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Chapter 312- Fangmo Duduan

Chapter 312- Fangmo Duduan

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Amongst the uproar, the curtains on the second system auction were drawn.

Out of the 10 items, Ouyang Shuo had 4, taking the silver village creation token, Ming Dynasty Warship Making Manual, merger token and the Gunpowder Making technical manual.

Apart from that, Lin Jing took the Qixing Longyuan, and Bai Hua took the Siege Weapon Crafting technical manual.

Shanhai Alliance had once again taken up most of the items in the auction.

Di Chen took the Shanwen Armor Making Technical Manual, Zhan Lang took down the Suozi Armor Making Technical Manual, Blood Romance took the mysterious region exploration scroll, and the mysterious player took the Chi Cultivator hidden occupation class change scroll.

After this auction, the Yanhuang Alliance would have a leap in their armor levels. As for the sad outcomes of Yijian Xilai and Chun Shenjun, no one would empathize.

The highest bidder won, it was obviously like that.

Ouyang Shuo brought 120,000 gold to the auction. In the end, he was left with 3000 gold. In the auction next year, who knew how intense it would get?

After the auction ended, Ouyang Shuo immediately returned to his territory. As for the assassination in Jingdou, Ouyang Shuo would wait until he completed all the stuff he had at hand before he had any free time to tackle that matter.

No matter who the mastermind was, Ouyang Shuo was going to take revenge on Blood Sword. Since they made him their target to announce their presence to the world, they had to be prepared for him to go all out for revenge.

Returning to the territory, Ouyang Shuo passed the Ming Dynasty Warship Making Manual over to the Beihai Shipyard and the Gunpowder Making technical manual over to the Research Institute No. 7.

With these two technical manuals, the Beihai Naval fleet would have a huge upgrade.

The merger token was used to merge with the 3 black iron village creation tokens from Qiushui County. Hence, inside Ouyang Shuo's storage bag were 4 more village creation tokens.

As for that village creation token that he obtained, he would deal with it after he has dealt with all matters at hand.

As for the location of the village, Ouyang Shuo had it planned.

After dealing with some matters, it was already late at night. Only then did Ouyang Shuo return to the lord's manor.

The next day, Ouyang Shuo directly headed to the Recruitment Hall to recruit a historical figure.

The Recruitment Hall had a year cooldown, making Ouyang Shuo feel heart-pained but happy at the same time.

As for the monthly recruitment of a special talent, it was nothing much to the territory. Among the refugees that spawned every day, there would be at least a high ranked talent.

The anniversary update increased the settings of the aboriginal people, and there was a new setting where the lord could use to check the different type of talents in his territory.

Ouyang Shuo only paid attention to the A class talents.

As expected, Cui Yingyu, Cui Shousi, Gu Xiuwen, Zhou Haichen, Zhao Sihu, Wang Feng, Sun Tengjiao, and the like were there. A few of the core members of the backbone were all of the A class.

As for those like Zhao Dewang, Zhao Youfang, Qian Lifei, Du Xiaolan, they only had class B potential. Zhang Daniu, Songsan, Zheng Shanpao, and the like had class C potential.

Overall, the leaders and talents in Shanhai Territory could be considered to be plentiful.

Ouyang Shuo pushed open the gate of the Recruitment Hall and walked beside the teleportation formation, placing his palm into the wooden tablet that caved in. A system notification sounded out.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for activating Recruitment Hall, you have one chance to recruit historical personnel and one chance to recruit special talent, would you recruit?"

"Recruit Historical Talent!"

"System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for recruiting emperor rank historical person-Du Ruhui, deducting 100 gold.”

A white light shone across and a middle-aged scholar walked out of the teleportation portal, "Keming greets lord!"

Du Ruhui, it was actually Du Ruhui!

Wasn't this the talent that Ouyang Shuo had always wanted? Thinking non-stop about something has its rewards.

Ouyang Shuo immediately rushed to help him up. Then, he said sincerely, "Sir, please get up!"

As one of the important advisors under Li Shimin during the Sui and Tang dynasty, they were able to run the camp well and gain the envy and praise of many.

During the years of the dynasty, Du Ruhui was the right hand men and also a high ranked military official.

The Du Ruhui in front of him was at his peak period. The only worry was probably his body and health. In history, he was sick during the fourth year of the dynasty and passed away, only 46 years old when he died.

When he walked out of the teleportation formation, he couldn't help but cough, his body was slightly slouched and his health wasn't that good.

A look of worry flashed across Ouyang Shuo's face.

As he brought him out of the Recruitment Hall, Ouyang Shuo took a look at his stats.

