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Chapter 296- The Night Before the Reshuffling

Chapter 296- The Night Before the Reshuffling

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Moon Lake, Book collection hall

Jiang Shang and Sun Wu had a long conversation, and both of them had developed a close relationship. Seeing Ouyang Shuo and Baiqi visit, they both looked at each other and smiled.

"Greetings, Taigong!"

Jiang Shang nodded his head, pointing at Sun Wu next to him and saying, "This is Sun Wu."

Ouyang Shuo his heart trembled. "Greetings, war saint!" Baiqi, who was filling behind Ouyang Shuo, bowed immediately upon seeing that the person was the master philosopher of war, Sunzi.

Sunzi tilted slightly to the side. "I suddenly come to visit and made you come personally, sorry for the inconvenience."

"The gates of Shanhai City are always opened to any talent in the world." Ouyang Shuo continued. "You have came from afar, I've prepared a mansion in the official residence area for you; I hope you will accept it."

"I accept your good intentions. Unfortunately I've already retired and have no plans to return, I just want to be a hermit and live together with Taigong on the Fallen Star Island. I hope you accept it." Sun Wu rejected him.

Ouyang Shuo sighed in his heart. "We do not force anyone, and everyone must all be willing. Since you want to be a hermit, I won't interfere; I just feel a little regretful."

This magnanimity was something Ouyang Shuo had.

Ouyang Shuo's answer wasn't what he had expected, instantly winning his good favor. “Thank you lord for allowing me!"

"Don't mind me asking, are you being a hermit to correct and change ?"

"That's right!" Sun Wu replied honestly.

"You changing and improving the philosophy of war, is it to pass it on to the next generation?"

"That's right!" Sun Wu's eyes froze.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and suddenly his direction changed. "What do you think of our University?"

"Your views are advanced and teach both knowledge and values." A glimpse of suspicion appeared in his eyes.

"Since that is so, there's an even better place for you to live at!"

"Please speak!"

"Beside Xinan University is another empty space, we were preparing to build another university there. To rule this land, one needed be well rounded. Xinan University is a place of knowledge, but the other university would be a general cradle."

"The marquis is a genius!" Sun Wu didn't understand and asked, "What does that have to do with my living arrangements?"

Ouyang Shuo explained, "The planned university would be called the Army Military Academy and its the education institution in training army generals, and also where martial arts is taught at. The academy will be split into infantry, cavalry, engineer and supplies, with 3 classes A,B and C.

"Classes A and B will focus on military discipline like metaphysics, fortification, weapons, military science, hygiene and so on. They will also learn the military process like the "Dian", "Fan" and "Ling". The C class will learn the basic disciplines and basic military processes like chinese, ethics, painting, equipment, arithmetic, history, infantry exercises, array orders and so on. Then they will be split up into their specific subjects."

As Ouyang Shuo finished, Sun Wu didn't say a word; even Jiang Shang and Baiqi were totally absorbed.

Especially Baiqi who was in charge of conscripting and building the 3 divisions. He knew that what the army lacked was generals. If they were able to build such a military academy, it would be a huge achievement.

Sun Wu kept silent. This was because most of what he wrote in the Art of War was included in the teaching program and this was a perfect place for him to spread his teachings.

Not only that, he could make use of this academy to perfect his book and teachings.

Jiang Shang looked at Ouyang Shuo with a complicated expression before turning to Sun Wu, "Just as the marquis has said, the Army Military Academy is perfect for you to be a hermit at."

"Not only that, I promise that the moment the academy is completed, I'll build another building and move all the military and war related books and secret manuals over." Ouyang Shuo threw down another bait.

Sun Wu laughed. "The marquis is expectedly amazing. I'll admit it, I've been convinced."

Ouyang Shuo was delighted, and instantly a notification sounded out in his ear.

"System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for convincing saint rank historical person Sun Wu to live in Shanhai Territory, rewarded 3000 merit points, 15 thousand reputation points."

Following which was another one.

"System notification: War Saint Sun Wu has decided to move to Shanhai territory triggering [Ancient Philosophers]-philosophy of war extension, people believing in the philosophy of war will start to appear in the wilderness!"

The moment the notification sounded, the world was in an uproar.

The quiet country channel instantly started buzzing.

"Brother Wuyi, accept me!"

