 man teaching group from the Rattlesnake mercenary group was sent back to Jianye and would return after the war.

Gaia first year 11th month 8th day, Friendship City

On the city walls, the lord flag of Shanhai City slowly rose and under the shine of the sunlight, looked majestic. It announced the power of Shanhai City, and that it was finally baring its fangs.

Facing the sun, the five regiments formed up neatly and waited for the lord's appraisal.

Ouyang Shuo was accompanied by Wang Feng and Lin Yi, climbing up the high platform, scrutinizing the forces, and also to chiding the Tianfeng Tribe forces for going against their partnership to destroy the trading market. Not only that, they also refused to cooperate and looked down on Shanhai City. For the sake of their honor, they could only fight.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" Over 10 thousand warriors bellowed. The aura of the army swept around like they wanted to drown the grasslands and dye it red.

Ouyang Shuo stood up on the high platform and helped command and lead the troops. Seeing such morale, it made Ouyang Shuo's blood boil.