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Chapter 324- Three Pronged Method

Chapter 324- Three Pronged Method

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After eating his breakfast, Ouyang Shuo gathered the core members of the group for a meeting. Apart from the Guards regiment colonel Wang Feng, was Pei Donglai, Secretary Bai Nanpu, Song Jia and Sun Xiaoyue.

Ouyang Shuo briefly described his views and asked for their opinions.

As military generals, Wang Feng and Pei Donglai wouldn't say their views on such a strategic decision as furthermore this wasn't their specialty.

Song Jia was here to have fun, so naturally she wouldn't interfere in his decision. Sun Xiaoyue joined the trip as the overall architect, so she was in charge of the planning and organization of the new territory.

The only one who could express his views was only Bai Nanpu.

Ever since the day he became Ouyang Shuo's secretary, 10 months had passed. The impression that he gave Ouyang Shuo was that he was really low profile.

Although the position of secretary was similar to that of a assistant, it was a tough job. His responsibility apart from organizing the letters. He was also in charge of spreading instructions and helping with administrative matters.

Sometimes Ouyang Shuo would ask him for his opinion on some matters written in the letter.

Each part of his job was important, and to do it well, one would hold tremendous power. Hence, the secretary was a very popular person and was even one whom everybody wanted to make friends with.

What astonished people was that Bai Nanpu as a secretary was like an invisible person. Usually, even Ouyang Shuo wouldn't notice his presence.

More mysteriously was that when Ouyang Shuo needed him, he would appear at the appropriate moments. The letters placed on his desk were always so neat and well arranged.

Ouyang Shuo also hadn't heard about Bai Nanpu meeting any officials in private. He was always in the secretary office, either dealing with letters or reading.

Fan Zhongyan had given Bai Nanpu an evaluation, saying that he couldn't see through this young secretary, and that his perseverance and resilience were scary.

That's right, "scary" was the word that Fan Zhongyan had used.

Fan Zhongyan was one of the 3 heads of the civil servants in the territory. For him to evaluate you as 'scary' meant that you were really special.

At that moment, Ouyang Shuo had just laughed it off, but secretly he started to pay closer attention to this secretary.

Overall, towards this secretary, Ouyang Shuo was extremely pleased. As for his subtlety, Ouyang Shuo felt that it wasn't a problem.

For this long trip, Ouyang Shuo specifically brought him along to give him some training. After all, after being the secretary for a long time, his eyes were opened but he didn't have any administrative experience.

Ouyang Shuo wanted to let Bai Nanpu lead the early administrative works of the Yazhou Territory. Before leaving, he also specifically tracked him down to have a deep conversation.

Although he didn't say it directly, Bai Nanpu probably understood his intentions.

Meeting hall

Noticing the glance from the marquis, Bai Nanpu knew that the lord was waiting for him to answer. This answer was a test for him.

The previous words from the marquis had ignited a series of thoughts in his hard. The meaning from which made even his cool character feel emotional and excited.

Becoming an official and leading a territory was the dream of everyone.

What was better was to lead such a place like Yazhou, the importance of which didn't need to be further emphasized.

As for how to open up Yazhou, Bai Nanpu had pondered about it throughout the night before obtaining a short rest.

Bai Nanpu calmed himself down and said, "Marquis, I feel that to build the territory first is not right. The risk is too big, and isn't the rational decision. Furthermore, we also have the Chamber of Commerces following us and we can't endanger them or it would affect your honor." Bai Nanpu's words were the same as rejecting the first suggestion.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, not agreeing or disagreeing.

Bai Nanpu continued, "Building the military port is also too slow. At this moment, I suggest to split into three parts and work all at once."

"Have a go!"

"Firstly, the military port will proceed as usual, it would be of the utmost importance. Secondly, contact Shanhai City to form up the second batch of people, bringing over more workers and grain. Thirdly, explore the island and the region around us to better prepare to build our territory." Bai Nanpu came out with his 3-part plan.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, finally revealing a smile. "Not bad!"

Bai Nanpu relaxed and went back to his seat.

Ouyang Shuo looked around and started to give out orders. "General Pei!"

"Yes my lord!"

"Split the Naval fleet into two. Half will return to Beihai City and guard the next batch as they come here. The other will monitor the region around the island and draw up a nautical map and on the way, get rid of the pirates. It’s best if you are able to make a round trip around the island and obtain first hand intel."

