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Chapter 310- Godly Changing Point

Chapter 310- Godly Changing Point

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"Now, time for the 7th item." The auctioneer pointed at the 7th tray and introduced, "This is a merger token. After use, one can merge the subsidiary territory village creation token with a current city. Thus, one doesn't need to rebuild from scratch. The starting bid is 5000 and the buyout is 20 thousand gold, please make your bids."

Ouyang Shuo didn't expect to see a second merger token.

Thinking about that, in the first merger token, there was still a spot that he hadn’t used.

Since these type of things were beneficial to Ouyang Shuo, he decided to obtain it even if he had to buy it out.

Ouyang Shuo understanding it didn't mean that others would. In the eyes of the other lords, the 2nd grade territory had 9 more spaces to use, so why would they need a merger token?

It was another unwelcomed product.

Ouyang Shuo didn't bid, as he didn't want to seem too eager. The others didn't bid, as they couldn't evaluate the worth of the token.

Zhan Lang and Di Chen had pretty much spent all their gold so they couldn't contest. Chun Shenjun and Xiong Ba wanted to hold their gold.

"6000 gold!" Someone from the public area bid.

With a ‘Shua’ sound, everyone turned and looked at him, thinking that they were witnessing a birth of another dark horse.

Suddenly becoming the focus of attention made that player filled with glee.

A minute has passed, and then, another...

As time slowly passed and no one outbid him, that player started to get anxious. As he thought about the consequences, his face grew ashen white.

He was just a small lord who wanted to get the spotlight and didn't want to obtain the token that he didn't even know the use for.

6,000 gold was all of his assets.

His expression naturally couldn't be hidden away from the eyes of the other players.

This was when the players realized that this wasn't a dark horse but a dumb horse.

The place grew raucous, as they laughed at that lord.

"6000 gold, are there any others that would like to bid?" The auctioneer was helpless, these fellows really couldn't see the value of it. "6000 gold once!"

That player's face was devoid of blood and his limbs were cold.

"6000 gold twice!"

The player had a face filled with despair.

Ouyang Shuo looked at the scene in amusement before slowly raising up the tablet.

Seeing that there was hope of it being a hot product, the auctioneer said excitedly, " 7000 gold! The first suite bids 7000 gold, are there any others that would like to bid?"

"Phew!" That player was relieved, and he laid on the chair like he had been revived. He looked gratefully at Ouyang Shuo and swore that he would find a chance to thank him.

The other players felt that Ouyang Shuo bid was to help out the other guy and praised him for his actions. Those people that wanted to try it out and bid also stopped wanting to contest.

Ouyang Shuo wouldn't stupidly clear the air, and with a cheap price of 7000, he obtained the token. Toward that player who was just trying to be famous, he was grateful.

If it wasn't for him, this merger token wouldn't have been at such a price.

Obtaining it, Ouyang Shuo still had 54,000 gold left, enough for one more item.

The cold reaction toward the merger token gave the auctioneer a headache. He loved but hated Ouyang Shuo as the two unpopular items were obtained by him. Such a lucky guy.

Then, the 8th item was revealed; it was actually a treasure sword.

Before the auctioneer introduced it, the adventure mode players became noisy. The second system auction actually had three items so far that were prepared for them.

"Now for the 8th item." The auctioneer pointed at the sword. "This is a god sword and is 5th on the top 10 sword list, crafted by Ou Zhizi and Ganjiang, the two grandmaster swordsmiths, the starting bid is 20 thousand and buyout is 60 thousand. Please place your bids."

The Qixing Longyuan was a really pure sword.

Legend said that Ou Zhizi and Ganjiang, to craft this sword, had chiseled the mountain and used the mountain stream water to form the Beidou Qixing beside the smithy furnace. After the sword was formed, looking down on the blade was like looking down from them mountain into the deep abyss, like there was a dragon's den. Hence, it was called Longyuan.

The god weapon, the first god weapon in the China region had actually appeared in the auction.

The players’ eyes were red like a rabbit’s and wished they could just rush forward and keep the sword.

No matter the lords or the adventure gamemode players, everyone was moved.

Hence, the atmosphere of the auction had reached its peak.

To the adventure gamemode players, they didn't care about the last item and only had the Qixing Longyuan in their eyes.

Unfortunately, the sky high price was something 99.9% of them couldn't afford.

Blood Romance's face was white and it was too late to regret. He regretted that he had spent the money at the front.

"Little Shuo I want this sword!"

Lin Jing took one glance at it and fell in love with the sword.

"Then bid!" Ouyang Shuo felt weird. He himself also wanted it. Even though his sword skills were lousy, it was good to add to his collection for a sense of achievement.

This was a god weapon, a god weapon he had dreamed of in his last life.

