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Chapter 306- Assassination

Chapter 306-Assassination

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Gaia 2nd year, 1st month 1st day, Jingdou

No matter how grand the news of the information piece was yesterday, it was something for the future. What players cared about most now was still the 2nd system auction.

Walking on the bustling streets of Jingdou, Ouyang Shuo couldn't help but be awed. Compared to the imperial city, his small land was nothing; it wasn't even close to being on the same level.

On the wide streets, people swarmed and carts and chariots were plenty. The shops on both sides were all two floors high and built with green bricks and red tiles. The amount of products were plenty and it was indescribably prosperous.

Besides Ouyang Shuo were Song Jia and Bing'er.

Compared to the bustling modern city, the olden one gave off a different charm.

"Brother, sugar-coated haws!"

Coming to Jingdou, her true colors were revealed. The little brat was holding a sugar man and also stared at the sugar-coated haws in the shop.

Ouyang Shuo had not followed Bing'er around, and he was feeling guilty in her heart.

To let her be happy, he would just let her do as she wished.

"Boss, give me a sugar-coated haw!" Ouyang Shuo passed him a silver coin.

"No, two sticks!" Song Jia suddenly said.

The two beauties, each one holding a stick of sugar-coated haws, slowly strolled on the streets and ate it deliciously.

Danger suddenly struck.

An ordinary-looking man standing behind Ouyang Shuo suddenly took out a sword.

As the sharp blade came out of the sheath, the blade shone in the light.

The blade stabbed straight toward Ouyang Shuo's heart.

Ouyang Shuo was astonished, goosebumps appearing over his body.

Feeling the killing intent from behind, Ouyang Shuo didn't have time to think and side stepped to try and dodge. The sharp blade stabbed into his chest and fresh blood flowed.

Ouyang Shuo jumped away and instantly opened the distance between the two.

Turning around, he saw a young swordsman. He charged closer and the sword in his hand was covered with blood.


Song Jia who was walking in front shrieked, she pulled out her Qingfeng Sword and rushed forward.

Ouyang Shuo didn't turn around and kept focus. "Don't come over, protect Bing'er!"

Song Jia froze and instantly stopped, pulling Bing'er's hand and protecting her by her side, looking worriedly at Ouyang Shuo. She could feel that the sword skills of this assassin were special.

The assassin didn't give Ouyang Shuo a chance, leaping forward once again.

Ouyang Shuo looked stern. He totally didn't have the chance to take the Tianmo Spear from his storage bag. If he got distracted, there was a high chance he would be killed.

Luckily, apart from his spear technique, his bajiquan was good too.

The sword shone across, Ouyang Shuo push it to the side before trying to steal the sharp blade from his hand.

The assassin wasn't a novice, and saw that the opponent was better than he expected, totally different from the intel he had received. He didn't dare to be overconfident and went all out, not giving Ouyang Shuo a chance.

In a short moment, both of Ouyang Shuo's hands were covered with blood, and had several sword cuts.

If Ouyang Shuo wasn’t resilient, he would have been screaming out in pain.

Gaia had a 50% reduction in pain reception.

Bajiquan was good at close combat. As the assassin was quick and sharp, he immediately opened up the distance. The sword light flashed across incessantly, leaving either deep or small wounds on Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo was helpless. Without a weapon in hand, he couldn't do anything. In addition, the sword that the assassin stabbed into his chest at the beginning, he had no time to deal with it and nonstop blood flow.

The huge loss of blood made his strength drop profusely, and he couldn't focus anymore.

If this continued, he would definitely bleed out.

To an assassin, the best method now would be to continue wasting time and strength.

Unfortunately, one mustn't forget that this was the most bustling street in Jingdou.

An assassination on these streets instantly caused an uproar and everyone panicked.

Not long after, the experts in charge of the safety of Jingdou would arrive.

At that time, everything would be too late.

Just at that moment, from the 2nd floor of a shop, a sharp arrow accurately shot Ouyang Shuo's thigh. The huge impact caused him to stumble forward and nearly kneel on the ground.


Song Jia cried out. She was heartbroken and wanted to rush forward.

However, she couldn't. Since there was someone firing arrows, it meant that the enemy had accomplices. She had to protect Bing'er's safety. She knew how important that little brat was to Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo knew that if this continued, he would definitely die and might even drag down Song Jia and Bing'er.

He could only take a gamble.

Ouyang Shuo purposely stumbled forward and knelt on the ground.

When the assassin saw such a good chance, he came forward and went straight for the kill.

