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Chapter 325- Iron Armoured Beast

Chapter 325- Iron Armoured Beast

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Lianzhou Basin.

Two men in black were in the wilderness, meeting in secret.

"How's the preparation going?"

"Everything is in place!"


"I heard that guy isn't in the territory?"

"That's right, it’s been confirmed."

"Hehe, evildoers don't deserve to live!"

"Stick to the plan, let's keep in contact."

After a few simple sentences, both of them quickly left and disappeared into the wilderness.

Just after they left, in one of the bushes not far away, walked out a young man. He looked ordinary and dressed ordinarily, the only thing special was a small bird perched on his shoulder.

The teen looked towards the men that had just left and muttered, "A bunch of rats, did you think being sneaky would let you escape our investigation and spying?"

After he finished, he said some words to the little bird on his shoulder. After it heard them, it flew in the air and towards the boundless sky, quickly disappearing.

Gaia 2nd year 1st month 27th day.

On the shore closest to South Mountain, people continued to move around, and it was really busy. This was the building place of the port. The exact location and design was all done by Sun Xiaoyue.

When she was still in Dali, Sun Xiaoyue was already an advanced architect. After half a year of training in the territory, she had upgraded to a master-ranked architect. For her to be in charge of the port design was highly suitable.

The planned South Mountain Harbour was bigger than Beihai Harbor, and it was going to act as the future military harbor.

The harbour was close to the South Mountain, so it was easy to obtain resources. Bai Nanpu had already arranged artisans to open up a quarry and a sawmill.

The carts that went to and fro South Mountain and the harbor were incessant.

To the west of the South Mountain was 5 kilometers of shoal. On it were large numbers of salt workers who were busy reclaiming the saltpan. The size of the first batch would be 10 thousand Mu, similar to another Beimu Saltpans.

On the western side of the shoal was the beach. The yellow sand was found everywhere and this was the famous Golden Coast.

Beside the shore was a two-story wooden building.

On the balcony on the second floor, was a bamboo deck chair. Ouyang Shuo and Song Jia were comfortably lying on it and enjoying their holiday.

If there was another cold glass of drinks, life would be perfect.

On the beach in front of the little building, Bing'er was barefoot and playing around with the four little beasts. Little Green swam in the river and would catch a big fish every once in a while, making Bing'er cheer.

Little White also followed and jumped into the ocean, being hugged by Bing'er. The little fella shook off the water on its hair unhappily which made Bing'er totally wet.

"Ya!" Bing'er grumbled before laughing out loud.

Blackfang was loyally protecting its little master and occasionally would be able to eat the fish that Little Green had caught, making it delighted and satisfied.

Not far away, Zisu was holding onto food and a blanket, and waiting for them.

The scene in front of them made Ouyang Shuo feel very blessed. Sometimes, it was really that simple.

Ouyang Shuo stretched lazily and looked at Song Jia to the side and said, "Resting for a few days, I feel so at ease."

"You lazy bug!" Song Jia threw him a judging eye.

"Tomorrow I should go and stretch. These few days, Wang Feng has been facing some trouble."

The Guards regiment was having a hard time clearing out the wild beasts and desolate beasts. Not mentioning the wild beasts which grouped up which made it hard to kill them, the desolate beasts were the biggest enemy of the Guards regiment.

The desolate beast that they faced that evening was only one of the weaker ones at the edge of the island.

As they ventured further in, the desolate beasts got stronger and stronger. Wang Feng once said that he could handle two at once, but now even handling one was tough.

Ouyang Shuo had no choice but to move one more unit to participate in the operation.

"I'll go too!" After playing for a few days, Song Jia was getting restless.

"No!" Ouyang Shuo shook his head. "This is a military operation. You're a girl, so the soldiers will end up fearing for you."

"Hen, don't look down on people!"

"You ah!" Ouyang Shuo knew Song Jia was highly competitive and didn't want to crush her spirit. "I know a suitable place, but who knows if you dare to go?"

"I definitely dare!"

"Five Finger Mountain!"

"Five Finger Mountain?"

"That's right, it's the treasure trove for high level players and if your luck is good, you might have a lucky break." Ouyang Shuo recalled the legend of the Five Finger Mountain.

"Really?" Hearing about a fortuitous encounter, Song Jia's eyes brightened.

