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Chapter 314-Snake and Rat

Chapter 314-Snake and Rat

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The truth that Blood Sword was actually Canhua shocked Black Mamba.

At this point, Black Mamba finally understood why Ouyang Shuo had asked him to come to Shanhai County, so he took the initiative to say,” Little brother, what do you need me to help? If I can do it, I definitely will!”

Ouyang Shuo nodded, “Then, I wouldn’t hold back. I hope that you could help me investigate them and find out the location of their base.”

“Investigating them is no problem,” Black Mamba said without hesitation, “I also want to deal with them and bury the hatchet!”

When he thought about the brothers that had died, Black Mamba felt heartbroken. In reality, Canhua were like ghosts. He had put in a lot of effort, but he still didn’t manage to find their base.

He always thought about that issue, and it had become one of his greatest regrets.

He didn’t expect to have a chance to fight against them once more in the game!

“Little brother, do you have any clues?” Blood Sword obviously followed the style of Canhua; they had prepared for an entire year before they appeared in Jingdou.

The game map was ten times larger than real life, so to find them was harder than ascending the heavens.

“The members of Blood Sword all have two identities—one in the light, and one in the dark. Their location is definitely in one of the imperial cities, but that might not be their base. It might be a shop or a teahouse. They could even be in the Yamen; everything is a possibility,” Ouyang Shuo recalled what he had known about the Blood Sword in his last life.

Even so, his understandings of the Blood Sword were very limited.

They were simply too mysterious!

In his last life, up until Ouyang Shuo died, the leader of Blood Sword was still a mystery.

“Just these?” Black Mamba felt a little disappointed.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, “I only know this.”

“How do they receive their missions?” Black Mamba asked the crux of the problem.

“Based on my understandings, the one in charge of getting the mission is a middle man. He will pass the information to the headquarters of Blood Sword through a secret method. Then, the headquarters will assign missions to the members. From start till end, the members won’t have any relationship with the client,” Ouyang Shuo explained.

“These bunch of tortoises. They really are mice that won’t see the light,” Black Mamba couldn’t help but scold, “Can we find some clues through the middleman?”

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, “I’m afraid that will be very difficult. The middleman they choose are all work occupation players. Even if we find them, they wouldn’t tell us anything. Furthermore, with the communication methods in the game, even the middleman won’t know much about them.”

“No matter what, there’s still a chance. In this game, there is something worse than being dead. I don’t believe that if we catch the middlemen, he won’t say anything,” Black Mamba bared his white teeth.

If one talked about interrogation techniques, Black Mamba was a professional.

“I will inform the various offices in the imperial cities and help you all investigate. We can put our point of focus in Quanzhou. There, Shanhai County has a little influence,” Ouyang Shuo had no choice but to reveal a small trump card.

Black Mamba’s eyes brightened, “Little brother, you really are amazing, even managing to influence the imperial city. I really admire you.”

“Elder brother, you must be joking. I’m just lucky because of Mazu.”

“With the clues that you have provided, we will not be grasping at straws.” Black Mamba laughed, “Don’t worry, little brother. Give me a little time, and I will find their rat hole.”

“Thank you, brother. If you need anything, just ask!”

“Why are we saying such words. You.” Black Mamba waved him off, “This matter is also Rattlesnake’s matter, so you don’t need to worry.”

“Great!” Ouyang Shuo nodded, “Let’s go and have a drink!”

When he heard Ouyang Shuo mention drinking, Black Mamba instantly grew excited and laughed, “Haha, I also have that intention. I really want to drink your Three Flowers Wine.”

“When you return, I will prepare two big jars for you. I can promise that you will never be able to finish drinking it.” Ouyang Shuo knew that Black Mamba viewed wine as his life. As such, he took the opportunity to return a favor.

“That’s definitely necessary. Little brother really knows me!” Black Mamba didn’t hold back.

The paired downed the wine and started to talk about everything.

With half a kilogram of wine in his belly, Black Mamba was on cloud nine. Suddenly, he thought of the teaching squad still in Shanhai County and asked, “How are Viper and Cobra. They didn’t lose my face, right?”

Ouyang Shuo had bad alcohol tolerance, and he wasn’t used to drinking strong wine. Luckily, this was a game. If not, it would be really spicy and choking. Although one couldn’t get drunk, a person with poor alcohol tolerance would turn red if they drank a lot.

