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Chapter 307- Who“s the Mastermind?

Chapter 307- Who's the Mastermind?

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The Jingdou Auction House sat at the middle portion of the busiest commerce street, and everyone was already swarming through the doors. Be it lords of territories, leaders of guilds or sects, or even lone travellers, they all appeared.


Making use of the chance, before the anniversary auction began, the Jingdou Auction House held a large-scale auction as sort of a warm up event.

The items auctioned off were plentiful.

Although they weren’t as rare as those that would be on the anniversary auction, they were still excellent products. All items above gold rank, basically high-end player goods.

The anniversary auction wasn’t something that any player could obtain an item in. As such, most of the players at the scene were just there to take a look. Hence, this auction helped cater to their needs, making it unexpectedly popular.

At the door of the auction house, a group of players gathered up, seemingly anxious.

“Why hasn’t the boss arrived? The auction is about to begin. Did something happen?”

“Stop jinxing it!”

“Why doesn’t Gaia just make a long distance communication function?’

“Okay, okay, let’s have a little patience guys, let’s wait a while longer!”

“Guys, do you think that the boss forgot about the time as he was shopping with sister-in-law? Hoes over bros!”

“Little lion, how dare you talk bad about the boss. We will tell on you.”

“Ah?” Gong Chengshi forced out a smile. ”Haha, Xunlong you won’t do that right? Haha, we are all good brothers, good brothers.”

“Five treats at Qingfeng Garden!”

“Ha? Isn’t that too harsh?”

Qingfeng Garden was the biggest brothel in Jingdou. It cost a few hundred gold each time.

“So, no deal?”

“Deal!” Gong Chengshi silently cried, as he had asked for it.

Feng Qiuhuang heard the two of them getting out of hand and scolded, ”You two uncultured swines!”

“Feng Sis (what people in china call like escorts or like bar ladies) , we are very pure people!”

“What did you call me?” Feng Qiuhuang instantly raged.

Xunlong Dianxue looked at Gong Chengshi who was just looking for it and started gloating.

Gong Chengshi immediately felt like dying. He couldn’t control his mouth. He tried to suck up and say, ”Sister Fengwu, I’m wrong, I’m really wrong, really!”

Feng Qiuhuang stared at him and didn’t bother anymore, turning around and going toward Bai Hua.

The members of the Shanhai Alliance stood at the door of the auction house, attracting a lot of attention; not only were they famous, but Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang were both absolute beauties.

The assassination attempt that happened on the commerce street seemed to have no effect, like a drop of rain in the sea. It was like nothing had occurred.

Under the company of Song Jia, he went to a hospital and had his wounds dealt with before rushing to the auction house. No matter what, this was something that he couldn’t miss.

As for the constables’ investigation, Ouyang Shuo didn’t hold too high hopes.

As long as the assassins left Jingdou, they were practically free men.

Of course, the constables would draw up wanted posters and arrest warrants based on the Ouyang Shuo’s description and send it to all the imperial cities. However, the actual effect would depend on Ouyang Shuo’s influence.

Obviously, his current status wasn’t enough to make the other imperial cities act.

Ouyang Shuo cared about the identity of the mastermind more. The perpetrator behind whole thing who wanted him to die.

As a lord, level wasn’t important. Reviving once wouldn’t have a huge effect on him.

The crux of the problem was that if he died, he needed to spend half a day in the Reincarnation Hall. Hence, if Ouyang Shuo had died, he would have missed out on the auction.

The mastermind had really planned it well.

Ouyang Shuo’s arrival attracted a huge commotion. All the bandages made him look like half a dumpling, and if someone wasn’t familiar with him, they definitely wouldn’t recognize him.

“Boss, Boss?” Gong Chengshi ran over.

“Yes, it’s me.”

Gong Chengshi had the look one had when they looked at their cute pet, making Ouyang Shuo speechless.

“Boss, did you go peep at a a girl bathing? What happened?” Gong Chengshi didn’t give Ouyang Shuo a chance to explain himself.

If Ouyang Shuo could move about, he would’ve beaten Gong Chengshi up.

“Little Shuo, what happened?” Little Aunt and Xie Siyun walked over.

The others also surrounded him.

“I’ll explain it to you guys in detail after the auction ends. Let’s enter first.”

The Jingdou auction house specially prepared suites for the ten biggest territories and the ten biggest guilds. The members of Shanhai Alliance all went into Ouyang Shuo’s suite.

As they walked by, Sha Pojun suddenly exited from his suite.

