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Chapter 313- One Up One Down

Chapter 313- One Up One Down

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Before the meeting, Ouyang Shuo introduced Du Ruhui to the officials seated.

Hearing that Du Ruhui was once a high minister of the army, Baiqi had a flash of light in his eyes. Ge Hongliang on the other hand sunk down as his premonition came true.

As for the others, they didn't have the right to voice their opinions.

The meeting officially began and Ouyang Shuo directly announced the reorganization of the Military Affairs Department.

"The Combat Logistics Division will now become the Combat Logistics Department. Under it will be the three divisions as well as the cave military factory. Apart from grain and equipment, the department is also in charge of the reserve force and daily training. The director of military affairs will become the director of the Combat Logistics Department, the other 3 Secretaries will remain."

As Ouyang Shuo's words were completed, the expressions of everyone seated were very complex.

On the surface, it looked like Ge Hongliang's rank didn't change and was moved laterally; actually, in terms of power he was just in charge of logistics and his power largely decreased.

Ge Hongliang kept the same expression, bowing and saying, "Yes, my lord."

Going back to his seat, Ge Hongliang heaved a sigh of relief, it was like a huge rock had landed on the ground. The pressure on him was making it hard to breathe and this arrangement was a sort of a release.

Ouyang Shuo nodded. Seeing Ge Hongliang act so calm, he was pleased.

After setting up the Combat Logistics Department, their position was very important and concerned the life of the entire army. If Ge Hongliang didn't put in effort, Ouyang Shuo wouldn't let him stay for long.

Song San and the other 2 Secretaries, upon seeing Ge Hongliang being so calm, also felt many different thoughts.

One couldn't say that Ge Hongliang didn't try his best. It was just that there were too many generals in the army and the competitive spirit was too high, so no matter how much he tried, he could only step back.

Hence, one could see that the lord chose his talents in such a way: those that were worthy would be promoted while those who weren't would be removed.

Thinking about that, the three Secretaries were nervous. Even the director could be replaced, as Secretaries, naturally they could be as well.

No one was irreplaceable, and having a high position didn't mean that they wouldn't be touched.

Song San was more panicked. As the territory continued to increase, the outer environment became more and more complicated, and the position of the Military Intelligence Division became more and more important.

The more important the division was, the higher the pressure was on Song San. He was scared that there would be a day that the marquis relieved him of his position.

Ouyang Shuo looked around and continued, "The Combat Logistics Department belongs to the Military Affairs Department, and at the same time, a War Division and a Military Law Division would be created under the Military Affairs Department. The War Division will be in charge of war planning and commanding, the Military Law Division would be in charge of military law. Du Ruhui will be the director of the Military Affairs Department and the secretary of the war division. The secretary of the Military Law Division will currently be left empty.

The military law secretary would also be called the military Chief Justice, and he needed to find one who wasn't afraid of power and could do his duty unfazed. Shanhai City temporarily didn't have such a talent.

At this point, the Military Affairs Department had control of 4 key areas: military intelligence, military law, war and combat logistics. With Du Ruhui's ability, he would be able to rebuild the prestige in a short amount of time.

The overall general Baiqi and military affairs director Du Ruhui each controlled one aspect. Baiqi was mainly in charge of war time commanding and troop training, while Du Ruhai was in charge of daily building and war time protection.

As the dust settled, Song San and the others were delighted but didn't dare show it.

The Military Affairs Department was so weak that Secretaries like them didn't have power to speak up. Now, changing directors to one who had vast experience, was highly capable, and highly trusted, it was a huge advantage to be his subordinates. With someone backing them, they didn't need to be bullied by the 3 divisions.

As for how the personality of their boss was like, they would find out as they worked with them.

With the appointment of Du Ruhui, in the 4 departments of Lianzhou Lord’s Manor, apart from Cui Yingyu, the leaders were all historical people.

The next day, the clerk room reported the appointments of Du Ruhui and Ge Hongliang to the various military headquarters.

Ouyang Shuo delegated a lot of power to Du Ruhui. The building of the War Division and the Military Law Division was passed onto him. Du Ruhui had the authority to take people from the military or the Army Military Academy to add to the Military Affairs Department.

Du Ruhui was a person who worked fast, and in the same day, he followed Ge Hongliang to inspect the reserve force and the 4 military workshops. On the second day, he went to the various division camps to see.

Gaia second year, 1st month, 4th day

The Rattlesnake Mercenary Group leader, Black Mamba, visited Shanhai City.

