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Chapter 259- Surrendering Without Fighting

Chapter 259- Surrendering Without Fighting

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With such great men, such a strong army would definitely be able to sweep the Earth.

Ouyang Shuo started to give instructions to the generals, "Wang Feng!"

"Present!" Wang Feng stepped out and knelt with one knee of the ground.

"You will lead the Guards regiment and be in charge of the left."

"Yes, my lord!"

"Lin Yi!!"

"Present!" Lin Yi stepped out.

"You will lead the 2nd regiment and be in charge of the right."

"Yes, my lord!"

For the left and right wings, Ouyang Shuo arranged the elite cavalry forces. The three city protection regiments were arranged in the center with Ouyang Shuo personally leading them. Shanhai City and Friendship City’s city protection regiments would lead the charge while Qiushui City’s city protection squad would act as the reserve. In the regiment itself, the archers would be in front, the sword shield soldiers at the back, and the cavalry at the wings.

Such a formation was invincible.

After which, Ouyang Shuo pulled out his Tang Blade and shouted, "Let's go!"

The giant army formation started to move. Apart from footsteps and the hooves of the war horses, nothing else was heard. The army went across the city protection river and marched straight for the Tian Feng Tribe.

Dariachi obviously didn't just lie there and wait. Although he appeared arrogant when he met the messenger, in truth after the messenger left he had been preparing for defense against Friendship City and didn't put down his guard.

Such a large scale military movement naturally couldn't escape his eyes.

Facing the huge army, no one wouldn't cower in fear. The cavalry troops that were training in the city north camp had returned at the right time too.

When the lord flag rose up on the walls of Friendship City, this was when Dariachi knew that Friendship City was just a subsidiary territory.

At this point, this was when Dariachi understood the true meaning of why the messenger had said ‘Lord.’

A person who didn't sweep the four corners and hold a lot of land wouldn't be called a lord.

In the tribe tent, Dariachi frowned.

He raged. "Scheme, this is a scheme. A huge scheme targeting our Tian Feng tribe."

The joy of victory had faded and what remained was endless regret.

Truthfully, Ouyang Shuo's actions were throwing bait. Sending the messenger was done so as to earn the moral high ground. In such a way, Tian Feng tribe was despicable, and naturally they wouldn't be able to make the other tribes join them.

"Chief, what should we do now?" The tribe nobles were like panicking birds and were terrified.

"What can we do? We can only fight," Huqitu said.

"Shut up!" Dariachi fumed. If it weren't for Huqitu persuading him and pushing him, he wouldn't have caused such a problem.

"General Hu must be joking; the enemy is 10,000 men strong, how can we fight?" The noble families were unhappy.

When attacking the trading market, the noble families admired and supported Huqitu. Now that the situation has changed, so did their attitudes as they all blamed him for his reckless act.

Everyone knew that when attacking the trading market, the ones that were the most eager were also this bunch of people.

Being dissed by both the tribe leader and the noble families, Huqitu was totally red and said ruthlessly, "How can their combat strength compare to that of our grassland men?"

Dariachi shook his head and didn't bother about Huqitu, turning around and looking at everyone. "The only plan now is to ask for help. What are your opinions?"

"Ask for help? From whom? It was our fault and the other tribes are laughing at us! If they don't strike us when we are down we should be happy. Why will they help us?"

"That's right!"

Dariachi supported his forehead with his hand as he had an intense headache. He said with annoyance, "This can't work, that can't work... so what should we do?"

All of the noble families looked at one another, all of them not knowing what to do.

"Why don’t we return the stuff to them?" One of the members said meekly.

"It's too late, if we had agreed with the messenger, it all would be ok. We rejected it and since the enemy has gathered their army, they won't let it rest.”

In the tent, the atmosphere became very suppressive.

At this point, a noble family member stood up and suggested, "Why dont... why don’t we surrender?"

The moment his words came out, everyone panicked as if he had opened a Pandora's box.

"Surrender?" Everyone stuttered.

"We can't. We are the children of the grassland; how can we surrender without fighting?" Huqitu shouted with discontentment.

Dariachi felt a shiver in his heart. He knew that the worst outcome was about to arrive. He had no power to prevent the fear and cowardice amongst the noble families.

One shouldn't treat the noble families as mice. In truth, they were the real core of the tribe and held all the power.

Since they wanted to surrender, even if as the leader he didn't agree, he wouldn't be able to control the army. The logistics of the army was controlled by all these noble families.

Dariachi closed his eyes; his ambition to be an overlord had ended.

After a long while, he opened his eyes and said, "Hai Rigu, about the surrender, you go and handle it!"

Hai Rigu was the guy who suggested the surrender. He stood up and said, "Ok!"

"Tribe leader, we can't. Our boys still can fight!" Huqitu tried to stop it.

"Men!" Dariachi didn't even look at Huqitu and instead called his Guards.

"Present!" Four Guards entered the tent.

"Capture Huqitu and throw him in jail!" Dariachi knew that one of the messenger's conditions was to hand him over.

To prevent accidents from happening, Dariahci had to lock up Huqitu.

"Tribe leader!" Huqitu had a face full of shock and was speechless.

Truthfully, he was the right-hand man of Dariahci and about locking him up, Dariahci couldn't bear to do it. Unfortunately, the situation forced his hand, and he had no choice.

"Capture him!" Dariahci couldn't bear to look on as he ruthlessly ordered.

"Yes!" The guards were all extremely loyal to the tribe leader. Although they were surprised, they did their jobs without hesitation.

Huqitu's heart turned cold and he stopped resisting.


He had failed his mission of becoming an overlord. His usual energy and spirit faded along with it. The noble families, upon seeing that, who knew what they felt in their hearts as they left silently one by one.