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Chapter 266- Asura Baiqi

Chapter 266- Asura Baiqi

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To the east of Guanglang City was a mountain ridge where people sometimes saw wolves going in and out, thus they called it Lang Mountain. This ridge ran from the northwest to the southeast; it was very high up, the highest point of the Dan River. Apart from forest cover and caves, it was just flat highlands with very open plains.

Position wise, Lang Mountain and Guanglang City were a bit outside of the central portion of Laoma Ridge, directly opposite the Zhao Army manor in Changping.

Ouyang Shuo followed behind Meng Ao and climbed up Lang Mountain. As the armies had been at it for 3 years, there were no longer any wolves here; the only signs of their past were white, dried up, feces.

The manor of Wu An’s Lord, Baiqi, was inside one of the largest caves in Lang Mountain.

Under the rocks of the cave, the floor made out of green rock made the place look magnificent. On the walls hung two huge maps, and the title of the maps were four huge words- Shangdou Shanchuan.

Below the map sat Baiqi. He had exquisite armor, and a black golden cape. By his side was a large sword that only Tieying Swordsmen had. His hair was as white as snow; his whole body was tanned and his face was ragged.

Seeing Baiqi, Ouyang Shuo found it hard to contain the excitement in his heart. The man in front of him was one of the four famous generals in the Warring States period, and was called asura Baiqi, undefeated in battle.

Whichever country he attacked, no one would be able to defend against him.

In the end, he was killed by the king of Qin, adding a sad ending to his illustrious story. Ouyang Shuo really wanted to thank Gaia for giving him the chance to meet such a legend face to face.

"Player representative Qiyue Wuyi greets Wu An Lord!" Ouyang Shuo bowed behind Meng Ao.

Baiqi raised his head, his eyes were the typical Qin’s three-cornered eyes. He looked at Meng Ao. "Aren't you supposed to be at Guanglang Town; why did you come here?"

Meng Ao didn't dare to be slow and repeated the military intelligence that Ouyang Shuo had reported.

Only then did Baiqi turn to Ouyang Shuo. He frowned and asked, "Do you have confidence?"

The look from Baiqi made Ouyang Shuo feel very uncomfortable. As a lord, it has been a long time since he had been looked down on.

Habits were certainly a deadly poison.

Ouyang Shuo gathered himself and said respectfully, "There's more than a 50% chance."

Baiqi nodded, but he didn't say anything. Truthfully, Baiqi wasn't a rude person, him looking down on Ouyang Shuo was just setting the tone and to form up prestige in the military.

As the commander, Baiqi didn't want to have a force in his army that he couldn't control. The player force that appeared was certainly one. So, he acted as he did.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo quickly adjust himself, Baiqi was impressed. To be able to maintain a straight head and understand one's position was really important.

As compared to Meng Ao, Baiqi was far more decisive. "Since that's so, I'll immediately send Wang Ling to investigate. If it's true, we will make arrangements immediately." Baiqi's actions were naturally appropriate as without actual intelligence, he couldn't act.

However, Ouyang Shuo still felt a little worried. As the Wu An Lord had already made a decision, he couldn't say anything more and could only helplessly follow Meng Ao back to Guanglang City.

When they returned, it was already the afternoon.

After Ouyang Shuo returned, Bai Hua and the others came into the camp. After sharing with his allies about what happened he said, "Everything has already happened, so the only thing we can do is prepare well."

Upon hearing the news Ouyang Shuo brought back, they all felt very downhearted.

Only Gong Chengshi was more optimistic and laughed. "Cheer up guys, even if their plan succeeds, we will just have a war against them."

"Little lion, you finally said something that made sense." Xunlong Dianxue, who was closest to Gong Chengshi, teased.

The both of them always melted the cold atmosphere of the alliance.

Bai Hua stood up and said, “Wuyi, out of the 20 lords in the Qin camp, a total of 10,500 troops, they are only half of ours. Feng Wu and I calculated that they only have 3500 cavalry and the rest are infantry. How should we organize them?"

Ouyang Shuo had expected this and said, "In this battle, the Yanhuang Alliance is more famous than us. In the first two battles, we obtained such good results, but in the end, so few lords trust us."

"Wuyi, don't worry. Most of the commoner lords haven't upgraded to a city, resulting in such a situation," Bai Hua consoled.