"When have I ever lied to you. The problem is that its far away and dangerous, if you go alone, you would die in an instance."

"It's not as bad as you said." Song Jia wasn't so easy to fool," i'm not like the Guards regiment, so large and easy to spot. If I travel alone and be careful, I can totally avoid all the desolate beasts and indigenous people."

Ouyang Shuo nodded, agreeing with her.

"Just nice my martial arts had reach a bottle neck and need some Practical training, such a great time!"

Martial arts which weren't practiced in battle were ones that were unable to be used on the big stages.

Song Jia had been cooped up in the sword sect and needed some field training.

Ouyang Shuo thought about it and took out something, passing it to her," if you go, I'll support you all the way. remember to bring this."

"What's this." Song Jia took it, it was a little doll.

"This was the substitute doll that I bought from the first auction."

"Ya, isn't this the legendary substitute doll?" Song Jia looked at the doll in her hands in awe," I heard that it was being sold for sky high prices and no one sells it."

"Of course. As players level up, apart from us lords, everyone else doesn't want to die. This can allow players to revive without any punishment, of course it is sought after."

Song Jia thought about it and returned the doll back to Ouyang Shuo.


"This training needs to be a life or death trip. If I bring this, then it will be an insurance and I'm not sure if I'll still be able to fight with all my strength and give it my all."

Ouyang Shuo's eyes brightened. In the last life he was also an adventure gamemode player so he obviously understood what she Was saying.

If one person knew that even if he died there wouldn't be any consequences, then he would just choose to charge forward.

A real warrior will make use of courage and intellect at the crucial moment to try to survive and not go forward brainlessly.

"To be able to think like that, your training has partially succeeded."

Song Jia smiled.

The next day, Song Jia ventured out alone.

In the morning, one person and one sword disappeared into the wilderness.

Seeing her walk away, Ouyang Shuo turned around," let's move out!"

The Guards regiment including Ouyang Shuo didn't sit on war horses. Their mounts could only wait till the territory is built before being able to teleport them trough the teleportation formation.

Ouyang Shuo took out his Tianmo Sword and walked at the front of the group. Moving passed the bushes, in a short time, they managed to reach the place that they cleaned up till the day before.

The wild beasts on Qiongzhou Island had wild pigs, Long armed apes, leopards and bulls. The wild pigs and rhinoceroses usually lived on the plains while the Long armed ape and the leopard rested in the forests on the Five Finger Mountains.

As for the desolate beasts, they came in all forms and types.

The common desolate beasts were evolved from the few types. Either their size increased, or a certain body part changed. For some rare desolate beasts, one probably needed to flip open books to be able to identity them.

Of course, in front of the strong scouting skill of players, all information was instantly obtained.

After reaching their destination, the Guards regiment soldiers started clearing out wild beasts orderly. They were in groups of squads and stuck close together, like a highly efficient killing machine and pushing forwards.

Facing the normal wild beasts, Ouyang Shuo wasn't going to interfere. The reason he came today was to train his spear techniques against the desolate beasts of the island.

The Yang Family Spear technique was trained to the 4th level, and there was a huge gap until the 5th level, which needed the technique to be imbued into one's mind.

To break through to the 5th level, what was most important was practical fighting. Only by using the different strokes and stances in battle would one be able to become well versed in them and adapt to anything that was thrown at him.

Facing an attack, one wouldn't need to think and their instinct would help them make the right choice. One would have lightning quick reaction and the spear in his hand would react as quickly as their mind thought about it, only then would it be called imbued in them.

Just as Ouyang Shuo was deep in his thoughts, a low roar broke out.

Along with the roar, from the bushes walked out an iron armoured beast which looked really ugly.

The giant beast was 5 meters long and 2 meters high, weighing in tonnes. Looking from afar, it looked like a meat mountain and gave one a strong suppressive feeling, making it hard for one to breathe.

The giant beast's body was thick and stupid, and its four short limbs were like 4 metal poles that supported its heavy body. Its body was covered in an armor-like skin, filled with hard scales and shining in the light.

It's huge head was like that of a cow with a single horn, similarly as hard as iron and shining in the sun. What was amusing was that at each side of its head were a pair of small eyes.

The giant beast roared as it charged towards the Guards regiment. As it trampled on the wilderness, the ground shook and the nearby trees and bushes ruffled.

"Form up!" Wang Feng didn't dare to take it lightly.

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