His eyes were sharp, and he instantly recognized Ouyang Shuo, teasing, ”Well isn’t it the great lord Qiyue Wuyi? How did you become like this? Don’t tell me? Haha.”

Ouyang Shuo didn’t care about him and just walked toward his own suite.

“Hen!” Sha Pojun returned back into his suite.

Ouyang Shuo’s suite was the number one suite in the auction house and was more than enough for all the members of the alliance.

After settling down, Song Jia asked, ”Wuyi, could it have been Sha Pojun?”

As the representative of the grey powers, he had relationships with such organizations.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head. ”It doesn’t look like it’s him.”

Sha Pojun didn’t have the motive to do so. He hated Ouyang Shuo, but he had limited funds and couldn’t do much during the auction. As such, he didn’t need to kill Ouyang Shuo and prevent him from coming.

A dog that bites wouldn’t bark, Ouyang Shuo suspected that it was Chun Shenjun.

During the first system auction, Chun Shenjun was very confident. In the end, Ouyang Shuo played him, leaving him empty handed. During this auction, he would have definitely prepared well and been more wary of Ouyang Shuo’s presence.

“What are the both of you talking about? Little Shuo, what’s with your injuries?”

Since Little Aunt asked, Ouyang Shuo decided to tell everyone about the assassination attempt.

In an instant, the suite was in an uproar.



“Such an asshole!”

Xie Siyun frowned. ”Why didn’t we have any news before?”

The others wanted to continue. However, the auction started at this very moment.

Compared to the first system auction, there were more items in the 2nd one, a total of 108. The top 10 items would all be left until last.

As there were too many items, the auction style would be different from the first.

The auction would be split into two parts. The first would be a silent auction. Players could all bid within an hour time limit; they could only bid once for each item and couldn’t change their bids.

After the bidding ended, the highest bid would win the item.

Ouyang Shuo picked up a manual that described the items of the auction.

In the list, there were actually various scrolls, tokens, treasures and even weapon crafting manuals. There were also equipment, pills, skill books and cultivation techniques that adventure gamemode players loved.

A whole load of different items.

Each item was at the dark gold level, and there were even one or two platinum ranked items.

As for the last few items, they were all kept a secret and weren’t revealed.

Out of the members of the Shanhai Alliance, apart from Ouyang Shuo, Bai Hua, Feng Qiuhuang and Snow-War Rose Mercenary Group, the rest had limited funds and didn’t care about the last 10 items.

Ouyang Shuo picked up a book and bid 2000 gold. After that, he didn’t act. His goal was the 10 items.

Quickly, an hour had passed and he smoothly obtained the book.

The others all had some gains. Bai Hua got a Shield Making Technique Manual and Feng Qiuhuang got a Heavy Sword Crafting Manual.

Only Gong Chengshi got nothing, as he had bid too little on the item that he wanted.

“Who asked you to be stingy!” Xunlong Dianxue gloated.

Gong Chengshi was on the verge of tears.

The 2nd stage of the auction was the fun part.

The best auctioneer in Jingdou Auction House walked onto the stage. Behind the auctioneer, there were 10 people with trays covered with red cloth.

After the simple speech, the auction immediately began.

“Now, for the first item!”

The first beautiful model walked to the front and opened the cloth, revealing a token.

The auctioneer introduced. ”This is a silver village creation token. Base price 10 thousand gold, buyout 30 thousand gold. Please place your bids.”

As expected, the first item was already so enticing.

If it was a year ago, this rare token would be sold for a sky high price.

Unfortunately, a year had passed and the powers had already formed up. Even with a silver village creation token, one wouldn’t be able to establish himself in the wilderness.

The key was even with funds, the rank was one that stopped one from upgrading.

Ouyang Shuo was moved, instantly making the decision. What seemed useless to others was like a god weapon in his eyes.

“11 thousand gold!” Someone tested the water.

After the bid, no one followed. It was unexpectedly cold.

The sudden situation caught the auctioneer off guard, ”11 thousand gold, 11 thousand gold, are there any other bids?” In her eyes, was a glimpse of pleading.

If the village creation token was auctioned off like this, she definitely wouldn’t be able to keep her job.

“15 thousand gold!” Ouyang Shuo placed his bid.


All the players looked toward the first suite like fools. Everyone knew who sat inside, the strongest lord in the China region- Qiyue Wuyi.

One can afford to be willful if he’s rich.

If he had only slightly raised the bid, someone else might have tried to fight him, but Ouyang Shuo had directly spent 15,000 gold.

No one else could act as rich as Ouyang Shuo and casually throw out such a high amount.

Just like this, the first item landed in his pocket.