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Chapter 311- Ten Famous Swords

Chapter 311- Ten Famous Swords

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"Haha, Yijian Xilai, you have lost so much face."

As the huge show ended, Yanzi Lisan had already calmed himself down, and seeing Yijian Xilai getting KO’ed, he mocked him.

The old phrase: The favor of heavens will go around, retribution will definitely make one unhappy.

Yijian Xilai was furious and didn't have the face to stay, directly leaving the auction house.

In the end, with a sky high price of 53,000 gold, Lin Jing had successfully won the bid.

She had also made an enemy of Yijian Xilai with no chance of reconciliation; with his character, he would definitely find a way to take his revenge.

The stats of the Qixing Longyuan was so strong that it made the members of the Shanhai Alliance drool.

Name: Qixing Longyuan

Hardness: 88


Toughness: 85

Specialty: unique, can't be dropped, can't be traded. Blade Breaker (if the hardness of the sword is lower, chance to directly break the sword.)

Killing skill: Beidou Qixing (summoning the power of the seven stars forming the Beidou sword formation which was like the horns of the goat, an unseen attack which can't be blocked.)

Compared to a platinum rank weapon, the stats of a god weapon were incomparable; apart from the usual stats, the specialty meant that the user could not drop or trade the weapon, so one didn't need to be afraid of the god weapon being stolen.

Apart from that, the god weapon had another stat that gained the envy of many.

The strength of the killing skill had to do with the user's internal strength. The stronger it was, the stronger the killing skill. Basically when it was used, all of the internal strength of the user would be used up.

Hence, if Lin Jing wanted to use the god weapon to its best effect, she needed an emperor level or above cultivation method. Unfortunately, those were only obtained by luck.

Looking at the stats, Lin Jing even wanted to join the Dongli Sword sect and cultivate.

In the game, to prevent cultivation methods from being stolen, there was a strict restriction on teaching and passing down techniques. Even core disciples could only cultivate around 80% of the real skill.

Furthermore, when players join a sect, they must be bonded to it. With her position and identity, joining the Dongli Sword Sect was impossible.

Of course, what was most important about the god weapon was the hidden setting.

Based on the setting, the god weapon could be recreated in the real world, and it would be free. As for platinum ranked equipment, not only would there be a chance of failure, one must also use some achievement points.

With the god weapon in hand, one can rule the world.

If not, why would one say that having a god weapon was the dream of all adventure gamemode players?

The moment Lin Jing got the sword, her eyes had never left it as she looked at it in awe.

Just as she picked it up, a system notification sounded out.

"System notification: Congratulations Player Snow Rose for obtaining god weapon, officially triggering series quest, ten famous swords appear in the wilderness!"

The moment the notification sounded out, there was another uproar.

The players in the auction house had personally witnessed how popular a top 10 sword was. To be able to get one, even if one didn't use it for himself, he could be able to sell it and survive happily for many years.

Getting rich overnight was no longer a dream.

Even the Shanhai Alliance members were excited. They had seen the strength of the stats of a god weapon and their desire for one was this much greater than that of normal players.

The presence of the god weapon had surpassed occupations, and every player wanted one.

Especially to swordsmen, the god weapon was a lethal poison. Hong Ying, who saw the stats of the Qixing Longyuan, was now bugging Bai Hua, making her speechless.

Even Song Jia, who had the Qingfeng Sword, desired the Qixing Longyuan. If the one who was in the auction wasn't Lin Jing, she would have asked Ouyang Shuo to buy it. Now, seeing the quest being announced, her eyes brightened and she swore that she would get one.

Seeing the huge commotion of the players, Ouyang Shuo shook his head.

The ten famous swords were: the Xuanyuan Sword, Zhan Lu sword, Chixiao Sword, Qin Ah Sword, Qixing Longyuan Sword, Ganjiang Sword, Moya Sword, Yuzhang Sword, Cunjun Sword and the Chengyin Sword.

The Xuanyuan sword was in the hand of the Yellow Emperor. As such, it was nearly impossible for players to get it. Zhanlu sword was in Yuefei's hand, so it wouldn't appear yet; Chixiao Sword was in Liu Bang's hand and temporarily wouldn't appear.

Hence, the players only had a chance to come into contact with 6 god weapons.

In his last life, someone had triggered the quest, and it wasn't as easy as one expected.

Five years in the last life, only 4 of the god swords appeared, which showed how hard the quest was.

