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Chapter 277- Using a Weird Method to Break the Formation

Chapter 277- Using a Weird Method to Break the Formation

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Hence, one chariot circle formation became the key to deciding the outcome of the Battle of Changping.

Within 10 days, the grain from Henei prefecture had safely been transported to Guanglang City, and the Qin army's grain crisis had been temporarily relieved. Fanju did all he could in Xianyang to make the commoners provide some grain for the military.

One could say that the Qin had placed everything they had on this battle.

As the Zhao army had enough grain, they were determined to outlast the Qin army.

After setting up the chariot circle formation and calming down the situation down south, Zhao Kuo, who was very ambitious, had already set his sights on Ying Bao's troops to the north. Within Gu Pass were 170 thousand troops, and adding with the 50 thousand in Hukou Pass, they absolutely could eat up the 100 thousand men of Ying Bao.

The long face off was also a huge burden for the Zhao. After listening to Zhao Kuo's plan, Zhao Sheng, who was in charge of monitoring the army, didn't disagree.

Although they had successfully taken out the reinforcements and taken down Wang Ling's camp, the situation was still bad for the Qin army. Just as Baiqi said, if they wanted to destroy the Zhao army, they needed to break the formation.

However, with such a legendary formation, and also with the Gu Pass reinforcements to the rear, it wasn't easy to break.

Baiqi stood on top of the Lang Mountain every day and stared at the formation. As he looked at it, it would usually take an entire day. Only until the sun set did he quietly return to his cave.

As many days passed, this wasn't a good plan.

Seeing that Zhao Kuo was already preparing to attack, if he didn't think of any plan, he would have to ask Ying Bao to retreat; the moment he did, it would be the same as announcing that Zhao Kuo's defensive plan worked.

If they wasted more time, the Qin had no ability to provide for such a large army. The best outcome would be for the Qin Army to back off and let the Zhao Country have Shangdou. However, the political outcomes which would arise frightened Baiqi.

Giving up Shangdou prefecture not only broke the eastern path of the Qin. Most importantly, the positions of strength and power would have to be rewritten.

Hence, the Qin Country couldn't lose; they couldn't afford to lose; Baiqi also didn't want to lose!

Since the Battle of Changping happen, there had been several huge battles. The two player forces of the Zhao and Qin armies seemed to be side characters. If one looked closely, however, they were influencing the movement of the battle.

Comparing the two, it was Yanhuang Alliance from the Zhao Country camp that was more eye catching. Shanhai Alliance just followed instructions and didn't suggest any ideas or influence the battlefield.

Compared to the glorious performances in the Battle of Zhuolu and the Battle of Muye, their performance this time looked very dull.

Noticing that point, Ouyang Shuo gathered up all his allies to discuss how to break the formation. Unfortunately, even a first grade general like Baiqi couldn't solve it, how could they?

Ouyang Shuo knew that to break the formation, one couldn't use a normal logic cycle. As in such an aspect, be it the players or historical people like Qianshou, they couldn't compare with Baiqi.

This day, Ouyang Shuo brought two guards and went up to Guanglang City tower. In his mind, he only thought about the chariot circle formation and nothing else.

In the morning sun, a flock of geese flew across the sky.

Ouyang Shuo froze, and an idea flashed across his mind. He tried his best to calm himself down, closing his eyes, he connected what he gained from the geese to the chariot circle formation, to try and catch that glimmer of light.

The chariot circle formation was closely linked with one another, one part depending on the other to not give the enemy a chance. Normally speaking, to break this formation, one could either not bother about it, making the formation useless, or gather up all the troops to attack it from all sides to make the troops in the middle pressured. Then, they naturally wouldn't be able to adapt.

These two methods would absolutely not work.

The first needed absolute patience, and the Zhao troops in the formation had an endless supply of grain from Gu Pass, so even before they ran out, the Qin Army was finished.

The second plan needed a huge army, and after a few hard battles, the Qin Army had lost half their men and couldn't use pure numbers to swarm the formation.

The flying geese gave Ouyang Shuo a brand new idea.

Since traditional methods didn't work, one needed to innovate. Ouyang Shuo was thinking, what if they could be like the modern military and parachute people into the core of the formation? As long as the core was chaotic and as the troops attacked from the outside, the formation was bound to break.

