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Chapter 278- Victory Is in Our Sights

Chapter 278- Victory Is in Our Sights

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The Battle of Changping had once again entered the rhythm of the Qin army.

Baiqi ordered Ying Bao and his troops to build a camp, digging moats and defend it. No matter what, they wouldn't come out and fight. If not, they would face military punishment.

If the 100 thousand men army set their hearts to defending, Zhao Kuo taking them down wouldn't be easy.

After settling down on the northern side, Baiqi ordered the Meng Ao forces to coordinate with Wang He's forces to attack and try to find the weakness of the formation.

Huan He's forces that were camped in Guanglang City split off 10 thousand cavalry to protect the grain and ensure that the enemy wouldn't have a chance to attack the route.

All this was just a facade.

Most importantly, the Qin army was making plans for the airborne soldiers operation.

They set the number of airborne soldiers at 1000. Apart from the guards of Baiqi, the 300 Tieying Swordsmen, the remaining 700 were all chosen from Shanhai City's Guards regiment.

Shi Wanshui was the leader of this operation, and the vice leader was the commander of Baiqi's guards.

The reason for the plan was that Shi Wanshui was a fierce general and could take up the task; and also because he was inside the martial temple, and even if he died, he could be revived.

The crafting of the parachutes also went smoothly.

After the first parachute was made, Ouyang Shuo tested it out.

For the test site, he chose it to be a cliff on top of the Lang Mountain. He ordered men to find a doll and placed a 50 kg stone in it, before tying it to the parachute.

The parachute with the doll flew down the cliff and slowly landed at the foot of the mountain.

The test results made Baiqi and the others watching from the side very pleased.

After resting on heavy objects, next was to test on real people. The guards regiment colonel Wang Feng was brave and was the first to test it out. Ouyang Shuo taught some parachuting skills to him.

Compared to the heavy object, Wang Feng's test was much more clumsy. As there weren't other secondary materials, the parachute was very simple and couldn't be opened in mid air.

Hence to be able to smoothly fly, one had to run before jumping off.

The landing portion was also hard for one to keep a good balance. It was shaking left and right, scaring Ouyang Shuo.

Luckily in the end, Wang Feng landed safely.

Although Ouyang Shuo wasn't too pleased, but to Baiqi and the others, this was unbelievable.

Baiqi was very confident and wanted the strikeforce to practice on Lang Mountain until everyone was familiar with the skill.

He also sent out spies to go atop Daliang Mountain to find a suitable spot. He also made modifications to the spots like simple running paths.

All of this were done in secret.

During this period, another small thing occurred, Feng Qiuhuang had luckily activated the recruitment quest for Wang He and surprisingly completed it. Once the battle ended, she could have him under her squad.

Towards her good luck, all members of the Shanhai Alliance sent her their congratulations.

Ouyang Shuo was happy that Fallen Phoenix City finally had a general, and to the Shanhai Alliance, it definitely was a positive.

No wonder from the start Feng Qiuhuang was so eager for the Battle of Changping. Ouyang Shuo guessed that she must have had some insider news and this luck was something that was bound to happen.

Towards her little selfishness, Ouyang Shuo could understand it. He couldn't ask all members of the alliance to be selfless. For each member to have a secret weapon was to be expected.

With such an occurrence, Di Chen and the others were recruiting the generals of Zhao.

In the army, the general Zhao Kuo and deputy Zhao Zhuang were all good choices.

Especially Zhao Kuo, the experience from the Battle of Changping had perfected him. Even if he couldn't be a general on the battlefield, for him to be an advisor was also very good.

Apart from that, in Handan there was still Lianpo waiting for the players to recruit him. Lianpo was forsaken by the king, so the chances of getting him was much higher.

As for Limu, as he was too far away and had nothing to do with the Battle of Changping, it would be near impossible to recruit him. Furthermore, Limu at that time was probably still young and hadn't reached the peak of his greatness.

Like Feng Qiuhuang, Di Chen and the others craved for historical generals.

Ouyang Shuo remembered that in the last life, Lianpo was recruited by Di Chen. Who knew if there would be any chances in this life.

The Battle of Changping had entered its final phases.

After being taught a painful lesson of having their grain supply cut off, Zhao Kuo didn't move the soldiers at Hukou Pass and instead prepared the 170 thousand troops in Gu Pass to take down Ying Bao's camp.

