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Chapter 262- Pride

Chapter 262- Pride

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"Out of all their ranks, the highest is only 2nd rank earl, and can only bring 1000 troops. Our big brother can bring 10 thousand troops, the same as 20 new lords. Adding all of us, we will have over 20 thousand and would be above 25% of the troops in the battle." Gong Chengshi agreed.

"Don't forget that the Battle of Changping is a battle of million troops. What can our 20 thousand do? The one that decides the victory is the troops of the two nations." Xunlong Dianxue wasn't as optimistic.

Ouyang Shuo didn't join in the discussion, and when they talked about troops, he then opened his mouth. "What use 20 thousand men can be of depends on what kind of troops we bring."

"Wuyi is right. Although we can't be the core, we can be the joker or the trump card." Feng Qiuhuang agreed.

"Seems like I need to bring out my elite troops again."

"Aiya, stop being so secretive. What troops should we bring?" Mulan Yue grumbled.

Ouyang Shuo looked at Qushou and asked, "About this question, it’s better for him to answer."

As the military advisor of the alliance, Qushou was very capable. With the help of Gaia, all these historical people had great knowledge of war, and one didn't need to specifically brief them on anything.

He stood up and bowed to everyone. "Out of the three types, infantry, cavalry and archers, archers aren't useful as the Qin country's infantry and cavalry like close combat. In such a chaotic battle it will be hard to use archers. Out of all the troops of the alliance, apart from the heavy armored mountain barbarian infantry from Shanhai City, the rest can't measure up to the infantry of the Qin Country. Hence, we can only send out cavalry."

"But after the Zhao Country revolution when they started to use cavalry with lighter armor who could bows, their cavalry are the best. Can this work?" Xunlong Dianxue questioned.

"I agree with Qushou." Ouyang Shuo said, "In this battle, Shanhai City will send 10 thousand elite cavalry. Before and after the war, the situations are different. Before the Spring and Autumn Period, war was just people lining up at a set location and fighting head on. They were like noble family battles where customs and manners were important. The Battle of Zhuolu and the Battle of Muye were such battles."

"During the Warring States Era, war became about killing and taking important land, and there weren't such rules anymore. The Battle of Changping was a typical battle of attrition, and it's important for one to be quick and flexible. No matter how strong their cavalry is, we have no choice and can only choose to send out cavalry."

The hall was totally silent, and everyone was digesting the new information.

"Big brother, you aren't going to bring such a strong force like the heavy armored infantry?" Gong Chengshi asked with doubt.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head. "To tell the truth, we only have 2000 heavy armored infantry. Their armor is only good as defense, and in such a big battle, they won't be able to be of any use. They also won't be able to work together and assist the Qin Country soldiers, so there's no point bringing them."

"Since big brother has made such a decision, I've nothing to say. I'll bring all cavalry." Gong Chengshi laughed and firmly believed in Ouyang Shuo.

The others all nodded in agreement to Qushou and Ouyang Shuo's views.

Seeing that the various lords had reached an agreement, he said, "There's also another thing I have to remind everyone."

"Please speak!"

"In the Battle of Changping, the preparations for a long term war done by the Zhao Country was much better than Qin Country. Although the Qin Country accumulated a lot of grain, for them to become edible was difficult. Hence, it’s best if you all bring a bunch of military grain pills to reduce to burden on Qin Country."

Ouyang Shuo didn’t hide the manuals that he bought to build military grain pills and military tents from his allies and told them all about the manuals. Hence, apart from Stone City and Tianshuang City, the rest all were able to produce the two resources.

Ouyang Shuo estimated that Di Chen and his alliance most probably bought the manuals too. They had experts survey the market, and after the Battle of Zhuolu, they definitely wouldn't give up on such good weapons.

After the military discussion, Feng Qiuhuang asked another question. " Wuyi, do you want to contact some other lords to invite them to join the Qin Country camp?"

Ouyang Shuo frowned. "Do you think that Di Chen would take the chance to invite other lords to create an imbalance of players?" Ouyang Shuo immediately understood her meaning.

"Based on my understanding of them, they will definitely do that. They know that they can't beat us head on, so they have to scheme, and they are really good at that."

"That's right, during the territory acquisition wave, the medium and large powers bought many territories, and many of them have relationships with the Yanhuang Alliance." Song Wen suddenly said. He was the earliest beneficiary, and thus he understood.

Tianshuang City made use of the power of the Song family to get into the top 100 territories. Similarly, the people who acquired those territories had naturally became frontrunners in the game.

"How could commoners compete against the rich families?" Wufu had mocked. He was looked down upon and not trusted by Di Chen, thus he was forced to join Shanhai Alliance for protection. As such, he had many thoughts about this topic.

Ouyang Shuo kept silent. Whether he liked it or not, Shanhai Alliance and Yanhuang Alliance represented these two powers. Although the line wasn't so clear, with Shanhai Alliance having Feng Qiuhuang and Song Wen, and Yanhuang Alliance also having commoners like Wandering Magic.

"What do you all feel?" Ouyang Shuo didn't make a decision by himself.

"I think that this situation is all self volunteering. Both sides have made it clear which camp we chose, which team they support, and each lord would have his or her consideration. If they trust us, they will definitely join the Qin Country camp." Xunlong Dianxue saw it very clearly.

"That's right." Gong Chengshi agreed.

Bai Hua didn't object. After all, everyone had some pride and wouldn't want to beg others.

Ouyang Shuo had an idea himself and exclaimed, “Great, that's settled. We will be ready to face all situations. I would like to see how much influence Shanhai Alliance has on all the players.”