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Chapter 295- A Friend From Afar

Chapter 295- A Friend From Afar

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Among the hundred thousand mountains in the north, at the intersection between Lingnan and Guangxi, was a land known as Wuzhou.

Half a year ago, Wuzhou was empty, and suddenly a mysterious tribe appeared. Under the tribe leader, they cleared out raiders, building a fortress and started farming and growing mulberry trees.

The leader was an amazing person, having a high prestige amongst the mountain barbarians. As the stronghold was built, the mountain barbarians around them all heard about the news and came to visit to see this mysterious leader.

The hundreds of mountain barbarian tribes who lived in the hundred thousand mountains thus felt that they had a new home, and they all moved to the Wuzhou Fortress without hesitation.

As time passed, 55 of the mountain barbarians tribes actually moved over, and even the biggest tribe with over 10 thousand men moved.

Last month, this migration started to spread to the southern region.

As the large numbers of mountain barbarians moved, it became a huge city. On the city walls were many black Phoenix flags exposed, their wings flying in the wind.

It was close to winter, the wild grass was all withered yellow, the birds stopped migrating, and the wilderness was a silent image.

Lianzhou Basin was located south of Guangxi and had the monsoon climate, but it wasn't affected by the winter. Entering the 12th month, the temperature was still maintained at 20 odd celsius.

Lianzhou Basin looked like it was all calm, but large things were taking place.

The Military Intelligence Division reported that the grassland tribes had stopped fighting and had signs of collaborating.

Under the orders of Baiqi, they appeared on the grasslands for training and to scare the tribes, also to try and pull the tribes closer to them.

The western region of the Tian Qi tribe had been rebuilt, and adding their east region along with Kehan's Guards, they had 12 thousand men, the same as the 2nd division.

Out of the 7 mid-sized tribes, each would have no less than 3000, adding this together would mean over 20 thousand men.

Before battles, the grassland tribes could also hold a recruitment, with the tradition that every nomad tribe had soldiers double the size of the military.

If the grassland tribes worked together, the 2nd division wouldn't be able to defend against that.

The Broken Blade County to the east were also making moves.

Because of the limitations of his rank, Broken Blade County was unable to upgrade to a grade 3 city. The strength of Shanhai territory had made Ba Dao unable to sleep at night. To protect his territory, he could only take risks and go for short term rewards.

He colluded with the Yanhuang Alliance and crazily built up subsidiary territories. Apart from 3 1st tier subsidiary territories, even the nine 2nd tier subsidiary territories were built, slowly growing towards a city.

The most direct benefit would be the enormous population growth to build an army. With the soldiers from the mountain barbarians tribes as well as the gold from the gold mines, Broken Blade County had already reach a division’s strength and could compete against Shanhai City.

If one said that Ba Dao was stepping on steel thread, then Ouyang Shuo was playing with fire.

The current situation had everything to do with Ouyang Shuo. After taking down Tianfeng City, he had the chance to take down Broken Blade County, only that he didn't want his poisonous insect plan to die, and hence allowed the city to survive.

If he didn't put a stop to it, it could be rearing a dangerous tiger.

What made Ouyang Shuo most worried were the hundred thousand mountains.

The huge mountain barbarians tribes were moving deep into the mountains. The Military Intelligence Division director Leng Qian had personally brought troops into the mountains to investigate, but still hadn't returned.

Ouyang Shuo had a feeling that deep within the mountains, there was an enemy staring at him.

As huge changes occured in Lianzhou Basin, an old man quietly entered Shanhai City.

He was 50 with a round face, and his brows formed a ‘ba’ word; he dressed very simply, a rough cloth shirt with a green scarf.

After entering the city, he excitedly walked around the city and looked at the vibrant business street. Seeing the residents so happy and everything so orderly, he couldn't help but nod his head.

Following which, he walked into the Xinan University and upon seeing a boy, asked, "I heard that there's a book collection house, may I know where it is?"

The young man was a student in the economy college, seeing that the man was that of the olden culture, he didn't dare to be slow and said, "It's at the Moon Lake, I'll bring you there!"

Ouyang Shuo had said that the book collection hall would be open to everyone. Hence, such people like the old men who visited were quite common.

"Thank you!"

The young man brought him into the book collection hall before turning around and leaving.

When he walked in, he was very emotional and excited.

He wasn't a normal person, but the war sage Sun Wu. The descendants all knew him as Sunzi. He, Kongzi, and Laozi were the 3 brightest stars during the end of the Spring Autumn time period.

