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Chapter 327- Blessing In Disguise

Chapter 327- Blessing In Disguise

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As the butt of the iron armored beast was pierced by Ouyang Shuo, it was lethally injured. It decided to give its all and use its ultimate skill.

The iron armored beast braked in its tracks and turned around to face Ouyang Shuo. It once again opened its mouth and took in a deep breath; its stomach was bloated like giant meatball.

Ouyang Shuo froze. He knew that the iron armored beast was going to go crazy. Being stabbed by the Tianmo Spear, the iron armored beast was already bleeding internally, Ouyang Shuo was prepared to slowly wear it down, but it seemed like that wouldn't be possible.

The stomach of the iron armored beast suddenly revealed a blue light, looking extremely mysterious. It was obviously preparing to launch its ice techniques. It spit out and a huge blue ball was sent forth.

The blue sphere was emanating cold air. After all, it was formed by the pure ice energy.

Ouyang Shuo didn't dare to be careless and avoided it, and the blue sphere brushed past him.

What terrified Ouyang Shuo was that the blue sphere had a spirit. It stopped and turned around, chasing after Ouyang Shuo.

My god, what is that? Is he in a magical world? Ouyang Shuo didn't dare to believe it.

Ouyang Shuo pushed his speed to the max and made sharp turns to try and escape from the chasing blue sphere. Unfortunately, no matter how he tried to feint to escape it, the blue sphere was like it had eyes and chased closely after him.

Running like this wasn't a solution, and Ouyang Shuo didn't want to wait to die.

He ran and turned around to observe the sphere behind him.

On the surface it was a sphere of ice energy and there was nothing special about it. In theory it shouldn't be able to chase an enemy.

Unless the problem was the iron armored beast?

Ouyang Shuo turned and looked at the iron armored beast. Only to see it lay there and not move at all. It's stomach had already totally shrivelled and it appeared really weak.

Only that ugly head and those funny looking small eyes stared at Ouyang Shuo as he turned around.

When Ouyang Shuo went left, the eyes of the beast would go left; when he went right, the iron armored beast would look right. Its eyes never left Ouyang Shuo.

Was the blue sphere controlled by the iron armored beast?

Ouyang Shuo decided to give it a try.

Since it is controlled by the iron armored beast, there must be a distance restriction. As long as Ouyang Shuo ran far away, he didn't believe that the blue sphere could still follow him.

Ouyang Shuo did just as he thought. He stopped strafing right and left and just ran straight.

In an instant, the distance between Ouyang Shuo and the iron armored beast had past 100 meters.

He turned his head around. As expected, the blue sphere started to shake and wasn't as fast as before. The eyes of the iron armored beast also had a bit of anxiety.

Ouyang Shuo was not really calm. He knew that his guess was correct and continued to run forwards.

When the distance exceeded 200 meters, the sphere stopped chasing and started to fly back to the iron armored beast.

200 meters was the control limit of the iron armored beast.

Ouyang Shuo's eyes constricted, and a thought flashed through his mind. He finally thought of an item that was similar to the scene in front of him. Based on information, some lucky spirit beasts or desolate beasts would develop an inner pellet.

The inner pellet not only could increase the strength of the desolate beast, but it was also an attack method. The desolate beast could force the inner pellet out of its body and control the attack.

The reason why Ouyang Shuo didn't think about the inner pellet was because the beasts that managed to nurture a pellet was too rare. Out of 10 thousand, there might not even be one.

He totally didn't expect that the first one he met would nurture a inner pellet.

Such good luck!

Based on Ouyang Shuo's luck, he totally didn't dare to believe that such a good thing would land on his lap.

The inner pellet had multiple uses...

If players directly used the inner pellet, not only could it greatly increase inner strength, but there was also a chance to get a second talent. If you passed the inner pellet to a priest and he made it into a pill, the effects would be shocking.

Ouyang Shuo ran towards the iron armored beast, shouting at Wang Feng, "Quick, stop that ball. Don't let the beast return it back into its stomach."

The inner pellet leaving the body was a hard to get opportunity. At this point, the effect of the pellet would be the best. If one killed the desolate beast and obtained the pellet, the effects would be greatly reduced.

Wang Feng and the men were still on high alert and were ready to jump to help their lord. Hearing their lord's orders, they didn't even bother about the reason and immediately surrounded the beast.

The Guards regiment were well trained and didn't swarm forward. Only the most elite charged in front, and they were all basically lieutenant grade officers.

The elite squad was split into two, one under Wang Feng's lead surrounded the beast to make it distracted while the other ran towards the blue sphere to block it.

When the iron armored beast saw such a situation, it panicked. After releasing the inner pellet, it was unable to move and could only allow the enemy to attack it. This was also the reason why the desolate beast didn't release the inner pellet. If it wasn't that Ouyang Shuo really pissed it off, it wouldn't have done that.