Name: Du Ruhui (Emperor Rank)

Dynasty: Sui and Tang

Identity: Shanhai city resident

Occupation: Civil Servant

loyalty: 75

Command: 75

Force: 40

Intelligence: 75

Politics: 85

Specialty: Quick thinking (Raise efficiency of territory by 20%), Vision (Raise the success rate of plans by 25%), Capable enough to be a prime minister (Raise handling level of the territory by 10%)

Evaluation: Number 3 mong the Lingyan Pavillion 24 officials. Smart, capable to be a prime minister, great analyst, morally upright inside and outside. Thinks for the future, able to plan for the country and help the country take over and rule; well read in culture and classics, radiates morals and is a good example.

Compared to Fang Xuanling, Du Ruhui's reputation was a bit weaker, and it had something to do with him dying early. In terms of ability, the two of them were equal.

One was good at drafting out plans while the other was good at making decisions, they were known as the Fangmou Duduan.

Du Ruhui's appearance gave Ouyang Shuo a huge confidence boost.

Ouyang Shuo led him into his reading room and personally explained the situation to him.

Du Ruhui quickly got into character. He wasn't just a listener. At times, he would ask some questions, which Ouyang Shuo answered one by one.

In less than an hour, both of them were in a deep conversation.

"Keming, I’m thinkin of letting you lead the Military Affairs Department; do you have any opinions?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

Du Ruhui nodded; he had something on his mind.

During the conversation, Du Ruhui noticed that the lord had some worry about the imbalance in the military. The Military Affairs Department was unable to form prestige and status and couldn't form a balance with Baiqi who was the overall general; even the 3 divisions might not be tamed by them, which was undoubtedly a dangerous signal.

Leading the Military Affairs Department was a huge challenge.

Not mentioning the famous General Baiqi, even Shi Wanshui, Er'Lai and Luo Shixin were all excellent talents and to put them in their place and make them listen to you to form up a balance wasn't an easy thing to do.

As for how the current director Ge Hongliang felt, Du Ruhui didn't think about it. He knew that since the marquis had made such a decision, he would deal with everything and didn't need an official like him to worry.

What Du Ruhui didn't expect was for things to be so interesting the moment he arrived.

"Lord, don't worry. I won't let you down," Du Ruhui replied.

Ouyang Shuo nodded. This was Du Ruhui; he was direct and wouldn't drag things out in his dealings.

Following this, both of them had a deep conversation about military affairs.

The reason why the Military Affairs Department wasn't as it sounded, apart from Ge Hongliang's ability being limited, was that the internal structure was widely spread.

The four divisions under it, mainly the Military Intelligence Division, the War Logistics Division, the Armory Division, and the Bow and Arrow Division. Out of those four, the Military Intelligence Division was in charge of intel while the rest were focused on logistical support.

Out of the four, there actually wasn't a division that was in charge of directing and commanding. No wonder the generals would think that the Military Affairs Department was just a supporting unit.

Ouyang Shuo wanted to make use of the reshuffling of the Military Affairs Director to reorganize the structure of the department.

Du Ruhui had led the army. Hence, he was highly familiar with army related military affairs. His many ideas and views brightened Ouyang Shuo's eyes, and he learned a lot.

In a morning, both of them basically nailed down the new structure of the Military Affairs Department.

On that afternoon, Ouyang Shuo invited General Baiqi and the director and officials from the Military Affairs Department for a meeting.

In the main meeting hall, Ouyang Shuo sat on the upper platform, Du Ruhui sat on the first seat on the right. Baiqi sat on the 1st seat on the left.

Following which was Ge Hongliang and the four secretaries.

Seeing Du Ruhui, Ge Hongliang had a bad premonition.

During this period of time, as Baiqi took up the job, Ge Hongliang had a hard time. He was basically usurped by Baiqi and became a director with no power.

Such days were pretty much torture to Ge Hongliang.

Du Ruhui's arrival pretty much meant that a big change was going to happen.

Ouyang Shuo noticed his expression, and a thought flashed across his mind. He could have asked Ge Hongliang to enter his room and personally tell him the news, but he didn't do so.

He wanted to see how Ge Hongliang would react to such a tough situation, would he still be loyal?

This was a test for Ge Hongliang.

As the territory continued to expand, interest disputes started to be more common and factions started to form.

A year of training made Ouyang Shuo more calm and he had thoughts on how to defend against such situations.

The blood and fire training had made Ouyang Shuo cold and resolute.

As time passed, Ouyang Shuo became more and more serious and fierce. Now Qing'er and the others wouldn't dare to play a farce in front of him. Even Fan Zhongyan and the others had more respect for him.

The road to become an emperor, how would it be easy and smooth?

If one got more, one would lose more too. In the end, that person would become a lonely.