"Such an amazing life need no explanation, brother Wuyi is a beast!"

"Why is all the good things taken by Qiyue Wuyi, I, Zhao Ritian, can't accept it!"

"Brother Wuyi fan club is recruiting, please contact sister Ruhua"

"Ruhua, why are you here, go home and take your medicine!"

"Brother Wuyi support group is recruiting please contact sister Furong"

"Ugh, I've vomited."

"All of you wait and see, after Sun Wu, Wuqi is mine, old Wang's!"

"Old Wang!!"

"Brother Wuyi, you have convinced little sister, I request a night!"


The adventure mode players didn't care much and hence just added in to the fun. Ouyang Shuo had became the brightest star in the Chinese region, so everyone one was used to him pulling off such magic once in a while.

The lords on the other hand, weren't feeling good.

If one said which branch of the philosophies lord players emphasized, it was the philosophy of war.

The people it represented not only included Sun Wu, and Sima Rangju, but during the Warring States Period included Wuqi, WeiLiao, Zhao She, Baiqi, and even Zhang Liang and Han Xin.

Not one would have imagined that the brightest star in the philosophy of war- war saint Sun Wu would live in Shanhai Territory so early on. Obviously the players would be unhappy and feel that it was unfair.

If others knew that Baiqi was a general in Shanhai Territory, it would probably rile up another storm.

Apart from jealousy, the lords were excited. The system notification made it clear that the philosophers of war appeared in the wilderness.

Jingdu Region, Handan County.

Di Chen sighed, the joy of recruiting Lianpo had disappeared. He muttered, "Qiyue Wuyi, you are really an opponent that draws hate. However I won't lose to you, the good stuff is yet to come. This is what makes it interesting isn't it?"

Standing beside him, apart from the advisor Juedai Fenghua, was the sect leader of Jianqi Zongheng- Yijian Xilai.

After a few rounds of discussion, Handan County had finally started cooperating with Jianqi Zongheng.

Xiangyang Region, Pill Sun City.

Chun Shenjun was in the back garden of the lord's manor welcoming a special guest. He was the guild leader of 18 horsemen of Yanyun- Yanzi Lisan.

Out of the 10 biggest guilds, the territory belonging to their guild was the biggest and all their members were generals. As the adventure mode players continued to level up and equipment started to improve, their combat power couldn't be underestimated.

Adventure mode players had gotten past the infancy period and started to step onto the big stage.

A new round of reshuffling was happening quietly.

Just like the cooperation between Shanhai City and Snow-war Rose Mercenary group, the guild and the territory helping one another could strengthen both of them.

Lords with vision like Di Chen and Chun Shenjun took the opportunity; for those who were slower who waited for adventure mode players to show their strength, the cake would have mostly been eaten.

The strong could make their strength rise before things changed and cause the times to change; the weak ones follow the changing tide and get pushed along.

Chun Shenjun's vision was special.

His family was based in commerce; their powerful members all had to do with commerce. In terms of military or administrative matters, he couldn't compete with Di Chen and Zhan Lang, probably even not Xiong Ba.

Hence, he had chosen the 18 horsemen of Yanyun to cover his weaknesses.

Similarly, they had a high demand for equipment because of their occupation, and working with the rich Pill Sun City was a good idea.

When Yanzi Lisan heard the system notification, he teased. "That lord is really restless!"

"This kind of restlessness who doesn't wait!" Chun Shenjun mocked himself.

In the Battle of Changping, he had finally managed to recruit Zhao Kuo. However, he was weaker than Lianpo whom Di Chen recruited. For Qiyue Wuyi to pull that off made him even more demoralized.

Jianye Region, Blood Red County

In front of a Zhan Lang was a middle-aged general who looked fierce.

The middle-aged general, upon hearing the system notification laughed. "War Saint Sun Wu? I really want to take a look."

"An old antique from thousands of years ago, how could he compare to you?" Zhan Lang was confident. In terms of commanding, his teacher was better than any general in history.

"We can't say that." The middle-aged general shook his hand. "The Art of War is able to lead modern wars, why is that so? Especially in the cold weapons wars, we can't look down on these historical generals."

"Teacher is too humble. I feel that the military trained with modern science and methods is stronger than the old army." Zhan Lang insisted.

The middle-aged general slightly shook his head. If you don't believe me, so be it.