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Chapter 260- Without Bloodshed

Chapter 260- Without Bloodshed

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To be able to take down Tian Feng Tribe without any bloodshed was totally unexpected.

As the army reached the outer regions of the Tian Feng Tribe territory, they were faced with Hai Rigu, who hurried over and surrendered.

After understanding his intentions, Ouyang Shuo didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He didn't expect his actions to have such a good effect, able to help him persuade them without using a single troop.

Even so, Ouyang Shuo didn't put down his guard and ordered his troops to advance forward.

The huge army was like a whirlwind as they blew toward the Tian Feng tribe. Further away, one could see some light armored cavalry, which were scouts sent by the other tribes.

Ouyang Shuo didn't stop them and instead just showed off the military might of Shanhai City. The nomad tribes were like that; they feared the strong and bullied the weak.

Under the sky and white clouds, the tens of thousands of men army moved forward in an orderly manner. If one personally saw it, one would be awed. The biggest tribe in the grasslands, the Tian Qi tribe, only had 10 thousand men.

After arriving in the Tian Feng tribe camp, the nomads all walked out curiously. Seeing such a huge army formation, they all felt fortunate that they didn't choose war. If not, all of them would have probably perished on the battlefield.

Ouyang Shuo ordered the Friendship City’s city protection regiment to enter the camp and take over the defensive work. Following which, they would be to take over all the equipment and disarm the 3000 man army.

To surrender without fighting, be it the army or the commoners, they all were still a little wary and unsubmissive. Ouyang Shuo naturally would be careful in case they turned around to bite him.

Only after finishing with all the stuff did he not worry and start to meet the important people of the tribe.

Tian Feng Tribe tent

Ouyang Shuo was respectfully invited to sit; Dariachi brought all the noble families and bowed down to their new lord.

"Greetings to the lord!"

Ouyang Shuo noticed that his eyes were a little sour, and when he kneeled, he was unwilling.

As things were rushed, Ouyang Shuo didn't know what to do with them. "The many of you are sincere in surrendering, I feel very happy, so would all of you move to Shanhai City and enjoy our riches?"

The noble families all look at one another. This was another way of saying he wanted to keep a lookout on all of them.

As they had no choice, they could only agree with it.

Since the enemy took the initiative to surrender, Ouyang Shuo naturally wouldn't kill everyone and do anything stupid. To leave all these noble families in the tribe, however, Ouyang Shuo was worried. To bring them over to Shanhai City and spend the rest of their lives there was the best choice.

With that, they could act as a sign to the other tribes. If any of them couldn't survive and had no way out, surrendering was still a good choice.

Following which would be dealing strictly with the tribe.

In the long run, taking down the Tian Feng tribe had huge meaning. It announced the entry of Shanhai City into the grasslands, and acted as a springboard for the future.

As for the short term gain, what was most important was to obtain the Qingfu horses and the 3000 elite soldiers.

Based on his calculation, apart from the 6000 Qingfu horses prepared for 3000 of them, the Tian Feng tribe still had 3500 more.

The 3000 elite were separated by Ouyang Shuo and sent to the 2nd, 4th and 5th regiments. The 3000 cavalry that were replaced would become a part of the independent division and housed in the city north camp.

Out of the generals, the leaders of 10 men were appointed sergeants, and those with 100 under them were appointed lieutenants. As for the 3 with 1000 under them, they faced a different fate.

This wasn’t mentioning Huqitu, who was locked up. He would be sent to Shanhai City prison and spend his days there.

Of the remaining two, one was called Mori Genhe. He was 45 and was an old and experienced person. Ouyang Shuo arranged for him to retire and spend his old days in Shanhai City.

The one that Ouyang Shuo admired was the young man.

He was 26 and was given his name in the grasslands. He wasn't part of the tribe and was from a small tribe that was destroyed by Tian Feng tribe. Dariachi admired his qualities and broke the rule to allow him to lead 1000 men.

Name: Shaobu

Identity: Shanhai City Resident

Occupation: Intermediate General

Loyalty: 75

Command: 55

Force: 70

Intelligence: 42

Politics: 24

Specialty: Charging Assault (Raise movement speed by 10%), Shooting (Raise bow attacks by 10%)

Cultivation Method:

Equipment: Sediao Bow

Evaluation: Trained in archery since he was young, highly accurate. He has a carefree personality and cares for his subordinates.

After taking a look at his stats, Ouyang Shuo didn't hesitate and immediately named him the colonel of the independent regiment. With someone who was familiar with the grassland tribes, Ouyang Shuo believed that the city north camp was as strong as rock.

With the reorganization complete, the 2nd, 4th, 5th and independent regiments as well as Guards regiment all had Qingfu horses. The remaining 2000 were sent to the Jifeng Valley horse stables.

About the Tian Feng tribe’s main camp, Ouyang Shuo decided to change it into the city north camp. The general in charge would be Lin Yi, and Shaobu would be the deputy.

Apart from the noble families who were moved to Shanhai City, the normal farmers and herders were now under Friendship City. As they were nomads, Ouyang Shuo allowed them to make settlements outside of the city.

As for the destroyed trading market, as the times changed, it lost its use and there was no tribe willing to come over to trade. Hence, Ouyang Shuo didn't rebuild it.

The change with Tian Feng tribe had stunned and shocked all the other grassland tribes. Only then did they know that farther south was a territory known as Shanhai City which was staring at and observing them.

All of the sudden, a feeling of danger swept over them. Tian Feng tribe surrendering without fighting was the best show of strength. Needless to say, after the surrender, Shanhai City's strength would increase once again.

Facing such a change, those cowardly tribes decided to group up. The ambitious ones turned their attention to their neighbours as the best way to gain a foothold, and was naturally to expand one's own strength.

These medium-sized tribes didn't dare target Shanhai City. Tian Feng tribe was the example, and they didn't want to take the risk as who knew how many more troops Shanhai City still had.