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Chapter 272- Losing Yewang

Chapter 272- Losing Yewang

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Just as the various ambassadors for each country went around to try and persuade them, Zhao Kuo acted again.

The next day after the war, Zhao Kuo ordered Zhao Zhuang to lead 50 thousand elite light armored infantry east out of Fukou Pass, and then towards the southwest to attack Yewang.

Ever since the Zhao army started using such cavalry, each one of them would bring milk and jerky to be able to last a day in battle. To make sure, Di Chen and the other lords provided 40 thousand military grain pills. With that, Zhao Zhuang led 50 thousand men east without any signs of grain being used.

The Yewang stronghold was the resource base of the Qin, the only stronghold that the Han Country had in the entirety of Shangdou.

Three years ago, Baiqi ordered Wang Ling to attack it. When they took over, they immediately constructed a large granary and opened up a channel so that grain could be transported. A year later, ships kept on sailing and carts kept on traveling, so grain was continuously sent to Yewang.

During the 3 year face off, the grain supply had never stopped. Yewang had now accumulated several granaries full of grain.

Ever since Baiqi took over Wang He as the commander, the Qin army's strategy had changed north towards Duanshi Town west of Laoma Ridge.

Wang Ling, who was defending the Yewang Stronghold under Baiqi's orders, started to enter the Changping battlefield.

As the battle proceeded, to ensure their victory, Baiqi had taken troops from the back and pushed them forwards into Changping to box in the Zhao army, hence Yewang Stronghold had less men.

Zhao Zhuang led the 50 thousand cavalry and rushed. They took a day to reach the Yewang Fortress.

The defenseless fortress couldn't contend against the enemy upon facing such a sudden attack, although they fought hard and tried to defend.

Adding the fact that Zhan Lang and the others had followed and used the siege weapons they brought with their storage bag, after an intense battle, the Qin forces lost, and everyone died.

After attacking the stronghold, Zhao Zhuang gave the order to set alight all the grain.

The large fire blazed and covered half the sky. As there was simply too much grain, the fire lasted for three days and three nights, and still hadn't extinguished, a burning smell spread through the area.

When the Qin army heard the news and rushed to assist, Zhao Zhuang's forces had already left. Seeing the burnt and ruined stronghold, the Qin soldiers' faces were all ashen white.

If the Zhao army escaping and Wang Ling dying wasn't enough to let the various countries decide, this burning of grain let them see the hope of beating the Qin army.

Out of all the countries, the Wei and Chu were the most eager.

They eagerly tried to convince the other countries to send troops and destroy the Qin together. Even the Han activated their Shangdou protector Feng Ting; the meaning in it was very obvious.

The Battle of Changping gathered over 90% of both country's troops. If one side lost, they would be in a detrimental and irrecoverable position.

Handan, Zhao Country Palace.

King Xiaocheng said happily, "Zhao Kuo really hasn't let me down. He's the general of his time!"

The ministers and officials agreed, and only Lin Xiangru who sat to the side had mixed feelings.

Everyone in the Zhao had felt that they had definitely won this time.

The Qin army had lost their grain supply, and could only retreat so Shangdou definitely belonged to the Zhao.

Pingyuan Lord, Zhao Sheng, was still a little worried. "My king, Zhao Kuo is young, and I'm afraid this victory would make him arrogant. Since Yewang Stronghold is destroyed, we only need to defend the Gu Pass, and the Qin army would be forced to back off. I'm afraid he would use his troops again to have a fight to a death with the Qin army for no reason."

His words were like a cold breeze, making the entire court feel cold.

Thinking about the situation where the Zhao army was boxed in, the ministers and officials felt the chills. Baiqi's prestige was too high, and even in such a situation, no one would say that the Zhao army would definitely win.

The moment Baiqi grabbed a chance, he would turn the whole situation around in an instant.

Zhao Xiaocheng was similar to the Pingyuan Lord, and was still scared of Zhao Kuo using his troops to attack. When he found out that the Zhao army was boxed in, he was so afraid that he had many sleepless nights.

Hearing his words, Xiaocheng said, "Uncle Wang is right. I'll write a decree for Uncle Wang to personally bring the army to take over control from Zhao Kuo so he can't step out of the pass and fight them."

"Yes, my king!" The Pingyuan Lord finally felt at ease.

Handan, Lianpo Manor.Ever since he was removed from duty, Lianpo didn't listen to his good friend Lin Xiangru's arrangement to go to the Chu, and instead returned to the Handan Manor.