"That's right." Feng Qiuhuang continued, "Wuyi, do you remember Hua Huo?"

"Hua Huo?" Ouyang Shuo thought hard. "Is it the lord of Qingyun Town, which had a historical general, Chen Tang?"

"That's right. However, now we should call it Qingyun City. This time, he chose to be in the same camp as us, so he's a lord that's worth recruiting."

Ouyang Shuo nodded. "We should organize it this way. The 3500 cavalry will be added to Zhang Liao's forces, the remaining infantry will be under Chen Tang. In this battle, we must focus on the cavalry and not waste energy on infantry."

"Okay, Feng Wu and I thought the same way." Bai Hua nodded in agreement.

"Since that's so, why didn't you all say it and beat around the bush? Bai Hua, are you all testing me?" Ouyang Shuo teased.

Bai Hua laughed in embarrassment but didn't say a thing.

Feng Qiuhuang at the side laughed in delight and acted cute. "That's right, we’re testing you."

"The tent became much more lively and Ouyang Shuo became a lot more relaxed.

"Okay, guys return to your tents and we will see what happens tomorrow!"

"What can happen? There will definitely be many days of peace before something big happens."

"Hope so!" Ouyang Shuo still felt very worried.

Zhao camp, Gu Pass

Just as Mulan Yue had guessed, Gaia had placed the player forces in Gu Pass.

In Di Chen’s tent, the Yanhuang Alliance members all gathered.

"How is it; is everything going smoothly?" Zhan Lang asked Di Chen, who had just returned from the manor.

In the Yanhuang Alliance, ever since Sha Pojun's fought with Di Chen because of Shanhai City, Di Chen slowly became a loner. His only ally was Feng Qiuhuang's cousin, Feng Tianlie.

It was Chun Shenjun who used the influence of the Chunqiu Alliance to pull in Feng Qingyang, Xiong Ba, and Wandering Magic to form a faction. Adding Sha Pojun who recently became close to him, they took up more than half of the Yanhuang Alliance.

In the Alliance, only Zhan Lang maintained a neutral stance and became the person to mediate things between Di Chen and a Chun Shenjun.

Hence, although the Yanhuang Alliance didn't have a leader, in truth, it was Di Chen, Chun Shenjun, and Zhan Lang.

Di Chen himself was certain that with Chun Shenjun around, his position within the alliance wasn't looking too good. Luckily, he was careful during the Battle of Muye and earned himself a lot of merit points, becoming the player representative and gaining a temporary advantage.

Apart from that, the insider news regarding the Battle of Changping was obtained by his family. Hence in this battle, Di Chen held absolute command.

To his question, Di Chen didn't hesitate and answered, "Everything is going well; the Gu Pass general has agreed with our plan."

To prepare for the Battle of Changping, Di Chen had thought hard. Using Zhan Lang's knowledge, before the battle even began, he had thought and thought to create a perfect plan. If this plan smoothly ran, they could help the Zhao win.

Hearing his reply, the tent instantly livened up.

"That's great!"

"Hehe, this time we will let Qiyue Wuyi see who’s boss!"

"That's right, he has no chance this time."

Zhan Lang frowned; the optimism of his allies didn't spread to him and he couldn't help but speak, "This is only the first step; isn't it too early to celebrate? Think about how many times we have lost to him! Haven't you all remembered? Looking down on him will get us nowhere!"

"Zhan Lang, isn't that too harsh? You are destroying your own prestige." Hearing his words, Feng Qingyang wasn't pleased, "How is this time the same? We have the initiative and the advantage. Amongst a million men, what can he do?" In the Yanhuang Alliance, Feng Qingyang was famous for not being afraid of anything so only he dared to talk like this to Zhan Lang.

"You!" Zhan Lang wasn't good with words, and being mocked like that, he was furious.

"Ok guys, we are all brothers, so why must we fight? Qingyang was only emotional, so Zhan Lang, don't take it to heart." Chun Shenjun looked like he was calming the situation down but in truth, he was helping Feng Qingyang get out of the situation.

Zhan Lang turned his head and kept silent.

Di Chen looked coldly on from the side, he knew that the biggest weakness was that the members weren't unified and had formed their own sides. This was bound to happen with big powers, as one wouldn't be happy with another and they all had their own plans and motives.