Ouyang Shuo’s face was already as red as a monkey’s butt. If you mentioned it, he couldn’t even speak fluently anymore, “How...How can that be, them two.., Are…talents, they make the special… special force, good training, making them up to...Up to par...”

Ouyang Shuo really wasn’t exaggerating, Cobra and Viper adapted to the cold weapons era and their battle conditions, instilled the modern special forces battle methods into the cold weapons era, and came up with several different ideas.

Ouyang Shuo couldn’t help but praise their ideas.

Apart from basic physical training, the special forces had to undergo four different types of training.

Firstly, fighting technique. Each person needed to master every type of weapon, which included swords, bows, spears, crossbows, axes and more. Each special force member could fight in many methods, areas, and times. They could fight in places like alleys, during the night, and they could also chase and escape from danger.

After the end of the training, Ouyang Shuo also planned to prepare suitable cultivation techniques for them to improve their combat strength.

Secondly, mobile technique training. Horse riding was a necessary skill and caring for the horse was also a basic requirement. Apart from that, they needed to learn how to sail a boat and cross rivers and seas.

In the future, as the territory continued to expand, there might be mounts like war elephants and wolves.

Thirdly, infiltration techniques. Parachuting, climbing, crossing enemy territory, understanding maps as well as long distance traveling—one had to be good at all of these.

Parachuting and climbing were the two training skills that Ouyang Shuo paid the most attention to. During the battle of Changping, the success of parachuting gave Ouyang Shuo hope and confidence.

Fourthly, investigation and spying techniques. Mainly infiltrating, listening, capturing, interrogating, drawing and describing the environment as well as other methods. One also needed to know how to communicate with hidden signals.

The spies in the Military Intelligence Division also had to undergo such training.

All in all, to prepare these training programs, Cobra and Viper had put in a lot of effort.

“That’s great. If not, I’m going to teach them a lesson!” Black Mamba was really a wine barrel as his facial color didn’t even change a little bit.

“Big brother has the luck to have so many great people. I’m so envious.” Under the influence of the wine, Ouyang Shuo stopped thinking about his words and just spoke what came to mind.

“Hehe, little brother, you don’t need to envy me! I heard that the number of historical people in Shanhai County is about to pass into the tens, and you even have the war saint.”

“Yes, my territory is so big, I have so many people but its still not enough.”

“You ah you!” Black Mamba pointed at Ouyang Shuo and laughed.

“And don’t lay your eyes on Cobra and Viper; they aren’t for sale!” Black Mamba was still a little worried and added.

Ouyang Shuo smiled and appeared a little embarrassed. Luckily, he was already red from the wine. If not, it would be a little awkward. He actually did think of poaching Viper and Cobra.

After they spent time with one another, Ouyang Shuo had found out the strengths of Cobra and Viper.

Viper was a more muscle type of guy. When training the members, he had his own style, especially in weapons use and grappling techniques. In these apects, his abilities were insane.

If he could poach him over, he would be the best choice to train new troops.

Cobra was different. Like his name, he was a little cold. In terms of intelligence gathering, he had a unique talent.

Song San and Leng Qian also couldn’t help but praise him. Lengqian was honest—in front of Cobra, he felt completely useless; it was like he didn’t know anything.

Ouyang Shuo had wanted to poach him over to lead the Military Intelligence Division.

If he thought about it, with Cobra sitting at the helm, be it obtaining information or the accuracy of the information, it would be several times higher.

As for the problems of trust, Ouyang Shuo wasn’t worried.

Since the Rattlesnake Mercenary Group were already on board, there was no reason to get off. Ouyang Shuo would think of a way to tie them straight onto then war chariot of Shanhai County.

Ouyang Shuo didn’t expect that even though Black Mamba looked like he drank a lot, he was still very clear headed. Black Mamba easily looked through his intentions and immediately rejected them.

Ouyang Shuo didn’t mind as it was to be expected.

Black Mamba not agreeing today just meant that their relationship wasn’t close enough. Or, putting it in another way, the chips that Ouyang Shuo had put out weren’t enough to move Black Mamba.

As long as both sides had the same goals, once Ouyang Shuo managed to tie down the Rattlesnake Mercenary Group to Shanhai County, everything would be settled.

Black Mamba cared about relationships, but he cared more about interests. If he could gain excellent rewards for letting go of Cobra and Viper, he would definitely agree.

Black Mamba was also a very arrogant person. Thus, Ouyang Shuo was very confident in his read of the Black Mamba’s character.