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Chapter 326- Devil Possession

Chapter 326- Devil Possession

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Seeing the iron armored beast charging towards them, Ouyang Shuo was actually quite excited. He used his scouting technique to check out the stats of this desolate beast.

Name: Elite Iron Armored Beast (Desolate Beast)

Level: 70

Race: Rhinoceros

Skill: Ice (Ability to activate the power of ice), Charge (Raise the combat strength by 60%)

Combat strength: 480 points

Evaluation: Evolved from a basic rhinoceros, got its name from its iron armor.

Desolate beasts were the same standard as spirit beasts. The higher their level, the higher their combat strength. The iron armored beast in front of them was at a terrifying level 70 and could make use of ice. It wasn't an easy opponent.

Based on the settings of Gaia, a rank 1 soldier had a basic combat strength of 15, increasing by 5 at every rank, jumping by 10 when it became a trained soldier. Hence, a rank 4 trained soldier had 40 combat strength and each increase in rank would mean an increase by 10 points and 20 when it upgraded to an elite soldier.

Hence, a rank 7 elite soldier had a basic combat strength of 90 and every rank up would give him 15 points. When it upgraded to a war elite soldier, it would have an additional 30 point increase. A rank 10 war elite soldier had a basic combat strength of 165 points, increasing by 20 every rank. The highest rank 12 war elite soldier had a basic combat strength of 205.

A rank 9 elite soldier had 120 basic combat strength, and when it class changed to basic general, it increased by 50 to 170 points, similar to that of a rank of 10 war elite soldier. Class changing to intermediate general, it would mean a 100 point increase to 270 combat strength, exceeding that of a rank 12 war elite soldier.

Class changing to an advanced general, the basic combat strength could reach a shocking 500 points.

Apart from basic combat strength, weapons and cultivation methods would have an added points, different from person to person. For example, Wang Feng, who was only an intermediate general, his combat strength was at 400. But even as the strongest soldier in the Guards regiment, facing the iron armored beast, Wang Feng was weaker than it in terms of combat strength.

Ouyang Shuo wanted to solo this beast and asked Wang Feng and his troops to stand down.

The iron armored beast, upon seeing a human dare to face it alone, was so furious that white steam shot out from its nose, instantly becoming enraged. It's thick limbs looked small, but when it started running, it was like a whirlwind that rushed at Ouyang Shuo at fast speeds.

While running, the head of the beast would slowly lower and reveal its sharp horn. One could imagine that by being pierced by the horn, one would definitely be torn right apart.

Ouyang Shuo focused; he grabbed the Tianmo spear in his head, calming himself down and not moving. The yellow internal strength rushed around in his body, slowly infusing into the spear. Strengthened by the internal strength, the Tianmo spear had a golden pattern on it, making it look exquisite and mysterious.

The devil bloodline in Ouyang Shuo's body started to move, and it looked like it was close to boiling over.


Ouyang Shuo could already smell the stench from the body of the iron armored beast, the wind alone that it brought blew Ouyang Shuo's hair, making it swing in the air.

Wang Feng and the other soldiers who were standing at the side were so nervous that they watched on with bated breath.

The iron armored beast, upon seeing that the human in front of it was not moving, it felt that Ouyang Shuo was definitely scared silly. It was a desolate beast and didn’t have a merciful heart. It bent forward and used the strength of all four limbs, jumping towards Ouyang Shuo.

The huge and ugly head thrusted forward and the sharp horn was like lighting as it aimed for Ouyang Shuo's chest. It was ready to enjoy the enemy's fresh blood and taste its victory.

It was hard for one to imagine that such a huge body could actually accomplish such a swift and flexible action.

Ouyang Shuo was also surprised. Luckily, he had vast experience and didn't panic. He side-stepped and avoided the horn of the beast.

Seeing that it had missed, the iron armored beast shook it off and tried to charge once more. The shining horn was about to pierce the side of Ouyang Shuo's body.

At this moment, Ouyang Shuo was taking in his breath, and trying to avoid it was highly difficult.

Ouyang Shuo was helpless and could only fall to the ground to avoid it. The reaction speed of the desolate beast was far greater than what he had expected.

After two tries and not succeeding, the iron armored beast was totally furious. Seeing that the enemy actually fell to the ground, it didn't think and raised its limbs to stomp. If this stomp hit, no matter who it was, they wouldn't be able to withstand it.

Although Ouyang Shuo was in a bad situation, he was still clear-headed. He was clear what kind of attack he was going to receive when he fell to the ground, so he prepared in advance.

He rolled to the side and once again avoided the attack of the iron armored beast.

The iron armored beast didn't care and used its two front limbs to stomp one after the other, not giving Ouyang Shuo any chance to rest. The huge impacts was like lightning, striking again and again.

Ouyang Shuo was like he was in the middle of an iron pole forest. The sky above his head would have pole after pole dropping down. If he had a misstep, he was going to die a terrible death.

