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Chapter 309- Hidden Aristocratic Family

Chapter 309- Hidden Aristocratic Family

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The dark horse player was wearing a hood, and no one could see his appearance, making him look really mysterious. The minds of the leaders of the various guilds were like a thousand alpacas had ran across, they wanted to cry but no tears came out.

After raising the tablet, that player immediately left the public area. Then, they got up and exited the auction house.

Obviously, they had come for the class change scroll.

The 4th item had ended just like this. This dark horse player would become the biggest mystery during the second system auction.

Ouyang Shuo hadn't remembered that there was such a mysterious buyer in his last life.

Based on his conjecture, the person was either a solo player or he had completed some hidden quest and obtained a huge prize; or he was from a hidden aristocratic family. Only these two possibilities would explain why he had so much gold.

And he looked more like the latter.

For a normal solo player, even if he had gold, he wouldn't know what item would be up on the auction.

Was it that those mysterious aristocratic families finally couldn't stand the boredom and were coming out to play?

Thinking of this point, Ouyang Shuo had a weird expression on his face.

His rebirth had really changed many things.

To bring things into perspective, before Ouyang Shuo's identity was revealed, he was also thought to be a child of the aristocratic families. One could see how strong and mysterious they were.

Of the hidden aristocratic families, their numbers and members were unknown, whether they were good or bad were unknown, and they were like a fog that hung over the game.

Of course, hidden didn't mean they were hermits.

They were possibly your colleague, or some grandpa playing chess in the garden, or even the butcher or tailor.

Everything was possible.

As more and more powers took time to enter the field, the game was becoming more and more interesting.

The 2nd year of Gaia was destined to not be simple.

The auction continued.

"Now, let's begin the auction of the 5th item."

The auctioneer pointed to the item on the tray and said, "This is The Shanwen Armor making technical manual. Starting bid is 13 thousand gold, buyout is 40 thousand gold. Please make your bids."

Compared to the Song Dynasty Buren Armor, the Tang Dynasty Shanwen Armor was more pure. As the armor pieces were mostly in a ‘Shan’ shape, hence the name.

The Shanwen Armor was formed with three armor pieces, the typical Chinese model. The outer armor was beautiful and it fit the body, was easy to fix, and overall had a strong defensive ability, but as the crafting process was complicated, the cost was high, so it was mostly for generals and commanders.

Apart from Ouyang Shuo, no one was moved.

"14 thousand gold!"

"15 thousand gold!"


"17 thousand gold!"

"30 thousand gold!" Di Chen suddenly raised his tablet.

The auction pace was totally broken. His call had instantly brought the bidding price close to the buyout and showed he was determined to get it.

Di Chen wanted to use this method to obtain the item for the lowest price.

In the Shanhai Alliance, apart from Ouyang Shuo, only Bai Hua had the gold to continue.

The Yanhuang Alliance, Chun Shenjun, and Xiong Ba had the funds. However, oddly, neither of them didn't raise their tablets, seemingly having an understanding with Di Chen.

"31 thousand!" Bai Hua raised up her tablet.

Di Chen's eyes focused, he shouted without hesitation," 35 thousand gold!"

The huge jumps in bidding placed a lot of pressure on Bai Hua. She had only brought 40 thousand gold and had already spent a portion during the first round.

If she wanted to continue, she had to borrow money from Ouyang Shuo and with Di Chen's determination, he would choose to buyout the item.

After Bai Hua discussed with Tsing Yi, they chose to give up. One reason was that the price was too high, and secondly was that Shanhai City Army had already had the ability to sell armor. Hence, they didn't need to rush to make armor for themselves.

Suddenly, Ouyang Shuo suddenly whispered something in Bai Hua's ear.

Bai Hua was stunned and looked at him, speechless. She raised her tablet again, "36 thousand gold!"

Di Chen suite.

"Now what? Do we buy it out?" Di Chen asked.

Juedai Fenghua frowned. "Baihua probably has Qiyue Wuyi's support and wants to push us to the end, to be safe, we should buy it out."

Di Chen sighed, "That's the only way. If it wasn't that we had prepared well, we might have failed again this time." He still felt heart pained that he had spent 10 thousand more than expected.

