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Chapter 299- Releasing Military Control with a Glass of Wine

Chapter 299- Releasing Military Control with a Glass of Wine

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Gaia first year 12th month 15th day, Shanhai County.

The 23 military lords in the western region of the Lianzhou Basin all gathered in Shanhai County for a meeting.

None of them dared to miss it.

Ouyang Shuo personally received every one of them.

The meeting location was arranged to be the main hall.

As it was a meeting between lords, Ouyang Shuo didn't arrange Fan Zhongyan to receive them.

The many lord territories were basically hovering around grade 3 town, and only a few of them managed to upgrade to a grade 1 city. Seeing the vibrancy and brilliance of Shanhai County, they were shocked.

When they walked into the Lianzhou Lord's Manor and saw such a majestic residence, they felt even more demoralized. Compared to the Lianzhou Lord's Manor, their manor was a broken thatched cottage.

This was when they truly felt the gap between their territories and Shanhai territory.

For many of them, this was the first time they walked out of their own territory. When they were inside, they felt like a king and were arrogant. They were thinking so what if Shanhai County upgraded to prefecture, they are both lords, how different could it be?

Seeing the prosperity of the city, now they finally knew that they were frogs in a well.

The main hall was already neatly arranged with maidservants bringing tea and fruits.

After the Lianzhou Lord's Manor expanded, under the instructions of Ouyang Shuo, Zisu hired another batch of maidservants to ensure that the manor ran normally.

The huge Lord's Manor needed 10 people to just clean it.

As he didn't want the atmosphere to be too formal, he invited troupes to dance and sing.

Truthfully, this was also the first time Ouyang Shuo saw such performances, and they were actually beautiful and captivating.

Such a scene had made all the lords stunned; this was the real life of a lord, their small land was nothing compared to this.

Ouyang Shuo sat on the lord’s seat and raised his wine glass, looking around and smiling. "All of you came from afar, so sorry if I didn't welcome all of you well. Here's to all of you!"

Everyone raised up the wine glasses in their hands.

No matter what everyone thought in their heart, the place was noisy and warm.

Along with the performances, the lords all started chatting. They had so much fun that they forgot the reason why they came, like they were just here for a banquet.

Ouyang Shuo walked around the main hall and talked to each one of the lords.

Some of them treated him warmly, while some were cold.

Unknowingly, an hour had passed.

Seeing that it was about time, he waved the troupe to stop performing and the hall became silent. Luckily, one couldn't get drunk in the game. If not, it wouldn't have been easy to calm down the atmosphere.

The lords all felt a shiver in their hearts, knowing that the real show was about to begin.

Ouyang Shuo sat back and looked around. "I invited all of you here, apart from getting to know one another, to plan for the future of Lianzhou Basin."

Some rash lords immediately said, "For what purpose have you invited us here for? You can just directly tell us; there's no need to be around the bush." His words lacked politeness and respect.

"Ok, then I'll speak directly. Shanhai Territory set up the Tianfeng House, and naturally, it can't be removed. The problem between Tianfeng House and your territories can be solved only if you agree a few conditions. I promise that your territories will be untouched until it falls under the territory of Shanhai Territory."

The lords shivered. The line that Ouyang Shuo drew for them made them really uncomfortable.

"Haha the Lianzhou marquis really knows how to joke. With the speed of Shanhai Territory, it will be sooner rather than later when we are taken over. So whatever you suggest won't solve the root problem."

"That's right!" someone agreed, "What's the point with a moment of peace? We aren't ostriches who pretend that everything is okay."

"But what if I can promise benefits for you after your territory is conquered?"

"If our territories are conquered by you, what benefits will there be?"

"How can you ensure our interests?"

In a moment, the main hall was in an uproar.

Everyone had their say and threw out their displeasure, everyone got very emotional.

"Everyone quiet down and listen to me." He waited for the hall to be silent before saying, "Why not wait until I say my idea before you decide, okay?"

"Ok then tell us; how you can promise that we get benefits?"