"I don’t enough money!" Lin Jing said in embarrassment.

For this auction, they had prepared 45,000. After they used 5,000 in the first round, they only had 40,000 gold left.

In the short time that they were talking, the price had went up to 30 thousand.

The people with the real strength hadn't acted yet. They were clear that the intense battle hadn't started and they were borrowing gold from their allies.

"How do you know If I have money? I spent so much at the start." Ouyang Shuo asked.

"You definitely have it!"

Shanhai City earning loads of money from reselling grain was something that Ouyang Shuo didn't hide from her. She definitely had an estimate of Ouyang Shuo's financial strength.

Ouyang Shuo had no choice but to lend her 20 thousand gold.

"Remember to return it!"

"Hen, stingy." Lin Jing now had enough to buyout the item, so she was very confident.

"Cough!" Ouyang Shuo looked at his elder which was around his age.

This was 20 thousand gold. It wasn't 2 hundred or 2 thousand.

When Lin Jing got the money, she didn't bother about Ouyang Shuo and instead discussed with Xie Siyun.

"Should we just buy it out?" Facing the item that she liked, she lost her calmness.

Xie Siyun thought about it. "Let's wait for a while, if we can save some money, we should." Using such a huge amount of money to buy something that only Lin Jing could use meant that they had to explain to the entire guild, it wasn't as simple as they thought.

Hence, they had to save what they could.

"32 thousand gold!"

"33 thousand gold!"

"35 thousand gold!"

"37 thousand gold!"

The price continued to climb with no signs of stopping.

"40 thousand gold!"

Finally the bid came to a point where the players bidding slowed down. To be able to last until now, thet were the real crocodiles. The cruel massacre had just began.

At this point, Yijian Xilai suddenly called out, "Let's not delay any longer! 45,000 gold!"

It was obvious that Yijian Xilai had already raised up the funds and wasn't going to give the others a chance. In such a short time, not everyone could raise up so much gold.

The 45 thousand gold bid had pushed the bidding to another levels.

"46 thousand gold!" The guild leader of 18 horsemen of Yanyun Yanzi Lisan closely followed.

Yijian Xilai froze, he didn't expect Yanzi Lisan to actually have the money.

Apart from the two of them, there wasn't a third person.

The two of them fought neck and neck; the victor wasn't determined yet.

1st suite.

"Should we follow?" Lin Jing was a little nervous.

"Wait for a while longer, I think that they are at their limits!" Li Siyun was as calm as normal.

"Okay, okay!" Lin Jing didn't want to wait.

She held the red tablet tightly in her hand, getting ready to raise it.

"47 thousand gold!" Yijian Xilai raised the bid.

"48 thousand gold!" Yanzi Lisan shouted.

The two of them started to fight one another and one didn't know how much gold the other brought.

"49 thousand gold!"

"50 thousand gold!"

The other players who were looking on nearly couldn't breathe, 50 thousand gold, such a huge number!

Lin Jing was so nervous that she was about to break the tablet, if it wasn't for Xie Siyun, she would have just bought it out.

A god weapon like the Qixing Longyuan was the ultimate dream of a swordsman and with it, one wouldn't wish for anything more.

"52 thousand gold!"

Yijian Xilai threw in all his gold.

Yanzi Lisan's face was ashen white, and he wasn't as calm as before. In truth, 50,000 gold was all he had. His heart wasn't as calm as his expression and he was just acting for Yijian Xilai.

He didn't expect that it would be of no use.

Seeing Yanzi Lisan's expression, Yijian Xilai was delighted.

"Haha, the Qixing Longyuan is mine!" Yijian Xilai couldn't help but laugh.

Yijian Xilai was a pure swordsman and was addicted to sword arts. That was why he agreed with Di Chen's conditions and managed to gather a sum.

The players looked toward him with envy and jealousy.

In the first suite, Xie Siyun softly said," Bid!"

"53 thousand gold!" Lin Jing instantly placed her bid.

"Hong~~" in an instance the place was in an uproar.

One wouldn't expect that in the end, a dark horse would appear.

No, no, it wasn't a dark horse but a wolf waiting in the dark.

Yijian Xilai's delighted expression had suddenly froze. He looked back at the first suite in disbelief and his face turned red.

This moment, he had lost all his face.

The auctioneer didn't bother about him and continued, "53 thousand once!"

"53 thousand twice! Are there anymore bids?"

"53 thousand thrice!"

"Peng!" As the auctioneer slammed the hammer, "Congratulations Snow Rose for getting the 8th item."

When Yijian Xilai regained his composure and looked at the mocking expression of the players beside him, he gave a deadly stare toward the first suite.

Snow-War Rose Mercenary group, I'm not done with you!