40 thousand gold wasn't a small number and to prepare that sum, Handan County had lived frugally these past few months, and they pushed back many projects to be able to raise up the gold.

Di Chen tried so hard, but in the end, he still had no choice but to buy it out.

As usual, after the 5th item was auctioned, there would be a break.

During the break, the members of the Shanhai Alliance were curious about what Ouyang Shuo had said to Bai Hua. Based on the situation, she was ready to give up, so why did she suddenly continue?

Ouyang Shuo said calmly, "I told her to just bid. If she really won it, I'd pay the rest. Let's con Di Chen for a sum."

"Haha, boss, well done!"

"Wuyi, you are really too evil. How can you con someone like this? Next time remember to include me..."

"..." Ouyang Shuo was speechless.

"If Di Chen knew the truth, he would cry out in pain, wouldn't he?"

"Haha!” Everyone burst out laughing.

"And Bai Hua, the ice goddess, actually did bad with our boss. I really didn't expect that!"

"I'm innocent..." Bai Hua tried to defend herself.

"Stop bluffing us big sister, you’re an evil person too!" Tsing Yi exposed Bai Hua.

"Haha!" Everyone burst out laughing again.

"Stupid brat, watch how I take care of you later." Bai Hua's embarrassment turned into rage.

"Aiya, save my life. Big sister wants to kill me, save me ah..."

Everyone looked on from the side, no one wanted to help her.

"Sigh, all of you are betrayers!"

"Sister Tsing Yi, you asked for it, we can't help you!" Gong Chengshi helped fan the flames.

"Brother Shi, I will remember you!"

"Ah, I didn't do anything." Gong Chengshi had a face full of innocence.

"You deserve it!"

Hearing the laughter coming out from the adjacent room, Di Chen shivered. He had the feeling like he was played by Ouyang Shuo.

No, it couldn't be, Di Chen consoled himself.

No matter what, he had reached his goal and successfully won the item he wanted.

With the Shanwen Armor, Handan County could form an elite infantry. With Lianpo as the General, the Handan County Army would welcome a huge change.

The Huangjin Uprising in the north would be his opportunity to rise.

After the break, the second half started immediately.

The auctioneer re-entered the stage to host the auction. During the first half of the auction, apart from the first item, the rest were sold for high prices, making her feel confident.

"'Now, we will begin the auction of the 6th item." The auctioneer pointed at an old manual and said, "This mysterious region exploration scroll has a starting price of 10 thousand, and the buyout is 30 thousand. Please place your bids."

This was the dream prize of the adventure mode players.

Different from the class change scroll, the value of this was harder to predict as it only gave players a chance to explore the mysterious region.

As for after tearing the scroll, whether the person would be able to explore the mysterious region, or what they could get from it, there weren't any promises.

If one was lucky, one could get a godly secret manual or a God weapon; if one was unlucky, he could get crafting materials or gold rank equipment.

Everything was unknown.

Of course, the system wouldn't be too dumb.

Passing the mysterious region, one could at least get a dark gold rank equipment.

Even so, the great powers circled it like eagles.

This was because high grade equipment and secret manuals were hard to get from monsters and missions. Especially in regards to cultivation techniques and secret manuals, King rank and above were hard to get.

The mysterious region gave one a chance, a possibility.

If one could take down the 1st mysterious region, it would cause a rise in the reputation of the guild.

Lords like Ouyang Shuo didn't have much interest, as only players could enter the mysterious region and soldiers and generals couldn't.

Hence, it was hard for lords to form a strong team.

"11 thousand gold!"

"12 thousand gold!"


"18 thousand gold!"

"19 thousand gold!"

The bidding price continued to rise. Not only were the top 10 guilds bidding, but even second rate guilds and small squads were going for it.

"21 thousand gold!"

"22 thousand gold!"


The bidding price continued to rise, and it seemed like it was getting close to the buyout.

At this point, the players looking on were hoping and waiting to see if there would be another dark horse.

"30 thousand gold!"

Yet another buyout.

However this time it wasn't a dark horse but the leader of the first guild, Blood Romance.

He was worried that something might happen and preferred to just buy out, showing the strength of the 1st ranked adventure mode player.