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Chapter 297 - Hongmen Feast

Chapter 297 - Hongmen Feast

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Ouyang Shuo didn't know what was happening and stirring outside, so he peacefully checked out Sun Wu's stats.

Name: Sun Wu (Saint rank)

Title: War Saint

Dynasty: Spring Autumn (Qi)

Identity: Shanhai City Army Military Academy Principal

Occupation: Special General

Loyalty: 65

Command: 100

Force: 75

Intelligence: 95

Politics: 80

Specialty: ----

Book: Art of War

Evaluation: Sun Zi was a person from the Qi country, he was named Wu, helped the King of Wu write pages about the philosophy of war. Any army personnel from the olden times believed in the theories and teachings of Sun Wu. He was good at turning wars into his favor and surviving when the war was against him. His offensive and defensive strategies during war time numbered in the hundreds.

After checking out Sun Wu's stats, Ouyang Shuo was both delighted and worried.

As expected from a Saint rank historical person, his stats were terrifying. Out of his four stats, he didn't have one weakness and his command stat was maxed out.

Unfortunately, he had chosen to live in Shanhai City and wasn't willing to be a general, hence he wasn't considered to be recruited. Thus, his loyalty stat was low, and his specialty wasn't activated which couldn't help buff the territory.

After Sun Wu agreed, Ouyang Shuo immediately set up the Army Military Academy Preparation Committee who was in charge of the building of the academy.

The entire preparation process was split into two parts, one was the hardware and one was the software.

The hardware was obviously the facilities inside the academy. As they had experience with Xinan University, Ouyang Shuo didn't worry and passed on the job to the Construction Division and Architectural College.

The only difficulty was that the building of the academy clashed with the construction of the outer wall. Ouyang Shuo could only bear the weight and told the Construction Division to place the academy as the priority.

The software was more complicated. They needed a teacher squad. For the whole military academy to be held together by one Sun Wu was definitely impossible and he needed a strong teaching staff.

The Army Military Academy had 4 subjects, infantry, cavalry, engineering and supplies. Each subject needed a subject head. Each course also needed lecturers.

Sun Wu took up the role of principal of the Army Military Academy and temporarily acted as the infantry subject head, in charge of teaching them about weapons and discipline. The major of the god machine unit Wang Feng would be removed and would be the subject head of engineering to teach basic mechanics.

With Wang Feng leaving the god machine unit, Ouyang Shuo just disbanded it and passed all the members into the City Protection Division.

The core members of Fallen Moon Guild- mapographer Jiu Duanxian would be the teacher for topography; the deputy director of the medical department Old Qian would teach hygiene.

Chinese, ethics, arithmetic and history would be held at Xinan University. Infantry drills and military service teachers would be chosen from the members who were eliminated from the special forces trial. They had underwent strict and regimental training in both areas during their time in the west suburb camp.

The empty two subject head slots and many teachers could only be recruited from outside, as Ouyang Shuo couldn't shift too many generals to work in the academy.

Ouyang Shuo informed the many offices at the various system capitals and ordered them to spread the news that War Saint Sun Wu had set up an Army Military Academy in Shanhai City, hence attracting talents.

Apart from that, Sun Wu also made us of his influence to gather and invite many philosophers of war to the Army Military Academy through the special channel. After all, his main goal wasn't to help develop talent for Shanhai Territory but to spread the philosophy of war.

Apart from the teaching stuff, the student discipline, schedule and timetables, Ouyang Shuo left all the authority to Sun Wu.

The setting up of the Army Military Academy touched Jiangshang, when he talked to Sun Wu, he would raise up some of his views and suggestions.

With Jiangshang and Sun Wu, the two heavyweights, Ouyang Shuo naturally wouldn't butt in.

On the other hand, Ouyang Shuo contacted the guild leader of Rattlesnake Mercenary Group, Black Mamba, and invited him to send members to take up jobs at the academy.

When he received Ouyang Shuo's invitation, he was amazed. As expected from the Chinese region's number one lord, even before forming the special forces, he managed to make an academy.

Black Mamba was very intrigued with Ouyang Shuo's suggestion. Not mentioning what he said about pay, just for Sun Wu, many would be willing to work at the academy.

The Shanhai City and Rattlesnake Mercenary Group cooperation had started to reach the honeymoon stage.

With that, based on the deep pool of manpower and wealth of Shanhai City, they managed to set up the Army Military Academy.Ouyang Shuo didn't care about the remaining work, and left it all to the preparation team.