Sun Wu and Jiang Shang had a deep connection.

Firstly, Jiang Shang was known as the ancestor of the philosophy of war. Sunzi, on the other hand, was the representative figure of the philosophy of war.

Secondly, Jiang Shang was the creator of the Qi country and Sun Wu was from the Qi.

All things considered, both of them had a huge connection. Hence, after knowing that Jiang Shang became the landlord, Sun Wu immediately made use of the secret system to come to Shanhai City for a visit.

Strictly speaking, Sun Wu could be considered half a hermit.

Before he was 30, Sun Wu wasn't famous, and when he was a hermit, he wrote the Art of War. After this, he became a general in the Wu country, and in 30 odd years he had won battle after battle. He retired and then became a hermit again to edit and hang his works.

His whole life was filled with legends and stories.

The master of philosophy Jiang Shang and the war sage Sun Wu, two saints had crossed time and met.

"Student greets Taigong!" Sun Wu gave a student greeting.

Jiang Shang used a famous quote from , defining their relationship, "A friend who came from afar, there's no need for such things!"

The two of them met and had unknowingly started talking about the philosophy of war, until the dead of night.

Unknowingly it was sunset.

Jiang Shang turned his head and looked outside. The red sunlight covered half the sky, and he said emotionally, "To have such meeting in my life, it's enough."

"It is mutual!" Sun Wu was also pleased.

"So now, would you be willing to allow me to visit your island?"

"I don't mind, it’s whether you want to."

Both of them laughed, Like two old friends meeting up, everything was an available topic.

Following Jiang Shang up to Fallen Star Island, Sun Wu admired the lake and commented in awe, "Such a place is the best to be a hermit; you are so blessed."

Jiang Shang shook his head, looking a little melancholy, "The Lianzhou marquis planned this."

"Oh?" Sun Wu looked surprised. "The Shanhai Territory is very famous, when I entered and looked around, it seemed that everything was true. Taigong being a hermit here, what thoughts do you have about this Lianzhou lord?"

"Why, you want to come out to work here?"

"No." Sun Wu shook his head. "I've no intentions to join the army; I want to be like you and be a hermit. If you don't mind, I'm willing to move to this island and read books and write military manuals. I heard the book collection house has tens of thousands scrolls. I want to get inspiration from them."

"Such a talent living in a small island, isn't it a waste?"

"Aren't you the same?"

"I'm different from you. I have a knot with the Lianzhou Marquis that hasn't been released, hence I'm not coming out. Even so, I've accepted the job of landlord!" Jiang Shang said honestly.

Sun Wu kept silent and after contemplating. Then, he said resolutely, "I'm still willing to follow my heart, leading troops on the battlefield isn't my goal; spreading the art of war is my life goal."

Jiang Shang nodded. "As it suits you, such things couldn't be forced. I think that tomorrow the Lianzhou Marquis will come visit you and invite you to be a general for him."

"It's okay. I have my plans."

"He is quite cumbersome and is a special person, so don't reject him upfront."

Sun Wu's eyes froze. He hadn't expected that Jiang Shang would have such high praise for this lord. "Hearing your words, I would really like to take a look."

"He won't let you down. Additionally, Baiqi had already became the general, pushing out an interesting training system. I’m sure you will be interested in it."

As expected from Jiangsheng, not going out but still being able to know everything.

As they talked, both men talked about tactics until late into the night.

The next day, Ouyang Shuo received a secret report from Fallen Star Island about a visitor around 50, wearing a robe who had a long conversation with Jiangsheng.

Ouyang Shuo got emotional after looking at the report. If it was as he expected, after the activation of the philosopher debate, to be able to talk so much with Jiangsheng had to be a special person.



"Call general Baiqi here!"

"Yes, my lord!"

Ouyang Shuo was ready to bring Baiqi to go visit this mysterious man in hopes that such a person and role model like Baiqi could show the strength of Shanhai territory and increase his persuasiveness.

"Marquis!" Baiqi rushed here.

"Follow me to the book collection house."

"Oh? Someone came?" Baiqi's thoughts were sharp and he immediately guessed the reason.

Baiqi was considered one of the representative figures of the military. When Jiang Shang became the landlord, he took time to visit Baiqi. The two of them had a conversation about tactics and had an intense discourse.

"That's right."

"I would like to go and see who it is."