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Chapter 261- Flagrantly Declaring War

Chapter 261- Flagrantly Declaring War

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After he had finished dealing with the Tianfeng tribe matters, two days had already passed.

Just as he was on the way back to Shanhai City, a system notification sounded out.

"System notification: 100 cities have been successfully upgraded in the Chinese region, initiating the 3rd battle map, the Battle of Changping, which will start in 3 days. Please look forward to it. Friendly reminder: Only territories city grade and above can participate."

It was unexpected but logical.

The requirements to join the Battle of Changping had shot up a notch, only city grade and above, which meant that there would be less than 100 lords that joined.

Such a setting was undoubtedly to widen the gap between the lord gamemode players. Those who hadn't upgraded their territories to city level would lose their chance to join, which also meant they lost the chance to get merit points.

This meant that their road to upgrading their city would become harder and more tumultuous.

One could predict that missing out on such an opportunity would mean losing out on the chance to sweep the world. Apart from a few lucky ones who managed to chase up, the rest were pretty much destined to be swallowed up.

As many territories upgraded to city grade, more and more territorial wars had started to occur. Shanhai City wasn't the only one. The only thing special about Shanhai City was that it took things a step further.

As threats were removed one by one, Ouyang Shuo had set his sights on taking over the entire Lianzhou Basin. Of course, the prerequisite would be the first upgrade to a prefecture.

Shanhai City's population was nearing the 100 thousand max, and was ready to upgrade.

After the Battle of Changping, Ouyang Shuo would apply to upgrade. However, he himself didn't know what test he would face to upgrade to a prefecture.

Just as he was thinking about the future, an eye-boggling message appeared on the country channel.

"Di Chen: Qiyue Wuyi, during the Battle of Changping, the Yanhuang Alliance will choose the camp of Zhao Country, will Shanhai Alliance accept our battle and go against us?"

The players were in an uproar. This was the 2nd time Di Chen had challenged Ouyang Shuo.

The only difference was that this time he did it using the name of the Yanhuang Alliance. Obviously they had came to an agreement in this matter, and this wasn't the act of Di Chen alone.

Most importantly, everyone knew that the Qin Country had won the Battle of Changping.

For the Yanhuang Alliance to choose the losing camp, this meant that they were confident in rewriting history.

Such an attitude was something Ouyang Shuo had to deeply consider.

Ouyang Shuo kept quiet. Anyone with a brain would be able to guess that they had some insider news about the Battle of Changping, and had been preparing for that. That was the only reason why they had the confidence to challenge Shanhai Alliance.

This time, the situation was totally against them.

Before Ouyang Shuo could say anything, the alliance channel was already in an uproar. Especially Gong Chengshi, who was the fiercest and wanted a one vs one against Di Chen.

Even the normally quiet Xunlong Dianxue and the others were furious and wanted to accept the battle. Only Feng Qiuhuang said out loud the conjecture similar to Ouyang Shuo’s. Even so she couldn't calm everyone down.

"Wuyi, what are your thoughts?"

Everyone went silent, as everyone left the decision in the hands of Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo laughed. "If he wants a war, let's have one."

"Great!" Everyone came to the agreement that the honor and position of Shanhai Alliance shouldn't and wouldn't be challenged.

Even though he made such a comment, he didn't underestimate his opponent, as this was a war that he couldn't afford to lose.

The next day, the members of the Shanhai Alliance gathered in Shanhai City to discuss strategy.

Out of all of them, only Wufu was visiting Shanhai City for the first time. For the village building quest, he was like Bai Hua and Xunlong Dianxue, obtaining a silver village creation token, and also a king rank summoning token. Unfortunately, he summoned a civil servant, who was of no use in battle.

Similar to Wufu was Xiong Ba. During the Battle of Muye, Ouyang Shuo didn't see any historical general by his side.

Only beside Wandering Magic was a historical general.

The last time Bai Hua and the others came to Shanhai City, it was when Shanhai Town was trying to upgrade. Half a year had passed, and the city had changed a lot. Apart from the lord's manor, everything looked different.

Even the lord's manor had a huge change, with a huge "Lianzhou Lord's Manor” plaque hanging outside. Wufu said with envy, "When can my lord's manor also have such a sign?"

"You ah, give up!" Xunlong Dianxue dissed him.

"Wuyi, you really shock us time after time!" Bai Hua was amazed; the development of Shanhai City was unable to help motivate members, only making them worship and envy him.

"I came this time to take a look and learn from brother Wuyi." Wufu, who was keeping quiet, couldn't help but laugh.

Shanhai City's organization was a life-sized encyclopedia.

Ouyang Shuo laughed. "Let's talk in the manor." He led them into the hall in the front courtyard.

Out of the members, Wufu and Song Wen were new members, so they made use of this chance to get to know the other members.

"For this battle, what thoughts do all of you have?" Ouyang Shuo asked. All those seated were elites amongst lords. Even though they didn't have much understanding of the Battle of Changping, they had enough time to search up details about it.

Feng Qiuhuang was one of the most excited and said, "This battle is of utmost importance. For the Yanhuang Alliance to take the initiative, there are pros and cons."

"How so?"

"The pros don't need to be said. In the last two battles, Wuyi is the example. He made early preparations specifically for the battle. Be it the south-pointing chariot or the crossbow machine, it decided the battle. This time, Yanhuang Alliance has went all out and if they fail, they are ruined."

Bai Hua frowned. "We can't be so optimistic. Di Chen and the others have been bullied by Wuyi so many times and have already learned their lesson. Without some confidence, they wouldn't have provoked us in the country channel.”

Ouyang Shuo shook his head in amusement. How did he become a bully in her eyes?

Feng Qiuhuang didn't deny it and said, "I'm not blindly optimistic. Compared to the Yanhuang Alliance, we have an advantage; our ranks are much higher than them."