Hearing that the Zhao army attacked Yewang Stronghold, Lianpo was conflicted. He muttered, "Was I really wrong? Am I not as good as him? I hope that the Zhao army wins so I have no regrets in this life."

Qin Country, Xianyang Palace.

The King of Qin frowned as he looked at Fanju. "How is the situation with the other countries?"

The destruction of the Yewang Stronghold left this minister with no idea what to do. Several more white hair grew on his head as he said, "My king, the situation has changed and whatever we do won't make a difference. The key lies in Baiqi, and if he can turn the situation around."

Qin Zhaoxiang was monitoring the resources in Changping. Before he returned to Xianyang, he had talked to Baiqi. Outsiders naturally wouldn't know a thing about the conversation between the two. The only change was that after the secret conversation, the king was much more relaxed and wasn't as tensed up as when he heard that Yewang Stronghold was destroyed.

The words from Baiqi before he left replayed in his ear: the loss of one land or city isn't enough to decide victory. What decides the outcome is on the battlefield.

"Minister, continue to remain here to manage policies and try to send grain towards Duanshi Fian. I'll venture forwards towards the army and form up reinforcements with all young men 15 and above to assist the troops in Changping."

"Yes, my king!" Fanju solemnly replied. When the country was in dire straits both internally and externally, it was when the king and the prime minister had to worked together. Such a scene made him cry out, "Protect our Qin, solve the national crisis!"

"That's right, this is the most trying times in our country, I believe that we can survive this and make it through."

Compared to the Zhao civilians, the Qin civilians were much more stubborn in the face of adversity.

As many things happened around them, the Changping battlefield was still very quiet.

After successfully taking down the Yewang Stronghold, Zhao Kuo assigned 50 thousand men stationed outside the Gu Pass to defend the Hukou Pass. As the only pass between the Handan and Gu Passes, they needed to defend it to ensure that grain could be transported.

At this point, the Zhao army formed a defensive line from the Hukou Pass to Gu Pass to Wang Ling Camp, destroying any chance of the Qin army surrounding them.

Hukou Pass and Gu Pass were near to one another, so if the Qin army wanted to go north of the stone wall, they would be attacked from the front and back. Unless they used all their forces, it would not work.

Lang Mountain, manor.

The military advisor was introducing the organization of the Zhao Army troops, followed by reporting new military intelligence. "The Wei led 150 thousand troops out of Dalian into Henei Prefecture, coming straight for Changping. Apart from them, other countries are all preparing for war."

"Their moms!" Wang He, who had a bad temper, flared up.

They didn't have any grain and now they had a strong enemy. This was a danger that the Qin army had never faced before. Even so, the generals and officials didn't give up, the reason being Baiqi, the war god in their hearts.

"How's the grain situation?" Baiqi asked solemnly.

"Apart from the Yewang Stronghold, Duanshi Town, Laoma Ridge and Guanglang City, all have a portion of the grain, but it's not in large amounts. Altogether, it could last us for 20 days. Additionally, the king has started to transport grain to Duanshi Town. As the distance is long, we can't depend on it for the short term."

Baiqi nodded, looking around at the various generals and said calmly, "The Zhao army has 4 advantages. They have enough grain, they have reinforcements, the area is small and easy to defend, and their morale is high.”

He continued. “However, they also have four weaknesses. Firstly, although the defensive line looks like it can't be broken, the line is too long, and they can't protect the end of the line. If we try, we can definitely cut the line in half. Secondly, after they destroyed Yewang Stronghold, they didn't try to chase the victory and cut off our supply line. Their tactics aren't decisive enough and that gives us a chance to fight back. Thirdly, their consecutive victories and having reinforcements mean that they might get overconfident. Fourthly, them hiding in the pass means that they can only defend passively."

Everyone in the cave waited with baited breath. They were clear that before every battle, Baiqi would weigh the pros and cons of the enemy. Only after that would he think of a plan. What they were waiting for was this exact moment.

"To destroy our enemy, it's simple." Baiqi said and paused before continuing, "Surround them and destroy their reinforcements; fortify a place, but shift all the resources away. Attack their weaknesses; launch isolated sieges!"

Wang He asked, "Wu An lord, please elaborate."

"This strategy is focused on surrounding them, baiting the reinforcements before hitting their reinforcements instead. The Zhao army shrinking the defensive line gave us a chance. As long as we attack Gu Pass and attract their attention, and then send our main force to kill the Wei army, the Zhao army would be cornered by us once again."