Gu Pass couldn't be left without any soldiers. Hence, the number that Zhao Kuo could use would be around 150 thousand.

Ying Bao followed Baiqi's orders and defended. Under the circumstances that the difference in strength wasn't insane, Zhao Kuo was helpless. He attacked several times without success.

Zhao Kuo was determined to take it down, ordering the Hukou Pass troops to attack together.

Similarly, the Qin army secretly moved their forces. The strike force had moved to Daliang Mountain and was ready to parachute in, what they waited for was the right time.

This day, during first light, in the Changping Valley, there was fog.

The white mist made the whole place cloudy and foggy like that of a paradise.

Baiqi woke up early as usual and started training. Seeing the white fog, he was on cloud nine. "Even the heavens are helping me!"

"Send my orders!" Following his orders, the Qin army started to act.

Wang He and Huan He's forces secretly left their base and got close to Gu Pass. After rushing to Wang Ling camp, they met up with Meng Ao's forces and the 200 thousand Qin army set out to Gu Pass.

The one in charge of the formation was the deputy general Zhao Zhuang.

The large scale movement of the Qin army definitely couldn't be hidden from Zhao Zhuang. He was immediately on alert. Although he was confident in the formation, the entire Qin army setting out still scared him.

Baiqi's reputation wasn't only in the Qin army. He probably found a way to break the formation. Zhao Zhuang didn't dare to be careless, ordering the 100 thousand men to be alert.

Just as both armies were nervously facing off, the strikeforce on top of Daliang Mountain was ready.

The white fog only lingered at the foot and at the peak, it was clear as day.

The strike force had practiced it hundreds of times, and under the lead of Shi Wanshui, they used the running path and jumped off. They were like a group of soldiers falling from the heavens, quietly descending.

The white fog was of great help to the strike force. The Zhao Army only looked at the Qin army and didn't expect troops to come from above. They didn't even lift their heads up, and with the cover of the fog, not until the strikeforce landed in the center of the formation did the Zhao Army react.

Shi Wanshui didn't care about their surprise and led the strike force to split out into a circle and charge towards the enemy, clearing out a space to provide cover for the landing members.

Zhao Zhuang was sitting in the drum tower and was the first to notice traces of the strike force. Although he was astonished, he quickly reacted and ordered the soldiers to surround them before they were firmly on the ground.

Just as the middle of the formation was in chaos, the Qin troops on the outside of the formation started attacking. The one leading the attack was Wang He and his 50 thousand men. This fierce general led his soldiers and dashed in fearlessly.

The pincer move made it very uncomfortable for the Zhao Army, and they couldn't look out for one another.

The 1000 man strike force, after landing, lost less than 100 men. Some were shot by archers, some landed outside of the formation and lost contact with the group. Some died in combat while trying to cover for others.

After the strikeforce sat foot firmly on the ground, Shi Wanshui set the drum tower as his target.

For this sneak attack, the strike force made sufficient preparations. With a shout, the members took out their axes and chopped down the command tower. Just in case, they also used alchemical fire oil to burn it cleanly to the ground.

The Zhao army were also prideful people, how could they allow enemies to do whatever they wanted in their territory? Tens of thousands of soldiers rushed from all directions to try to destroy this unit.

As the drum tower burned, smoke bellowed, and it looked like it was about to collapse. Zhao Zhuang, helplessly, along with the protection of his guards, escaped the tower.

At this point, the formation lost its commanding pillar and was unable to function effectively.

Baiqi, who was outside the formation, upon seeing such a great opportunity definitely wouldn't let it go, commanding his troops to all attack and destroy the formation.

The mission of the strikeforce was completed, and what they needed to do now was to survive.

Facing the charging Zhao army, Shi Wanshui snickered. "Time to let you witness the strength of Grandpa Shi!" He waved his spear as he said that, taking the initiative to attack.

The members of the strike force roared out and formed up, charging towards the Zhao army.

Out of all of them, be it Tieying Swordsmen or Guards regiment, they were all elites. Under the leadership of Shi Wanshui, they were like lions, charging around in a pack of wolves.

In a moment, the 10 thousand man Zhao army couldn't keep up with the 900 of them, so it was a shocking sight.

Shi Wanshui's spear was like a dragon. When he pointed to someone, they died. When he came into contact with someone, he injured them. He displayed the strength of one of the top 10 generals in history; he was a real asura.

In a short amount of time, the center of the formation was littered with bodies, and it was very explosive.

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