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Chapter 308- Dark Horse

Chapter 308- Dark Horse

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“Little Shuo, if you feel you have too much money, you can lend it to me. Must you be so stupid?”

The many people in the first suite definitely didn’t understand Ouyang Shuo’s actions, but to say it out so directly, only Lin Jing could do so.

“Sigh,” Ouyang Shuo had to explain, ”Little Aunt, I didn’t recklessly spend money. This village creation token is worth it.”

“Explain yourself. If you don’t make sense, I’m going to beat you up!” Lin Jing was a swordswoman and her combat strength and damage output were obviously very high.

‘The token is prepared for Bing’er for her to build a territory.”

“Are you kidding me? Bing’er is still a kid; how can she be a lord?”

Bing’er, who was sitting in the suite, curiously lifted her head when her brother mentioned her.

“Let me finish!”

Facing such an anxious senior, Ouyang Shuo was helpless.


“Bing’er can’t manage it, but I can. I’m her guardian so based on the system setting, I can help her manage things until she reaches the legal age,” Ouyang Shuo explained.

“There’s such a setting. Why don’t I know it?”

“You aren’t a lord; of course, you wouldn’t know about it,” Ouyang Shuo muttered softly.

“Wuyi, I also didn’t know about this. Did any of youl know about it?” Bai Hua looked at the both of them bickering, so she wanted to help resolve the situation.

Xunlong Dianxue and the others all shook their heads, ” Nope.”

“Isn’t there another term on the lord’s interface? It’s written clearly there. All of you, did you even read it carefully?”

“Wow boss, we really worship you. This terms and conditions are so long and stupid, a total of 20 pages. You actually finished reading it!” Gong Chengshi teased.

“Worship +1”




“That’s enough,” Ouyang Shuo facepalmed.

Why did everyone start playing a fool.

Amidst the laughter, the auctioneer started to auction off the second item.

The item on the second tray was revealed, it was an old scroll.

The auctioneer said, ”This book is the Suozi Armor Crafting Manual. The base price is 11 thousand and the buyout is 35 thousand. Please make your bids.”

The Suozi Armor was a common armor—cavalry, infantry, or even archers could all equip it.

In terms of defense, the Suozi Armor was average. However, it was still naturally better than the system-generated armor. Hence, there was a serious competition for it.

“12 thousand!”

“13 thousand!”

“14 Thousand!”


“20 thousand!”

“22 thousand!:”

“23 thousand!”

The price continued to climb upward, and it quickly reached 25 thousand. The people who were left were Zhan Lang and Chun Shenjun.

Amongst the Shanhai Alliance, Ouyang Shuo had the Buren Armor and the Mingguang Armor, while Feng Qiuhuang had the Tiefutu Armor. Hence, they didn’t particularly need the Suozi Armor.

On the other hand, the Yanhuang Alliance were the ones who badly needed it.

In the end, Zhan Lang won the Suozi Armor with a bid of 28 thousand.

It wasn’t that Ouyang Shuo didn’t think about going in. After all, who would mind more armor varieties? Moreover, the Suozi armor also had some uses. Only, this was the 2nd item and he only had around 100 thousand, so it was better to play safer.

The speed of the auction started to slowly peak.

“Now, on to the third item of the auction. ”The auctioneer pointed to the third tray. ”Ming Dynasty Warship Building Manual, starting bid 15 thousand gold, buyout 45 thousand. Please make your bids.”

“Ah!” Ouyang Shuo breathed in a breath of cold air, unable to control the excitement in his heart.

The thing he needed finally came out.

Before the ocean trading and exploration of the Qing Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty Warship technology was basically the highest level in China.

At that time, it could also be considered the best in the world.

Better yet, this was a collective manual, similar to what Ouyang Shuo had obtained in the 1st auction.

Getting it would mean wielding the warship building technology of a dynasty and even an era.

No one could remain calm.

Out of the top 10 territories in the China region, apart from Ouyang Shuo, only Ba Wang and Xunlong Dianxue were close to the ocean.

If one considered the river flow and that the map was 10 times larger, the intersections of waterways and rivers, especially in the south were numerous and warships were definitely needed.

