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Chapter 322- Sending a Signal

Chapter 322- Sending a Signal

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As the sun rose up and shined onto the boundless Beihai Bay, it was really eye catching. The naval fleet from Shanhai City were formed up like a swallow migration formation and proceeded forwards.

This has already been the 3rd day they had travelled, and they would reach Yazhou in 2 more days.

Onboard the Dragon Head, Bing’er was chasing Little White and was playing happily.

Behind her followed Blackfang and Little Green. Little Green was a baby Nian beast and was the size of a calf. Compared to the light green armor of its parents, its armor was pure green, with its bloodline becoming more pure. It was because of its armor that Bing’er decided to name it Little Green.

The Nian Beast originally lived in the deep oceans and seas so it knew how to swim and dive. After boarding the Dragon Head, Little Green was like a fish in water and he would dive into the ocean to catch fish and prawns.

In the deep ocean, not only were there the basic fish types, but one would also see a group of sharks once in a while.

Little Green was really fierce, and facing the overlords of the ocean, it wasn’t afraid. It rushed across, and with a scratch with its claws, it could easily kill a giant shark.

The bite of the shark had totally no effect against the armor of Little Green.

It was the real overlord of the ocean.

Apart from sharks, there were even aquatics animals that evolved into spirit beasts like squids and tortoises. No matter what animal, compared to the Nian beast it was a lot weaker and became its food.

Ouyang Shuo had a feeling that Little Green was growing at observable speeds over these past few days.

Maybe the ocean was the true home of the Nian beast.

Ouyang Shuo cooping the Nian Beasts up at the back mountains of the territory was actually a mistake.

Little Green who grew by the day could already act as a mount for Bing’er. That little brat would ride on it when it was bored. When she was happy, Little Green would even bring Bing’er for a little swim in the ocean.

The speed at which Little Green swam in the ocean was super quick, as fast as the Dragon Head.

Bing’er’s laugh had a sort of magic that attracted all sorts of spirit beasts and made them happy.

With Bing’er having preferential treatment, Song Jia and Little Yue were both so envious. The Guards regiment soldiers, upon seeing the special ability of Bing’er this little princess, had a totally different impression of her.

As for Blackfang, it was in a worst state. It was only a basic wild beast and in front of spirit beasts like Little Green and Little White, it was at a disadvantage. Needless to say, Blackfang had a portion of the wolf race, and hence he was terrified of Little White. If it wasn’t for the consolation of Bing’er, Blackfang would not even dare to go close to Little White.

Blackfang was fearful of Little White but was also loyal to it.

The natural strength of the bloodline attracted Blackfang to forever protect Little White.

Bloodline was in actuality a magical strength.

In the sky, Xue’er flapped her wings and flew around. She was the most harmless and also the most fearless.

The four of them were like the four heavenly guardians protecting Bing’er and made everyone envious.

Ouyang Shuo was also feeling a little salty, as Blackfang and Little White had signed contracts with him. Blackfang was still okay, it was loyal and still recognized him as its master. Little white was cold and didn’t even bother with him.

Sometimes, Ouyang Shuo even wondered if Bing’er was the main character of the story. One time, he checked her stats and was so shocked that his mouth was agape.

Name: Ouyang Bing

Title: Nil

Territory: Nil

Occupation: Chivalrous Expert (Side Occupation)

Level: 1

Merit Points: 0/100

Rank: Nil

Reputation: Unknown (0/100)

Bone Structure: 20

Comprehension: 15

Luck: 20

Charm: 20

Command: 5

Force: 5

Intelligence: 5

Politics: 5

Talent: Soul of Nature (Possesses high affinity with spirit beasts)

Cultivation Method: Nil

Skill: Basic Gathering Skill, Basic Diplomacy Skill, Basic weapons mastery

Equipment: Nil

Out of Bing’er’s stats, her bone structure, luck and charm were all maxed out. She had also gotten a talent straight from birth, and it was the extremely overpowered Soul of Nature.

Thinking about his own pitiful luck and charm, Ouyang Shuo could only laugh bitterly.

Ouyang Shuo was looking forward to what unexpected benefits they would reap when she set up the territory at Yazhou.

In the last life, Ouyang Shuo heard that if a lord had high luck, the system could give extra rewards; if one had high charm, one could attract more advanced talents to move over to the territory.


Under the protection of Mazu, the rest of the journey was very smooth.

Gaia 2nd Year 1st Month 23rd Day

The naval fleet had successfully reached Yazhou Bay.

Before reaching it, the fleet had passed two small islands. Legend had it that a fairy loved a fisherman and was punished by becoming two islands, the Xigu Island and the Yunu Island.

In the game, the Xigu Island was 12 square kilometers wide. The mountain had a verdant steep, and the towering cliff was like an axe. These two items could be modified to be the sentries for Yazhou Bay.

Yazhou Bay, the most western bay in Sanya.

When the naval fleet reached Yazhou Bay, it was close to dusk, and the Sun’s afterglow was beautiful beyond words.

“So beautiful!” Song Jia muttered like a fairy that came down from the heavens.

