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Chapter 304- The Update That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

Chapter 304- The Update That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

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After the discussions were completed, Shanhai City became noisy once again.

Tian Wenjing personally went to the Xuanniao tribe to see the witch, explaining to her the pros and cons, and asking her to come out and ask the tribes to go down the mountain.

If whichever tribe insisted on their tribal traditions and weren't willing, Shanhai City could only use violence.

No one could stop Shanhai City from removing all problems and threats.

Baiqi chose a unit and entered the Langshan minefields. He personally brought the independent regiment and sent them toward Gushan County, arranging them to patrol the border and also pay attention to the 3rd division.

The next day, the Gushan County’s County Magistrate hurried to Shanhai City.

Ouyang Shuo spent an entire morning talking to Lei Fan. As for the specifics, no one knew; one only knew that when he left the Lord's Manor, Lei Fan had a lot on his mind, instantly leaving for Gushan County.

A whole flurry of actions made everyone unable to react.

On the 27th day of the 12th month, Lei Fan returned to Gushan County, immediately forming 15 thousand mountain barbarian migrants and migrating to the west suburbs of Shanhai City, building a settlement there.

This batch of mountain barbarians were the relatives of those in the army.

The same day, Baiqi led the independent regiment and reached the Gushan County barracks.

Baiqi looked at the connecting area between Gushan County and the hundred thousand mountains, and started to build moats, sentries, hidden posts, and more, pushing the defensive line deep within the mountains.

If there was any movement inside the mountains, it wouldn't be able to hide from the hidden posts.

On the 29th day of the 12th month, the mountain tribes left the mountains and went toward the west region under the actions of Tian Wenjing, helping the western development.

Ouyang Shuo was at the Lianzhou Lord's Manor and personally went to meet the Xuanniao tribe witch.

Half a year had passed, and her body was getting weaker and weaker and needed support as she walked.

Even so, her intelligence earned Ouyang Shuo's respect. As they discussed, Ouyang Shuo found that he was learning more from her.

Her knowledge and expertise taught Ouyang Shuo a lot and made him gain much.

The high grade treatment that the witch received stirred up a storm amongst the mountain barbarians.

Ouyang Shuo's actions showed that he cared a lot about the mountain barbarians and treated them as one of theirs, not despising or being biased against them.

His action also sparked a tiny bit of problem.

The original Tianfeng tribe leader Dariachi represented the grassland tribe to request that their people be treated the same.

Ouyang Shuo promised that as long as the grassland tribes came over, they wouldn't despise or look down on them and give them good treatment.

Amongst the noise, the 12th month came to its end.

Gaia first year, 12th month, 30th day

A system notification sounded throughout Earth.

"World Notification: To date, Earth Online has run for a year and the game will have one new update, effective immediately. As for the specifics, players please check them out on the official website."

The players didn't feel much and only Ouyang Shuo froze. In his memory, during his last life, there wasn't any update at this point. His presence had started to influence the game’s progression.

Ouyang Shuo immediately went to the official website and checked out the updates.

Compared to the first update, this was simpler and was in bits and pieces, like it was fixing the game.

(1) Adding a potential setting: NPC will now have A, B, C and D potentials. The higher their potential, the easier for them to break bottlenecks.

Of course historical people wouldn't be included.

Based on the stats Gaia gave, there would be 0.05% A, 4.95% B, 35% C and 60% D. The exact numbers would be affected by the territory specialty and would either increase or decrease.

Those with A potential would be the advanced generals, grandmaster grade talents, and the wealth of the territory.

Based on that stat, out of 2000 refugees, one would be A potential.

The pushing out of the potential stat was good for the lord, lessening his burden and making his choices much easier. Although potential couldn't represent everything, it was a good indicator.

(2) Removing the setting that lord players can't leave their territory: Lord players are now like adventure mode players and can move to the various imperial cities through the teleportation formation.

Similarly, players who lived in the territories have regained their freedom and can teleport as they wished.