One had to say, the cooperation with the rattlesnake mercenary group had stimulated Ouyang Shuo's thinking and made it more of a mix of modern and ancient thoughts.

The hard part would be how could they parachute? The ancient times didn't have planes where they could drop people off.

Ouyang Shuo opened his eyes, and as he turned to the Daliang Mountain, his eyes brightened.

The Daliang Mountain was in the center of the rivers and stretched to the foot of the Gu Pass, right next to the formation.

If one could jump off from the peak, one definitely could, without relying on planes, land in the middle of the chariot circle formation.

Now for it to become a probable solution, there was just a final piece of the puzzle. How to find a replacement for a parachute?

Ouyang Shuo immediately thought of the military tents that the Shanhai City army brought. This far exceeded olden technology and was just the best replacement for the parachute.

After thinking carefully, Ouyang Shuo didn't hesitate and excitedly said, "Lets go to the Lang Mountain and meet Baiqi!" As he said, he walked down the city tower.

His Guards, upon seeing their marquis so happy, were delighted too and followed quickly behind.

When Ouyang Shuo rushed to the peak, Baiqi was still standing there and looking at the formation, not making a sound.

To Ouyang Shuo's arrival, Baiqi didn't have any reaction.

Helplessly, Ouyang Shuo could only say, "I've thought of a way to break the formation, please take a look if it's practical."

"What?" The motionless Baiqi immediately turned around, shocking Ouyang Shuo. He used his three-cornered eye that only Qin people had and stared at Ouyang Shuo, emotionally saying, "What method, quick, quick, tell me!"

Ouyang Shuo calmed himself down before saying out all his ideas and plans.

After hearing Ouyang Shuo's plan, Baiqi didn't make a sound. After a long while, he muttered, "There's actually such a method in this world, I'm really old and stupid."

"This was an idea that I randomly thought of, do you think it will work?"

Baiqi was, after all, Baiqi, and after Ouyang Shuo explained a little more, he understood the point and confidently said, "Although some points are lacking, overall it's still okay. We just need to be more detailed. Not talking about others, to accurately land in the middle without much training is impossible."

"Apart from that, how many to send is also a problem. We can't sent too many or we will expose our goal. We can't send too little or they won't be able to create chaos; when to land is also very important. If they were found before they landed, they would become living targets and even before landing, they would be shot."

Ouyang Shuo knew that talking about details he definitely wouldn't be Baiqi's level. He carefully said, "Based on your orders, all the player forces are under your command."

Baiqi nodded and said, "Qiyue Wuyi, you are amazing. It has been a few months since I've known you and you have given me so many surprises. Today you have solved the difficult problem. If we win, you will get all the credit."

Ouyang Shuo tried his best to hold in his emotions. "Thank you general for your praises, I’m only doing what I'm supposed to do."

Baiqi waved him off and said, "You also need to do a few other things."

"General, please tell!"

"Firstly, draw the blueprints and give it to the military to teach them how to sew it. Secondly, collect all the military tents."

"Yes general!" Ouyang Shuo nodded, but he still had something to say.

Baiqi's eyes were sharp. "What else do you have? Just say it."

"I have a small request. Out of the cavalry I brought, I have one Guards regiment who are all experienced soldiers and have received more advanced training. Can general allow me to choose a portion of them to join in this operation?"

Baiqi nodded. "Your guards regiment, I've also heard about them for myself. Huan He, Ying Bai and Wang He have all told me that they were well equipped, really strong, could charge down formations, and have a strong defense. However, they are cavalry, can they do infantry warfare too?"

Ouyang Shuo was elated. The Shanhai City army didn't let him down, leaving a strong impression amongst the generals, even making Baiqi take note of them.

"The guards regiment was chosen from all parts of the military, so they are all good at both."

"Great, I agree!" Baiqi agreed without any hesitation.

In Baiqi's plan, his 300 Tieying swordsmen were naturally the best choice. However 300 men was a little small, and since Ouyang Shuo suggested this, he naturally wouldn't refuse.

"Thank you general, for your trust!" Ouyang Shuo pushing for the guards regiment to be sent, he wasn't being selfish and purely wanted to increase the chances of victory. And furthermore, they had received training in the new camp and had seen a lot more things. With their combat power, they were more than suitable.

If not, for such a dangerous mission, he wouldn't have dared to send the Guards regiment.

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