Black Mamba came in secret and didn’t bring any of his subordinates. He was an ex-special forces member. In reality, he was a famous personality, but in the game he was unusually low profile.

The planet migration as well as Earth Online in truth gave everyone the opportunity to start over afresh. One’s relationships and information would have to be reformatted and changed.

Black Mamba realized this point and wanted to make use of the game, leading a bunch of his brothers and complete a wonderful revival.

Changing was never an easy thing. Although Black Mamba did a lot of preparation, he lacked an opportunity or to better put it, a spark.

Ouyang Shuo had taken the initiative to be that spark, and it was the opportunity that Black Mamba yearned so much for.

The both of them clicked instantly once they met. As the cooperation between Shanhai City and Rattlesnake Mercenary Group continued to progress, the private relationship between Ouyang Shuo and Black Mamba also deepened, and it wasn’t just a normal business partner relationship.

The 500 strong crossbows that he promised had all been delivered to the Rattlesnake Mercenary Group, increasing their strength substantially. They also recently did some large scale buying and selling and had received a lot of rewards.

Towards Ouyang Shuo’s good intentions, Black Mamba remembered them deeply in his heart.

His personality was similar to that of Gong Chengshi. He was an unrefined person with a little bit of clinginess.

The only difference was that Gong Chengshi, that brat, had the tendency to look for trouble and was looking to be beaten up.

Black Mamba was different, bold and exquisite, cold and warm, four different personality types perfectly combined in his body. To brothers, he would help out at all costs, while to enemies, he was cold and ruthless.

The meeting place was arranged to be at Ouyang Shuo’s reading room.

When they were conversing, they were both very casual.

“I heard that during this auction, little brother, you once again took the limelight!” Black Mamba teased.

Ouyang Shuo laughed. ”Heh, I nearly got killed. Jingdou really isn’t safe, ah!”

Black Mamba’s eyes focused. ”Little brother is talking about the assassination? I’ve heard about it but it was just random rumors. Can you tell me exactly what is going on?”

“It’s the Blood Sword.”

“Blood Sword?” Black Mamba frowned. He had absolutely no clue.

“Even I stumbled upon them by accident, much less you.” Ouyang Shuo lied and said, ”Talking about that, they can be considered to be the same trade as you.”

“How so?” Black Mamba had unknowingly sat straight up.

As one always said, people from the same trade were enemies. Black Mamba had to pay attention.

“Have you heard of Canhua?”

“Canhua? The most mysterious killing organization in real life? Don’t tell me they are Blood Sword?” Black Mamba got emotional and his words were much faster and one question followed another.

“That’s right, it’s them!”

“No wonder!” Black Mamba sighed. ”If it was them then this is nothing special as their styles are exactly the same.”

Reaching up to this point, Black Mamba looked at Ouyang Shuo with a complicated expression and praised. ”Little brother’s identity really makes me curious. Be it us or Canhua, we can’t escape your eyes.” In truth, Black Mamba’s heart wasn’t as calm as what he appeared to be.

Ouyang Shuo laughed but didn’t make a sound.

He didn’t have any mysterious identity. It was just that he was relying on his advantage of having two lives. He naturally wouldn’t explain it even though the both of them were friends.

Many times, for one to maintain a little mystery was a good trump card to keep.

If one played this card right, it would make the enemy worry about you and be more cautious when plotting against you. At the same time, they will respect you and think twice about betraying you.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo naturally wouldn’t reveal this trump card. In his last life, he was betrayed and that made him stone-hearted. He wouldn’t totally trust a person.

Ouyang Shuo remembered that a person once said that: If one didn’t want to be betrayed, the best method was to not give them a chance or a reason to betray you.

Ouyang Shuo firmly believed in that statement.

“If Blood Sword is Canhua, that makes things hard.” Black Mamba skipped over the topic and didn’t talk about it again. He understood that everyone had their secrets and to maintain a long lasting relationship, one shouldn’t touch each others’ secrets.

“In reality, have you guys made contact?” Ouyang Shuo asked.

“We actually have.” Black Mamba said bitterly, ”We were doing an escort mission. In the end, our escort target was their assassination target.”

“You guys fought?”

“If not, what?” Black Mamba raised his arms wide, his laugh was a little depressed. Thinking about that encounter, he still had some regrets. “That time, we sacrificed a total of 30 brothers and still didn’t manage to save the target.” That was also one of the few failures of Rattlesnake.

Even the famous Rattlesnake had failed under the hands of Canhua, so this enemy was certainly different.