Wang Feng's combat strength was similar to that of the iron armored beast, and he took up the role of the main attacker. He was also ruthless and followed Ouyang Shuo's plan to attack its butt.

The brutal scene had once again occured.

The iron armored beast had totally started going crazy. It started to direct the inner pellet to attack the Guards regiment soldiers. At this point, the inner pellet had returned to within 100 meters and its speed was quick. Ouyang Shuo wanting to escape it was already a little dangerous, much less for the Guards regiment soldiers. Even though they were the elite of the elite.

Whoever was hit by the inner pellet was instantly sealed and became an ice statue.

In a moment, the Guards regiment had heavy casualties.

Even so, none of them backed off.

Wang Feng, upon seeing his men being massacred by the iron armored beast, immediately stabbed the spear into the butt of the beast, pushing all the way until he hit the internal organ.

This wasn't it as Wang Feng turned the spear and mashed its innards. However, the life force of the iron armored beast was very strong, and it still commanded the inner pellet to attack the soldiers.

Luckily at this time, Ouyang Shuo had finally rushed in. He took up the duty of dealing with the inner pellet. After all, the iron armored beast was already hurt and was only barely holding on, so its control of the inner pellet wasn't so quick.

In front of Ouyang Shuo, the inner pellet was no longer a threat and could be easily dodged.

Seeing that the marquis had it handled, the Guards regiment soldiers backed down. They didn't forget to carry the bodies of their friends away and try to break the seal to save them.

Five minutes later, the iron armored beast had finally died through the loss of too much blood.

The inner pellet shook and fell right into Ouyang Shuo's arm.

What was magical was with the death of the beast, the inner pellet had shrank and became a pellet the size of a pearl. Although it was still blue, it didn't feel cold anymore holding it in his hand.

Ouyang Shuo took out a wooden box from his storage bag and placed the pellet within it.

Keeping the inner pellet, Ouyang Shuo didn't go to check on the corpse of the iron armored beast, and instead went to the frozen guard regiment soldiers. These soldiers were frozen not long ago and could still be saved.

Ouyang Shuo raised his palm and pressed onto the statue. The internal strength was injected into his palm and onto the ice. This ice was made up of a special energy which can only be resolved by internal strength.

Under the injection of the golden internal strength, the statue could be seen to melt at an observable rate.

Two minutes later, one ice statue was totally melted. The soldier inside was still alive but he had been badly hurt and needed to rest for a while.

Ouyang Shuo didn't dare to rest in his laurels and continued to melt the other ice statues.

In a short time, there were actually 10 soldiers that were frozen so Ouyang Shuo had to race against time.

What was bad was after melting the 2nd statue, Ouyang Shuo used up half his internal strength. This meant he could only save 4 of them. As for Wang Feng, even though he trained in Bajiquan, his internal strength was normal and not special, so he couldn't melt it.

Just as Ouyang Shuo melted the third statue, his body jolted, and a strong weakness enveloped him from within. The devil possession could only last for half an hour and had reached its max.

The disadvantage of the devil possession would be weakness like one had a huge disease.

This was also understandable. For all the energy in a person to burst out in a short time was a huge burden on the body. If Ouyang Shuo didn't want to hurt himself, he could only use that once a month.

Ouyang Shuo's body regained its normal size and a weakness spread from within his body. For the next week, he couldn't use his martial arts.

Even so, Ouyang Shuo continued to melt the statues as it concerned a person's life.

Forcefully pushing on, he barely melted the 4th statue before using up all the internal strength in his body. At this moment, his face was ashen white and he couldn't even stand properly.

Seeing the marquis trying so hard to save the life of their brothers, the soldiers were touched to tears.

Ouyang Shuo shook and he directly sat on the ground and started to rest and rotate the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique to replenish his internal strength. At this point, his dantian was totally empty and he didn't even have a single strand of internal strength.

The first time he used up all his internal energy and tried to rotate the cultivation technique, a sharp pain spread from his meridians. This was actually very dangerous. Experienced cultivators would never use up all their internal strength and would leave a single strand to help rotate their internal technique.

If not, the pain that Ouyang Shuo was experiencing would occur.

Luckily, Ouyang Shuo's meridians, under the long term nourishment of the golden internal strength had became very firm and strong. When the Dantian successfully formed its first strand of internal strength, Ouyang Shuo heaved a sigh of relief as he had passed the hardest part.

Thinking about it, he really worried for nothing.

What he didn't expect was the new internal strength was really pure.

Did this count as a blessing in disguise?

Ouyang Shuo wouldn't dare to do this next time, as who knew whether he would be able to handle it?