Ouyang Shuo kept his head down as a cruel smile flashed across his face. Just as the sharp sword stabbed forward, he turned to the side and the sword stabbed into his lower rib.

A sharp pain spread from that region.

Ouyang Shuo gritted his teeth, as beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. He used strength, locking the sword in his ribs and not allowing the enemy to break loose.

The assassin wanted to pull his sword out and stab again but found that he couldn't. Instantly, a he had a bad feeling.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Making use of the chance, a white light shone across and the Tianmo Spear appeared in his hand.

Holding onto the Tianmo Spear, Ouyang Shuo's aura changed and he was like an overlord.

The spear appeared and stabbed straight at the enemy. Although it looked normal, the blow was impossible to dodge.

The assassin was shocked, immediately letting go of the sword and barely avoiding the spear.

His attack failed, and seeing that the experts were arriving, the assassin was furious and embarrassed. He didn't expect that he, a peak level expert of the adventure gamemode players, would actually fail to kill a lord.

"Lianzhou lord really surprises people!"

As the assassin backed off, in his hand appeared another sword.

"Who are you?" Ouyang Shuo bore the pain, as he coldly looked at the enemy.

"You don't need to try to buy time. We are doing this for money and helping to solve another's problem!"

Ouyang Shuo frowned, feeling that this statement was familiar. "You are Blood Sword?"

"You, how do you know?" The assassin freaked out and couldn't keep calm anymore. It was like the greatest secret in his heart had suddenly been revealed.

Blood Sword, the most mysterious assassin Organization in china in his last life.

Their style was what the assassin had said: Take money to help solve problems.

The moment they accepted a mission, they wouldn't rest until they completed it.

No matter who it was, be it a lord or a sect leader, they were all within their assassination scope. At their peak, they even announced that there was no one they couldn't kill.

Previously Blood Sword was still secretly building up strength, so outside people had no knowledge of their existence.

Counting the time, it was about when Blood Sword had announced themselves to the world.

What Ouyang Shuo didn't expect was that he actually became the first target of Blood Sword.

Blood Sword wanted to make use of the assassination of such a well-known target to instantly get famous.

How would he have expected that his highly secretive identity would be revealed.

It was so shocking that he didn't know what to do.

"You guys are really Blood Sword." A cold smile flashed across Ouyang Shuo’s face.

"Are you trying to bluff me?" The assassin's face turned red. "That's not right; how do you know our name?"

"Since you tried to kill me, you must get ready for my revenge." Ouyang Shuo didn't know where their main base was located, as their members were all part time and even the inner circle didn't know about the identities of the others.

"Such big words!"

Ouyang Shuo shook his head. With the Tianmo Spear as a support, he steadied himself. His wounds were still bleeding and seeping onto his clothes.

Even so, no one dared to underestimate him.

When the assassin saw that his identity was exposed, it made Ouyang Shuo seem more inscrutable.

The assassin was wary of him and wanted to find out whether or not he was lying.

With such a delay, the experts were about to arrive. The assassin didn't dare to take the risk and chose to leave. The moment one was captured by them, they wouldn't even manage to revive.

"The Lianzhou lord is indeed special, so let's meet next time!"

As he said this, he retreated and instantly disappeared within the hoard of people.

As expected from the Blood Sword, they were swift and didn't drag things out.

As the assassin left, this meant the end of the assassination attempt.

As long as Ouyang Shuo didn't die, this meant that he would continue to face their assassination attempts.

They had many styles and methods, but they were best at silent killing. Their plan today was to make themselves famous and known. Hence, they chose to kill openly.

After he left, Ouyang Shuo finally couldn't hold on any longer.

"Cough!" Ouyang Shuo's body couldn't take it anymore, as he coughed out a mouthful of blood.



Song Jia and Bing'er ran across to support Ouyang Shuo.

"Wuyi, are you okay!"

"I'm fine!"

When he had fought, Bing'er was really well-behaved, not making a sound and not crying out.

After the storm passed, she couldn't hold it anymore and looking at the blood stains on her brother. Tears started forming in her eyes. "Brother, is it painful?"

Ouyang Shuo reached out and rubbed her head, consoling her. When his hand was in the air, only then did he realize it was stained with blood.

"Baby, brother is fine!"

Just at this moment, the experts had arrived.

"Marquis!" The leader walked in front of Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo nodded as he described the appearance of the assassin. "I hope your men can give me an answer!"

He was a lord. After he was almost assassinated in Jingdou, he had the power to command and order them.

The constable said solemnly, "Lord, don't worry."