The second system auction will be held at the biggest auction house in Jingdou, not a separate space, giving the lords a chance to communicate.

Toward this setting, Ouyang Shuo was shocked.

If he didn't recall wrongly, in the last life until he was reborn, the lord players couldn't leave the territory. Why would such a thing change after just a year? he really didn't know.

(3): Changing the cost of teleportation: Battle maps no longer have teleportation costs: player teleportation, be it within territories or to imperial cities, will all cost 1 gold and the players themselves have to pay.

When players used the teleportation portal, half of the cost would be given to the territory.

As for the battle map not collecting fees, it made him heave a sigh of relief. Based on his current rank, he could bring 30 thousand troops, so teleportation alone would cost him 30 thousand gold.

Gaia was being nice once again and helping the players. If whichever lord decide to open up their territory to players, purely teleportation would result in a sizeable income source.

The 2nd and 3rd updates helped to increase interaction.

To lord players, it would increase the difficulty of managing player groups, increasing the demand of the lord's ability.

(4) The nine imperial cities will have a toll tax, half of the Super auction platform at 5%.

Increasing the toll tax was in truth encouraging players to open their trade routes and avoid the trading platform, bringing their items directly to the imperial city to sell.

Opening up trade routes in the wilderness was something that they needed to do sooner or later. The future Super auction platform would become obsolete.

(5) Removing the setting that players won’t get experience from the battle map.

Not being able to obtain experience, especially soldiers unable to upgrade, had been the biggest problem for lords.

(6) Addition of a rage point setting: General specialties need enough rage points before it can activate.

The rage setting was a nerf to the historical generals. The specialties on the generals weren't a permanent buff and now was only a temporarily active skill.

Ouyang Shuo guessed that this setting probably targeted him. Which lord in the last life could recruit so many historical generals in just a year?

(7) Regarding special raider camps: In the wilderness, new special raider camps would appear which are all above 10 thousand people.

The advanced raider camps in the wilderness weren't the opponents for lords. To increase the game difficulty, Gaia had a devious idea to add a special raider camp.

(8) Increasing hidden occupations: Be it adventure mode players or work occupation players, they all have unique legacy professions which are the so-called hidden professions.

Gaia didn't reveal the specific professions, leaving everything to players to find out for themselves. Gaia specifically said that during the auction, there would be a hidden profession scroll on auction.

A rock started a thousand-layer wave. The adventure mode players who didn't bother about the auctions were now looking forward to it.

What needed to be made clear was that NPCs could also take up the legacy professions.

(9) Increasing secret regions: In the wilderness, random secret regions will appear for players to explore. The moment they are entered and explored, they would disappear permanently.

Exploring secret regions would have a chance to obtain a godly weapon or a secret manual; everything was possible.

Apart from the secret regions that spawned in the wilderness, there was also a tool called a ‘secret region map’ that could create a temporary secret region and allow one to enter and explore without competition.

This was another setting for adventure mode players, meaning that they were slowly starting to be paid attention to by Gaia.

(10) Increased chances of adventure quests: in the imperial city or wilderness, one could trigger an adventure quest.

When players created their characters and chose their location, if one chose random, they can activate the adventure system. Unfortunately, when the players entered they were weak and even if they activated the adventure quest, they would die because of their lack of strength.

Now was different. Players had grown and had the ability to complete the quest.

In conclusion, from today onward, the lives of adventure mode players would be more vibrant and interesting .

All of a sudden, be it the forums or the global channel, adventure mode players hogged all areas.

"Wuwuwu, it's finally our turn!"

"The wheels of history goes forwards, finally time for a new bunch of people to take center stage!"

"Qiyue Wuyi I will fight with you for glory!"

......Even though he had not done anything, people took shots at Ouyang Shuo......

"With adventure mode in my hand and the secret manuals I have, I'll be invincible!"

"The god Gaia had finally remembered us!"


Ouyang Shuo didn't bother about the happiness of the adventure mode players. What he cared about were the effects this would have on the territory and his plans.