Facing such a beautiful scene, even the noisy Bing’er also quieted down.

The top of the Yazhou Bay was the entrance of the Ningyuan river into the ocean. The Ningyuan river was the longest river to the south of Qiongzhou Island, and originated from the center where the Li race was gathered at.

Ouyang Shuo chose the disembarkation point to be at the eastern region where the Ningyuan river entered the ocean.

After going onshore, the sailors started to haul all the resources down from the ships. As there was simply too much stuff, they could only haul down the important ones like tents and food first.

The Guards regiment went deep into the island and started to set up defenses.

Wang Feng left 2 units to act as guards, and he brought 3 units to go forward to investigate.

The disembarkation point was a vast beach, and the soft sand under the shine of the setting sun made it look like a golden island. Crossing the beach, it was a boundless wilderness. Different from the Lianzhou Basin, there were trees and grass growing all over. One couldn’t see carefully the objects in the distance, and the environment seemed very complicated.

As it was already late and their sight was affected, Wang Feng didn’t dare to venture too deep. He only brought his soldiers and fanned out, patrolling the area around the beach. This beach seemed to be untouched by other people.

The loud fleet seemed to have shocked and alerted the wild beasts in the area.

The moment they had went near the forest, they were attacked by the beasts. They suddenly jumped out from the bushes and trees, showing their claws and sharp teeth.

Luckily, each member of the Guards regiment had been through many battles and facing the suddenly appearing beasts, they didn’t panic, drawing their Tang blades and engaging.

Fighting one on one, the soldiers weren’t at any disadvantage. After all, they were all rank 9 and above elite soldiers.

As the shine of the blade crossed, soon all the beasts were cleared out.

Just as Wang Feng heaved a sigh of relief, it was like they had stabbed a beehive. With the death of the wild beasts, more appeared out from the forest, some of which were huge and weren’t normal beasts.

Wang Feng froze, he remembered the desolate beasts that the marquis had mentioned.

“Guys, don’t panic. We will form up in small squads and defend together!” Wang Feng shouted.

“Yes!” The Guards regiment were well trained and quickly changed their formation.

Wang Feng had aimed at the desolate beasts and personally grabbed his spear. He was in charge of clearing out the main threat.

A slaughter had started without any signs on the beach.

Originally, Song Jia and the rest had already gotten off the boat and were playing with water by the beach and enjoying their holiday. Suddenly hearing the sounds of killing, they turned around.

“Form up, prepare to defend!” The Guards regiment troops who were left behind quickly formed up to defend the people.

“Marquis, should we go assist?”

Hearing the commotion, The Beihai Naval Fleet Commander Pei Donglai came over and asked.

Ouyang Shuo looked really calm and waved him off. There’s currently no need to. Wang Feng hasn’t requested any help, which means that it’s under his control. Send my orders, all of you stay at your positions and wait for orders.” He believed that those wild beasts were no match for the Guards regiment. In Wang Feng, he had absolute faith.

“Yes my lord!” Pei Donglai backed down and started to assist the Guards regiment to form up the defense.

The merchants who followed the fleet, upon seeing such a huge group of beasts, started to panic. Luckily, they saw the lord being so calm, and the troops he brought were so well trained. That was why they didn’t retreat. If not, it would have been so embarrassing.

“Wuyi, everything will be fine right?” Song Jia and the others rushed over.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head and smiled. “It’s alright. Bring Bing’er back to the boat first!”

“Ok!” Song Jia was fast and decisive. She knew that she wouldn’t be of any help and would instead distract Ouyang Shuo, so she might as well just return to the boat.

As the sky set, Wang Feng led his troops and rushed back. Their faces were solemn and serious.

The soldiers who returned were all stained with blood. Some of them were injured, but their morale wasn’t affected much.

“What’s the situation?” Ouyang Shuo asked.

“Marquis, I have went to investigate and the beasts in the island are plentiful and they are very strong. There are also scary desolate beasts which harmed our brothers. Hence, I suggest that before we build up our defense, it’s better for us to spend the night on the boat.”

Ouyang Shuo froze. “What’s the strength of the desolate beasts?”

“They are really strong. When fighting one on one, I can only take down two at once. Facing one needs at least the strength of one squadron.” Wang Feng had a lingering fear. Apparently, the desolate beasts on the island had left a deep impression on him and sent a signal to the Guards regiment.

Ouyang Shuo nodded. The Guards regiment were in fact the best of the best. For them to face trouble at the hands of the desolate beasts seemed like the beasts’ strength was more than what he had expected.

“Let’s follow what you said and arrange for the people to retreat back onto the boat. We will spend the night there.” Ouyang Shuo’s last instructions was so as to not make any rash decisions before understanding more about the island that they were on.

“Yes my lord!” Wang Feng turned around to make arrangements.

Ouyang Shuo raised his head and looked out at the bushes and trees that were slowly covered by darkness. It was like there was a fierce beast hiding within and staring coldly at these bunch of intruders.

As Ouyang Shuo expected, a pair of eyes were staring at them in the bushes. It was the native people who lived on the island.

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