The terrifying potential of dying had stimulated the adrenaline in Ouyang Shuo. The devil bloodline in him was like hot oil and was about to split apart.

Seeing that it couldn't handle the enemy at its feet, the iron armored beast suddenly opened wide its mouth and sucked it, before spitting out. Only to see hail formed from the cold air striking towards Ouyang Shuo.

Before the hail even came close, Ouyang Shuo already sneezed.

The area of effect of the hail was simply too big, and Ouyang Shuo had no way to escape. Ouyang Shuo immediately felt his body freeze up and his reaction speed slow down. What was more terrifying was that the cold air was seeping into his body and was going to freeze his blood.

This was bad. Ouyang Shuo was alarmed and instantly rotated his internal strength to counteract the cold air. The golden internal strength helped to make Ouyang Shuo's body return to normal.

After spitting out the cold air, its body also trembled. It was apparent that this move had used up a lot of its energy. Seeing the enemy being frozen, the iron armored beast wouldn't give up such a chance and stomped down. How are you going to dodge this time?

Ouyang Shuo gave a cold smile. He side-stepped and got away from the front limb. Making use of the iron armored beast being stunned, he flipped his body up and stood up.

Everything happened in an instant and dazzled everyone.

Getting away from the iron armored beast, Ouyang Shuo shouted, the bloodline in his body reached its limit, and finally burst apart.

"Devil possession!"

In an instant, the devil bloodline that was hidden in Ouyang Shuo's body was awakened. Stimulated by the blood of the devil, the golden internal strength in his body sped up.

As the golden internal strength merged with the devil blood, the gold and black mixed, making it look grand and mysterious.

The power of the bloodline had changed Ouyang Shuo's body and allowed him to use tremendous strength.

One could see the muscles in his body protrude and he seemed to have grown one size bigger. A bloody aura burst out from his body, making one petrified.

Being stimulated by the devil blood, the Tianmo Spear's spear spirit also fully awakened. The tip of the spear gave out a black, eerie, glow.

Activating the devil possession, Ouyang Shuo's combat strength had doubled. He held onto the spear and suddenly had the feeling that the iron armored beast in front of him wasn't that scary anymore.

The evil blood aura that came out from Ouyang Shuo caused the beast to freeze and even retreat a step. When it regained its senses, its embarrassment turned into anger.

It was a desolate beast, how could it be insulted like this. The iron armored beast roared out.

As it roared, the scales on the iron armored beast stood up and shone in the light.

The real battle was finally going to start.

Ouyang Shuo shook the Tianmo Spear and went on the offensive. The iron armored beast was totally covered by the armor and it's only weakness was its eyes. Unfortunately, it's eyes were too small and were protected by its eyelids, so it wasn't easy to hit.

The Tianmo Spear pierced forwards at the neck of the iron armored beast. Ouyang Shuo wanted to test out exactly how thick the scales of the iron armored beast were.

"Ding!" As the spear head and the scales met, a crisp sound resounded.

The huge strength made the neck of the iron armored beast tilt and the spear instantly lost its penetrative ability. Ouyang Shuo was reluctant to give up and slashed across its body. Sparks flew as the spear hit the scales.

The screech as iron scratched iron deafened everyone.

This fella's scales were actually all metal. Who knew how much iron essence it had to grow out all these scales.

Fighting head to head, Ouyang Shuo wasn't at a disadvantage.

With the manic character of the iron armored beast, it wasn't one to not retaliate when hit. Seeing the enemy being unable to do anything about the scales, it started being arrogant and charged once more towards Ouyang Shuo.

After falling for it once, Ouyang Shuo wouldn't make the same mistake and dodged the charge.

Just as the iron armored beast went past him, Ouyang Shuo pushed with his left hand, using one of the moves in Bajiquan: Tyrant guides the horse, to strike the heavy armor. The fist brought with it internal strength and passed through the armor and spread into the body of the iron armored beast.

That move was totally unexpected. A little more and the iron armored beast would have had internal injuries.

The iron armored beast was also amazing. The moment it was attacked, it immediately retaliated. It used its back limb to kick out at Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo was astonished and avoided it.

This fellow was really not simple; its combat ability was shocking. If one could train it into a mount, it would be amazing and similar to Luo Sha.

Although Ouyang Shuo was frightened, his reaction wasn't slow. After avoiding it, it stabbed forward with the spear, the place he aimed at was the butthole of the iron armored beast. It’s real soft spot.

Throughout the entire body of the beast, only this spot wasn’t protected by anything.

The Tianmo Spear pierced in with lighting quick speed and entered into its body. The spinning spear was like a drill which mashed up the innards of the iron armored beast.

The iron armored beast felt its ass being burst open and let out a painful growl.

Wang Feng, who was viewing the battle, clenched his butt cheeks upon seeing what had happened. A cold air blew across and he felt a shiver down his spine.

Ouyang Shuo, on the other hand, kept a straight face.