Seeing that their fate of being conquered couldn't be changed, some smart lords started to request for profits and benefits, and didn't make noise for no reason.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, "Everyone plays Earth Online for two reasons. One is they like the game and enjoy it; the second is that they want to gain something, and in the second evaluation by Gaia raise their permission level. Am I right to say that?"

"That's right, but when our territory is conquered, everything will be wasted. What achievement value is there to speak of?"

"That's right!"

"Wrong." Ouyang Shuo resolutely shook his head.


"Yes you are wrong about that. The evaluation for achievement value is not based solely on territory. The Chinese region has over 10 thousand lords. In the end, how many of them can survive? Those who get conquered or destroyed, are they really going to get 0 achievement value? Definitely not. The achievement value is based on territory, wealth, occupation level and the like. Hence even if your territory is conquered, it doesn't mean you lose everything."

All the lords basically agreed with what Ouyang Shuo had said.

"Lianzhou Marquis, speak! What will you promise?" One of the lords called Xiaomi said.

She was one of the few female lords.

"Ok." Ouyang Shuo nodded. "As long as you agree to my conditions, I promise that after I conquer your territory I'll allow you to live in Shanhai Territory. Apart from that, all your fortune you've gained till now will be your personal assets. With that, you can use this money to either develop in the imperial city or be merchants in Shanhai Territory. It’s all your own choice."

"Speaking the truth, I believe all of you know that running a territory is risky, and the war between lords is very cruel. Out of hundreds of lords, only a few can survive. Hence, why not become merchants? You can earn large profits."

After Ouyang Shuo finished, the main hall was totally silent.

What he needed to say, he had already said. He had taken out enough sincerity, what was left was to see what decision they would make.

"Can you clearly state your conditions?" Xiaomi asked.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and smiled. "Of course. Actually it's simple, I have two conditions. Firstly, your armies will be reorganized by Shanhai County, and you can't recruit new soldiers. The defenses of the region will be under the 1st division. Secondly, your organization structure would follow Shanhai territory's standard. Of course, we won't interfere with whomever you appoint. The two points above will be in place until your territories are conquered. After it's conquered, you all can either live in Shanhai County or other places."

"Lianzhou Marquis, don't you think you are bullying us?" After hearing his terms, some people were unhappy.

"That's right, we aren't that weak, and you can't just do anything you want with us."

"And also, how can you ensure that you'll keep your promise?"

"If you don't believe me, we can sign a contract." Ouyang Shuo answered.

"That's the best!"

"How's that good, a bunch of soft eggs with no backbone."

"You!" Being insulted like that, the lord was furious.

Ouyang Shuo focused. He found out the guy who had insulted the other lord had been trying to stir things up like he was bent on creating problems.

His face instantly became cold, looking toward him. "I don't care if you are under orders from others, or you are doing it yourself. I now officially tell you that your territory won't be protected by us. Wait to be conquered!"

"You!" That guy's face turned red like he was stabbed.


"Please make this lord leave Shanhai Territory." Ouyang Shuo pointed to that guy.

"Yes, my lord!" The guards carried out the lord whose face was now ashen white. He didn't expect that Ouyang Shuo would be angry so quickly and not give him a chance.

Ouyang Shuo was actually considered magnanimous, allowing him to leave through the teleportation formation. If not, he would be wandering in the wilderness.

"Qiyue Wuyi, don't be too arrogant. There will be people taking care of you." That lord said viciously before he left, venting his frustration.

Ouyang Shuo didn't even look at him and instead looked at the other lords. "Have you all decided?"

That act of killing one to make the rest fear you worked on the other lords.

The lords all agreed to sign the contract.

After signing, they all say goodbye and left.

Ouyang Shuo immediately used the Feng Bird to give the orders to Shi Wanshui to bring the 1st division to bring the soldiers from the territories to Shanhai County.

As for that lord, they directly conquered his territory and the prisoners were naturally sent back to Shanhai County.

It was calculated that the 23 territories had a total of 12500 men. Of course, their combat power was weak and were using the equipment from the class change.

For the new army, apart from the missing members in the 3 divisions, the rest were sent to the new City Protection Division, speeding up the building process.