One could imagine how a war would break out for this manual.

In less than 10 minutes, the price was raised up to 28 thousand gold.

The poor Xunlong Dianxue had no choice but to give up. He still owed the Four Seas bank money. Hence, he could only watch on.

Luckily for him, he had a strong ally.

“Boss, is it time to act?”

Ouyang Shuo was calm and didn’t rashly join in.

“Wait a while longer!”

“Still?” Xunlong Dianxue didn’t believe that Ouyang Shuo would give up on this.

Just at this moment, the pace of the bidding picked up.

“30 thousand!”

“33 thousand!”

“35 thousand!”


At last, Ouyang Shuo couldn’t stay calm, this was of absolute importance to the territory and was even more important than his life.

“38 thousand!” Ouyang Shuo bid once again.

Basically, this price was the limit of what the players could handle.

After Ouyang Shuo placed the bid, only Xiong Ba remained.

Xiong Ba was in his own suite and said out toward Ouyang Shuo, ”Brother Wuyi really is rich, enough to make people feel despondent.”

“39 thousand!” Ouyang Shuo made a final gamble.

“40 thousand!”

Ouyang Shuo was firm and the moment Xiong Ba ended his words, he raised the bid. If Xiong Ba bid once more, he would buy out the item.

The whole place was in an uproar. A single item for 40 thousand gold was seemingly unbelievable.

“Brother Wuyi, mad respect.” Xiong Ba raised both hands and surrendered.

In the end, Ouyang Shuo won it with 40 thousand gold.

The sound of the hammer made everyone turn around.

Di Chen, on the other hand, was relieved. ”If this continues, Qiyue Wuyi definitely wouldn’t be able to compete with us for that item.”

Juedai Fenghua wasn’t so sure and said calmly, ”Did you forget about the first system auction?”

Di Chen froze. ”It’s different, Qiyue Wuyi has already spent 50 thousand. No matter how rich he is, he wouldn’t have much left.”

“I really don’t know how he has so much money. In theory, he has just upgraded and needs loads of money. How would he have so much free cash?” Di Chen couldn’t understand.

Juedai Fenghua didn’t say anything, showing that she she was confused too.

“Do you think he used up the money to build the territory?”

“Do you think he’s a person that rushes for short term gain?”


The sudden silence made one uncomfortable.

Chun Shenjun had a weird expression on his face. ”Such a strong assassin also didn’t manage to kill you, you are really lucky.”

“I hope you won’t be my tripping stone, or else…”

Chun Shenjun was as cold as a snake looking at its prey.

After a short break, the auction continued.

“Now. we will begin on the 4th item.” The auctioneer held up a scroll and said, ”After using this, one can immediately class change to the hidden occupation—Chi Cultivator, starting bid 12 thousand gold. Buyout would be 35 thousand gold. Please make your bids.”

The moment the voice ended, the adventure gamemode players were immediately thrown into a state of uproar.

Chi Cultivator. It sounded like an incredible hidden occupation.

“18 thousand gold!”

“20 thousand gold!”

“22 thousand gold!”


“26 thousand gold!”

The blood of the adventure mode players’ was boiling, and they increased the bid 2000 by 2000.

Ouyang Shuo was impressed. There were so many rich people in the guilds.

The bids continued and even the first suite wasn’t an exception.

Xie Siyun, who was a priest, was similar to a Chi Cultivator.

“30 thousand gold!” Xie Siyun bid for a second time.

Seeing that the price was reaching the buyout, the bidding slowed.

In the end, it was a battle between the top 10 guilds.

Apart from the guilds formed purely of work occupation players, the rest wouldn’t easily give it up. Even if they couldn’t use it, they could still give it to their core members.

Just as the guild leaders were competing, a bid was suddenly thrown out in the public area.

“35 thousand gold!”

The one that raised the tablet was a random player.

The atmosphere instantly frozed; the sudden silence was frightening.

In an instant, the pause was broken and the players caused a commotion.

Be it the players in the suites or those in the public area, they all looked at the dark horse with their mouths agape, wanting to see who in the world he was.