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Chapter 305- Information Piece- Rising Up

Chapter 305- Information Piece- Rising Up

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Just as Ouyang Shuo was deep in thought, another wave started.

That afternoon, another system notification sounded.

"World notification: To date, Earth Online has run for a year, so the game will publish its first information piece [Rising Up]. For specific details, players please go online to the website to check it out."

Gaia had released one thing after another, which made people love them but hate them too.

[Rising Up] referred to the peasant uprisings in each country, like Spartacus, Sicily Slave Uprising, Scotland Uprising, Germany Farmer War, and the like.

Of course, the country that had the most peasant uprisings was China. The ones in China were the most frequent and the cruelest, directly or indirectly overthrowing a few kings and dynasties.

In the game, Gaia picked out the most representative peasant uprising figures and made them appear in the wilderness and raise wave after wave of uprisings to target the various lords.

Those that joined in the uprising army were not only the refugees, bandits, and raiders. Even robbers could turn robbery into serving justice for the heavens.

If the territory's public sentiment didn't reach the standards, or their taxes wee too high or commoners didn't get enough food, it could cause commoners and residents to join the uprising and overthrow the lord's rule.

Not only that, the peasant uprising would also affect a large amount of refugees, affecting the spawning rate of the refugees and migrants. If the law and order in a territory didn't reach satisfactory standards, it might not spawn anyone.

Gaia obviously didn't want the lords to relax and kept setting up problems and opponents for them.

During the first year, it was wild monsters, raiders, and bandits. The second year was the special raider camps and the peasant uprising. In the future, there would definitely be greater issues.

As the territories grew stronger, Gaia would arrange even stronger opponents.

The 2nd year of Gaia would be a totally chaotic year.

Those who were able to survive would rise from the ashes; those who couldn't would have to leave.

Whatever happened would have its advantages and disadvantages.

If the territory could lead the army to destroy the peasant uprising army, not only would they get a large population increase, but they could also earn a large amount of merit points and raise their rank.

The weak being food for the strong was obvious at this point.

The strong would get stronger, and the weak would get weaker. The strong would survive; the world was just so cruel.

It wasn't hard to imagine that for territories that were alone, apart from the top presences such as Shanhai Territory, it was hard to survive the peasant uprising. Forming up alliances would be their way to solve the problem.

In the future, large and small scale alliances would form.

The Shanhai Alliance and the Yanhuang Alliance, the two huge giants of the Chinese region, had once again became the focal point of lord gamemode players.

If one could join one of the two alliances, even if they couldn't live without any problems, they would have a fighting chance.

Unfortunately, be it Shanhai Alliance or Yanhuang Alliance, neither would lower their standards and recruit new members.

One would rather lack people than have useless and untrustworthy individuals. This is something that wouldn't change.

This period of time was also the best time for groups and overlords to rise up.

All the territories within the top 100 territories were filled with ambitious players. Although they didn't have as much of an influence as Ouyang Shuo, to build a regional alliance was still possible.

Especially with the new Lianzhou Model, this was further simplified.

In the span of a few days, there was a huge change.

Now, it wasn’t that the big territories were forcing the small ones into signing the contracts. It was the small ones forcing the large ones to protect them. If not, they couldn't survive.

If Ouyang Shuo hadn't remembered wrongly, in his last life, not more than 500 territories hadremained. If they didn't upgrade to a prefecture before three years, they were basically all wiped out.

His appearance totally changed the style of the Chinese Region, breaking the rule of the Six Tyrants of Handan.

Ouyang Shuo couldn't predict how the future would change.

Ouyang Shuo shook it off and continued to search for more details about the information piece.

As the Chinese region had the most uprisings, Gaia chose four of the most famous peasant uprisings, throwing all of them into the wilderness.

Uprising Name: Chensheng Wuchuang Uprising

Uprising Time: End of Qin

Uprising Leader: Chensheng, Wuchuang

Uprising Location: Zhongyuan

Uprising Evaluation: The first large scale peasant uprising in Chinese history.

Uprising Name: Huangjin Uprising

Uprising Time: End of East Han

Uprising Leader: Zhang Jiao, Zhang Bao, Zhang Liang

Uprising Location: North

Uprising Evaluation: The largest scale religious organization peasant uprising in Chinese history.

