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Chapter 265- Solving the Mystery

Chapter 265- Solving the Mystery

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Just as the meeting between the Shanhai Alliance was at a standstill, Mulan Yue suddenly stood out.

Usually, when the brothers and sisters were discussing, she would sit at the side and act as a quiet listener. This time she stood up, attracting everyone's attention.

She wasn't scared or anything and said, "Cough, actually I feel that what Qushou said was right. The key lies in the player troops."


"Didn't we discuss this? They aren't enough to breakthrough,” Gong Chengshi said.

Ouyang Shuo waved him off and stopped the discussion. Then, he smiled as he looked at Mulan Yue, "What new idea do you have? Tell us."

"En." Receiving Ouyang Shuo's encouragement, Mulan Yue was even more confident and said, "I think that we have all been thinking that the player troops will be sent to the main camp with the main forces. What if they were sent to the camp at Gu Pass, how would the situation change?"

Ouyang Shuo was astonished. All the mysteries and doubts he had disappeared. He raised his head, looking straight at Qushou.

In a moment, everyone was shocked by Mulan Yue's view.

"This, this doesn't fit the battle settings, right?" Gong Chengshi said unconfidently.

Xunlong Dianxue shook his head and said solemnly, "Gu Pass is also a key base, if Gaia arranged it like that, it doesn't go against the battle settings."

Ouyang Shuo was pretty much certain that Mulan Yue's answer was right. He happily looked at her, giving her a silent commendation. He turned toward Qushou, "So, what would happen if Yue Yue is right?"

Although the others knew that it would be bad if the enemy player troops were sent to Gu Pass, they didn't know how much of an effect it would have on the battle.

Only Qushou could solve this difficult problem.

Qushou focused, after contemplating and playing the situation in his mind, he spoke. "If the enemy player troops were sent to Gu Pass, it would be totally beneficial to the Zhao. They have two choices. First, they can attack the Ying Bao troops at the north and regain the passageway to Handan. Second, they can work with the main force to attack Wang Ling, destroying him and regaining contact between them and the main force. After that, they could destroy Ying Bao's forces. No matter what, they would be able to destroy the cage set up by Baiqi.

Hearing Qushou's analysis, the tent was totally silent.

"Qushou, there's something I don't understand. It makes sense to attack Ying Bao's forces, but to pincer Wang Ling's forces, wouldn't it be the same as them just landing in the main camp?"

"Of course not," Qushou said confidently, "The building of the camp mainly defends the southwest against the main force, and they didn't care much about Gu Pass as Ying Bao's forces were dealing with them. In history, the Gu Pass was attacked by 30 thousand troops and was nearly broken through. If the 40 thousand player troops were added, before reinforcements arrive, Wang Ling's forces would be totally destroyed."

Qushou's analysis was so detailed that no one could retort.

Ouyang Shuo looked around and said, "Since things are like this, we must get ready for the worst case scenario. Ever if they force themselves through the trap, they will pay a heavy price and the battle will still favor us. Hence, we don't need to worry, preparing as we need to. "He looked at Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang, "You two will be in charge of liasoning with other lords."

Both of them nodded.

"Ok, let's disperse; I need to make a trip to see the Wu An Lord."

"This is only our conjecture. We have no proof, so do you think he will believe us?"

"No matter what, we need to give it a shot." Ouyang Shuo wasn't confident but he needed to act like he was filled with confidence.

Qushou walked over. "Lord, before you see him, I suggest you go look for the general, Meng Ao. He's our direct superior."

Ouyang Shuo froze and said in embarrassment, "You’re right, I forgot about it."

General Meng Ao's manor was in Guanglang City. With Ouyang Shuo's representative status, he didn't face any problems and was able to meet the general.

Meng Ao's battle style was based on being safe. Hence, he was given the important responsibility of taking charge of the southern line to go against the deputy general of the Zhao army’s Zhao Zhuang.

In history, Meng Ao served a total of four dynasties, leading troops and getting victory after victory.

Not only that, about his son Meng Wu along with his grandsons Meng Kuo and Meng Yi, they were all the backbone of the Qin. They helped the Qin family, attacking territories and risking their lives, helping the Qin emperor unite the six states.

"Qiyue Wuyi greets the general!" Ouyang Shuo said respectfully.

To speak the truth, Meng Ao didn't pay much attention or place much importance on the 30 thousand player troops. Meeting Ouyang Shuo was just a normal meeting and he didn't plan to get close to him.

Meng Ao said calmly, "Why do you want to see me?"

Ouyang Shuo felt that Meng Ao was distancing himself, but for the sake of victory, he had to speak, "General, I am here to report some military intelligence."

When he mentioned military intelligence, Meng Ao froze. "What military intelligence? Quickly speak!"

"General should know that the player troops were split into two camps. Based on my information, the Zhao Army has 42 thousand player troops, and as for where they are at, I don't know."

Meng Ao started coldly. "This is your so called military intelligence? The Zhao Army has been boxed in by us and lack grain. Even 40 thousand player troops change nothing. Such a small matter, why did you come to see me?"

Meng Ao was furious as a killing aura emanated from him. As a general, to have such an aura was normal, much less so the great general of the Qin army.

Ouyang Shuo felt everything turn cold and a bloody smell emanated. Luckily, he wasn't a rookie and with a cycle of the , he dispersed the aura and it didn't cause any discomfort.

In truth, in a blink of an eye, Ouyang Shuo had returned to normal.

Meng Ao's eyes froze. To him, he had already kept his aura. His actions were to warn Ouyang Shuo to let him know his place and not act wildly.

He didn't expect that the young man in front of him would be unmoved and easily displace the aura. This was when he knew that the guy in front of him wasn't simple.

Ouyang Shuo knew that he had finally earned Meng Ao's respect, making the general not underestimate him. No matter what, what mattered in the military was strength.

Winning his respect didn't mean that he could persuade Meng Ao.

Ouyang Shuo continued to act respectful, "What general doesn't know is that we aren't teleported to a fixed spot. If their forces were sent to Gu Pass, it would be a huge change to the battle."

Meng Ao was a capable character. Afte he heard Ouyang Shuo say that, he instantly understood. If Gu Pass had a sudden increase of 40 thousand troops, what kind of difference would it make to the battle?

He didn't dare to be careless and asked, "What proof do you have?"

In military tactics, intelligence was of utmost importance and without proof one couldn't make tactics.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head. "It’s just a conjecture, so there isn't any proof."

"How am I supposed to act based on your conjecture?" His expression started to turn sour once again. Luckily, he knew that this matter was of utmost importance and Ouyang Shuo wasn't a person to talk nonsense, so he didn't blow up again.

This was where Ouyang Shuo was smart at. He knew that the generals wouldn’t pass over such important military intel, with or without evidence. Hence, he didn't need to falsify anything and just admit that it was his conjecture.

"Although it's just a conjecture, one out of two, there's a 50% chance. General, this affects the entire battle. Should we report this to the Wu An Lord?"

What Ouyang Shuo did was prohibited in military, going over his superior to report to an even higher level. If he was really Meng Ao's man, he would definitely die.

But Ouyang Shuo was helpless. The battlefield changed quickly and he was worried that they might miss the opportunity. If the Wu An Lord didn't get the news and the Zhao Army acted, it would be terrible.

As expected, Meng Ao's eyes stared coldly at Ouyang Shuo and his gaze was not as friendly. If he didn’t know that the players wouldn't stay for long, he would have blown up.

Facing his cold gaze, Ouyang Shuo wasn't fazed and instead became more resolute.

"You follow me to see the Wu An Lord!" Not knowing why, Meng Ao finally agreed.