Ouyang Shuo's eyes had turned to the other lords in the Lianzhou Basin.

With the setting up of the Tianfeng House, the 20 odd lords in the western side of Lianzhou Basin were in an awkward position.

The area under the Tianfeng House, the north to the middle wilderness, east towards Guangshui City, south towards Yongye forest, and the west towards Xila Lake covered the entire western portion of Lianzhou Basin.

In truth, more than half of the area under Tianfeng House wasn't part of Shanhai City territory. The land between Tianfeng City, Yongye City and Guangshui City were taken by the 20 odd lords.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo wanted to steal their area.

Under Ouyang Shuo's instructions, the 1st division, which was in the city west camp, held raider clearing operations within the territory of Tianfeng House, announcing that the area was under the control of Shanhai Territory.

On the other hand, the 1st division didn't bother about the players in the area, which was really weird.

All of the sudden, the lords were in a terrible situation.

If they fought, they couldn’t win; if they ran, they had to give up the base that they fought so hard for.

The weird actions of the 1st division gave these lords hope, maybe the Lianzhou Marquis was nice and wasn't planning to attack them?

They were clear that that was just hopeful thinking and they couldn't count on it.

The 1st division didn't attack these territories, but only those which fell under the territory of Shanhai Territory.

Hence, once Shanhai City upgraded, that would be when they would be destroyed.

The situation the lords were in, Ouyang Shuo knew about it.

Once the 1st division was fully completed, he planned to totally solve the problem of the western player territories.

Based on the opinion of Shi Wanshui, naturally they wanted to wipe them all out to prevent future problems.

Ouyang Shuo couldn't randomly give up his plan of rearing poisonous insects. One must know that the upper limit of a grade 1 prefecture was 500 thousand. Purely relying on the spawning rate wasn't going to cut it.

Fur grows on the goat. Weren't these player territories the best farming spots for population?

After setting up the Tianfeng House, however, Ouyang Shuo couldn't bear for these territories to have their own army, and if he didn't bother about them, they would be a ticking time bomb.

The sneak attack from Yongye Town was a warning to Ouyang Shuo. In the end, they were lords, and no lord would wait to die. They would definitely try to fight back.

All things considered, Ouyang Shuo thought of a plan.

On the 12th day of the 12th month, the 23 lords in the western region received an invitation from Qiyue Wuyi for them to go to Shanhai City on the 15th for a meeting.

The invitation also mentioned that if the lord didn't turn up, It would mean disrespecting the Lianzhou Lord, and the 1st division would personally visit them.

This powerful and forceful invitation stirred up waves in the western region.

The lords panicked and didn't know what Ouyang Shuo wanted.

In their eyes, this was a Hongmen Feast.

What made them helpless was that even though they knew it was bait, they had to attend or the 1st division threat would wipe them out.

Some lords were more at ease. The way they saw it, rather than live in limbo, they might as well just settle everything; even if they would have to die, they would accept it rather than panicking and feeling nervous every day.

Some lords were furious and revealed the contents of the invitation on the forums.

The players in the Chinese region got into a frenzy.

A few days ago, Shanhai City had made news. One didn't expect that a few days later there was another one.

"Lianzhou Marquis brandishes his sword on Lianzhou, his ambitions to be the overlord is showing!"

"Because of Qiyue Wuyi's shameless acts, he's not worth to be the representative of the Chinese region!"

"Lianzhou Lord suppresses the other lords, showing his overlord spirit."

"China wants people to use values to gain respect, but Qiyue Wuyi uses force. He isn't a real man!"

"Qiyue Wuyi is despicable, if you have the balls why not fight the people from other countries!"

"The strong eat the weak, its the law of the jungle. Qiyue Wuyi, we support you!"


Apart from such comments, some players even posted posts on the forums about the meaning behind the invitation. Amongst them, Bai Xiaosheng's post was the deepest and pretty much covered everything.

He said that as the only prefecture grade territory in the world, Qiyue Wuyi who could have just destroyed all of them, but decided to solve the problem by discussion.

He predicted that some changes might have occurred after the territory upgraded to prefecture. A possibility would be an increase in the population’s upper limit. If not, Qiyue Wuyi wouldn't have wasted such effort.

He even predicted that after the grain crisis, population would be the thing lords fight over, and that a chaotic war period was going to begin.

His predictions started a wave and gained a lot of traction on the forums. Some adventure mode players even predicted that their time has arrived.