Uprising Name: Huangchao Peasant Uprising

Uprising Time: End of Tang

Uprising Leader: Huangchao

Uprising Location: Southeast

Uprising Evaluation: a long, large scale and highly influential peasant uprising

Uprising Name: Taiping Country uprising

Uprising Time: Qing Dynasty

Uprising Leader: Hong Xiuquan, Yang Xiuqing, Li Xiucheng

Uprising Location: Southwest

Uprising Evaluation: The largest scale peasant uprising in Chinese history.

The situation in the game was totally different from the environment of the peasant uprisings.

Hence, Gaia placed these four groups into four big regions, basically covering the whole region. As for those regions that weren't affected like Qiongzhou Island and Yizhou Island, they were considered lucky and escaped it.

Gaia didn't try to uphold absolute fairness in the game, as luck was a type of strength.

It was that phrase: there are advantages and disadvantages. There was nothing that was absolute.

The two islands didn't belong to any imperial city and were out at sea.

In Gaia’s settings, the two islands belonged to the wilderness region. Wild beasts roamed on it, and it was really dangerous. There were even chances of ancient beasts appearing there.

Apart from that, there were large amounts of indigenous people who hunted to survive. If one thought about it, for them to survive in a place where large amounts of primitive beasts thrived, it showed the strength of these indigenous tribes.

The above two elements made it hard for players to survive there too. If not, Ouyang Shuo would have chosen one of those islands and not the Lianzhou Basin.

The island was an out of this world paradise and also a jail.

Of the four uprising groups, the one that Ouyang Shuo paid attention to was the Taiping Country movement. This was because the place where this movement started was Guangxi Xunzhou Jintian Village.

Xunzhou was located on the north side of the Lianzhou Basin, located right outside Zhennan Pass. As for Wuzhou where Chiyou City was located at, it was the east side of Xunzhou.

This meant that if Ouyang Shuo wanted to enter Guangxi, he had to deal with the Taiping Country.

The Taiping Country Organization was secretive. They had many officials in their inner Organization and was the strongest Organization amongst the four groups.

With the strength of Shanhai Territory, they absolutely couldn’t contend against Taiping Country.

Luckily, the explosion of the uprising needed a long preparation time and wasn't something that would happen instantly.

At the start, the core members of the uprising would appear in the wilderness and recruit people before building a base, expanding outward, and taking over more territories.

Their final goal would be to build up a powerful country.

Hence, the uprising groups could be considered a lord group with a bug technique.

When they arrived, they already had the backbone of their system and had the strong skill of gathering refugees.

Ouyang Shuo prayed for the territories which were around the uprisings. They would be the first victims and couldn't block the strong uprising army.

In the last life, Ouyang Shuo remembered that some unlucky lords surrendered to the uprising group and managed to live as half an official.

Some lords actually made it and were really successful.

In truth, the settings in Gaia were very free.

After Gaia implanted the uprising groups into the wilderness, they wouldn't interfere in the game.

This meant that if these uprising groups were really strong or the lords were really lousy, then these uprising groups could really survive until the end.

Gaia definitely wouldn't remove the last information piece when the next one appeared.

They definitely wouldn't!

If the lords in a country worked together and couldn't beat the uprising group, it meant that it would be game over for all the lords.

In the end, the system imperial city had to send out troops to invade the uprising group to clean it out.

After which, the players could redo the village creation mission, obtaining the village creation token, building their villages and starting from scratch.

In such a way, when the country war started, this country would be easily slaughtered by other countries.

Hence, for lords to surrender to the uprising groups was a good way out.

If one could get a high position in it and even earn merit points from it, they could be able to become a founding hero and obtain land and a rank.

When the game ended, the calculated achievement value would be the same as owning a territory.

In such a way, this gave a way out for the unlucky lords and sent the game into a more complicated scene.

To lords, this was a huge challenge.

If not, why would lords player survive in the wilderness to the end?

To this, Ouyang Shuo could only laugh bitterly. What he could only do was to quickly unify the Lianzhou Basin and make a stable base for the territory.

As for the others, he could only solve them as they came.