Ouyang Shuo was really interested in the Chixiao sword, but that was the sword of an emperor.

Who knew if he would have fate with it in this life.

Compared to the ten famous swords, what interested Ouyang Shuo most was the swordsmith Ou Zhizi.

One must know that out of the 10, half were made by him. Adding his son-in-law Ganjiang and daughter Moyà, they made all 10.

Ou Zhizi was the only saint rank swordsmith, and based on the era, he was already born. If not, the system wouldn't have taken the Qixing Longyuan out to sell.

If he could find Ou Zhizi and have suitable materials, god weapons would be easy to come by.

Of course, to be able to attract Ou Zhizi, one must be a home of swordsmithing. In Ouyang Shuo's memory, Lianzhou Basin did not have such a place.

In the last life, Ou Zhizi chose a spot and focused on crafting swords.

In this life, Ouyang Shuo wanted to try to be able to find this master first.

After the system notification, the auction was nearing its end. The last two auction items were about to be revealed.

"Now, onto the 9th item." The auctioneer pointed to the old book on the tray and said, "This is a gunpowder making technical manual. Starting price 10 thousand, buyout is 30 thousand. Please place your bids."

Gunpowder wasn't a rare product in the wilderness. There would be more or less some sources. But to produce gunpowder on a large-scale, one needed a specific technical manual.

To other territories, gunpowder was a support item, but to the Shanhai City Navy, it was an important skill and was of great help to the research institute.

Ouyang Shuo didn't hesitate and before the others could react, he bought it out.

Before they reacted, the 9th item was already sold.

The auctioneer was really amazed by Ouyang Shuo’s lack of hesitation.

"Now, onto the 10th item." The auctioneer pointed at an old book on the tray, "This is the siege weapon crafting technical manual, starting price 15 thousand gold, buyout 45 thousand, please make your bids."

There were many types of olden siege weapons like scaling ladder, catapult, siege chariot, siege towers, ballista and the like.

An additional type of siege weapon was always good. Till date, Shanhai City could only make the scaling ladder.

Ouyang Shuo counted the gold he had in his storage bag, with the 7,000 that Little Aunt returned to him, he had 43,000 gold before he bought the 9th item.

He only had 13 thousand left after buying out the last item, not even meeting the starting price.

This was probably the goal of Chun Shenjun, thinking about the assassination on the streets, Ouyang Shuo was extremely cold; he wouldn't let Chun Shenjun get away with it.

"Bai Hua are you interested in getting this?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

"Of course." Bai Hua nodded, she frowned," but I only have 35 thousand."

"I'll lend 10 thousand to you, but you have to get it; we can't let it fall into the hands of Yanhuang Alliance."

"Wuyi, why don't you take it?" Bai Hua felt weird.

"No money."


"Damn, I thought boss had an endless supply of money. I didn't think there would be a day!"

Ouyang Shuo's mouth twitched, as he stared at Gong Chengshi.

Like a cold wind swept by, Gong Chengshi's heart shivered; he instantly kept quiet.

"Ok. I'll borrow from you and pay you back through the bank!" Bai Hua agreed in return to allow the Four Seas Bank to open a branch in Consonance County.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, so much easier to talk to smart people.

4th suite, Chun Shenjun was there.

He yawned and muttered, "Is it finally going to start?"

That's right. From the start, his goal was the 10th item and he had prepared 50,000 gold enough to buy it out.

Chun Shenjun was looking on from the side. Qiyue Wuyi had already won 4 items. No matter what, he wouldn't have enough money. As for others, he didn't even consider them.

He was now just ready to get it at the lowest price, the bidding was just a dumb situation.

The bidding process happened just as he had expected.

"16 thousand gold!"

"17 thousand gold!"


"21 thousand gold!"

"22 thousand gold!"


"30 thousand gold!"

Reaching 30 thousand gold, it pretty much stopped moving.

Chun Shenjun saw that the time was right, so he was ready to bid.

Suddenly, Bai Hua raised up the red tablet.

The auctioneer was elated and loudly announced, "Congratulations to Bai Hua in the 1st suite, buying out the item. This auction has ended. Thank you for your patronage!"

Chun Shenjun's expression was the same as Yijian Xilai’s, totally frozen.


From the first suite, there was uncontrolled laughter.

The scheming and well prepared Chun Shenjun had once again left the auction empty handed.