"Yes my lord!" Pei Donglai was good at this, and as such he was filled with confidence.

"The Dragon Head will be under your charge!"

"Thank you my lord!" Pei Donglai was elated; he had been wanting and yearning for the Dragon Head.

If one were to make a decision between beauties and warships, Pei Donglai would definitely choose the latter.

Ouyang Shuo continued. "Wang Feng!"


Towards Wang Feng, Ouyang Shuo was warmer and it could be seen from his greeting.

"Split the Guards regiment into two. Three units will be to defend the camp and the rest will be to kill the beasts at the outer parts of Yazhou. Remember, remain in a unit until you reach the village building area. Apart from that, arrange an elite squadron to go deep into the island and get intel about the indigenous people."

Compared to the wild beasts and desolate beasts, Ouyang Shuo was more wary of the indigenous people who didn't appear. If he didn't know the current state and know more about his environment, he couldn't be at ease.

No matter how strong the desolate beasts were, they had a hunting region. The indigenous people were different, they have lived here for generations and knew every nook and cranny well. With such a huge population, they would also have strong warriors and also smart shamans, a strong enemy for the travelling army.

Different from the mountain barbarians, the indigenous people here wouldn’t easily bow down to food. If Ouyang Shuo wanted to buy their hearts using some grain, it was nearly impossible.

The Five Finger Mountain had huge amounts of food and without winter, the indigenous people had no lack of food.

The Guards regiment soldiers had all basically underwent a period of special forces training, and in terms of intel gathering they naturally had a bit of skill. Hence, Ouyang Shuo didn't bring the Military Intelligence Division over.

"Yes my lord!" Wang Feng was given a heavy responsibility.

After Ouyang Shuo delegated military duties, he looked once again to Bai Nanpu. "As for the building of the port, you will be in charge. Apart from that, remember to choose a plot of the shore to reclaim the salt pans. The salt workers must be given some work to do."

"Yes, my lord!" Bai Nanpu held the emotions on his heart and nodded. The plan that the marquis had made was more detailed and better than his suggestions, making him feel that his experience was lacking.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and was ready to to announce the end of the meeting. Using up so much time, the troops and people outside were waiting to receive their duties for the day.

Suddenly, Sun Xiaoyue stepped out. "Wuyi, I have a suggestion."


"It's like this. I suggest that when the Guards regiment are clearing out the wild beasts, they could open up a region along the ocean which can be used to build a farm."


"Based on the weather of Qiongzhou Island, this period is suitable to grow some vegetables. Apart from that, there should be large numbers of wild pigs and cows on the island. If we can obtain their calves, we could rear a batch of animals. With that, we could solve our food problems. Even if it means we will build the territory later, our group will be self sufficient and can last for a long time." Sun Xiaoyue said her thoughts.

After finishing, her heart was beating. She didn't know why she wanted so hard to help Ouyang Shuo and also why she so badly wanted his recognition.

Ouyang Shuo nodded. If based on her suggestion, there would be plenty of benefits and all the people brought over would all have something to do.

"Good, this idea is not bad." Ouyang Shuo turned and looked at Bai Nanpu, "Note it down!"

"Don't worry my lord." Although Bai Nanpu lacked creativity, he was really good at following orders and would do it to the best of his ability.

Song Jia sat to the side and gave Sun Xiaoyue a glance, but instantly returned back to normal.

This time Ouyang Shuo had taken up the role of a boss and passed around responsibilities while he didn't join in.

At this stage, if such things needed his personal management, it meant that he had failed and that he wasn't a passable lord.

Ouyang Shuo wanted to use the chance to spend time with Bing'er and Song Jia.

As for exploring the South Mountain Paradise, it would have to wait until the territory was built. With just him and Song Jia, they didn't have the ability to explore the mysterious region. Thinking about it, he probably had to invite Little Aunt down to help.

Of course, before the territory was built up, he wouldn't inform Little Aunt. It wasn't because he didn't trust her, but it was because he didn't trust the other members.

The betrayal by the Snow-war Rose Mercenary group the previous time showed that even if it was the core of the team, there were things that they couldn't totally control.

Ouyang Shuo had no choice but to be careful.