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Chapter 328- Way of the Emperors and Kings

Chapter 328- Way of the Emperors and Kings

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When Ouyang Shuo finished cultivating, two hours had already passed. The internal strength in his body had regained to around 20%. If he wanted to fully recover, he needed another 3-4 days of rest.

With such a delay, the remaining 6 frozen soldiers had all really died.

Ouyang Shuo gave out a long sigh and didn't say anything.

Ouyang Shuo got up and walked beside the corpse of the iron armored beast. The whole body of the iron armored beast was a treasure, so Ouyang Shuo naturally wouldn't waste it, using his advanced gathering skill and getting to work.

"System notification. Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for gathering 225 iron armored beast scales, one perfect horn, 540 units of desolate beast meat!"

Iron armored beast scale: Quality: 10, high grade armor scale, tougher than iron, light and is a good material to craft armor.

Perfect iron armored beast horn: Quality: 12, Black, oval shaped, on the surface it was dark black while insides it was slightly grey. High quality medicine, helps to cool one down, cure injuries and remove poison.

Desolate beast meat: Quality: 8, Medium grade ingredient, after consuming can strengthen body by a certain amount.

This were all good stuff!

Ouyang Shuo put the scale armor and horn into his storage bag, and gave the desolate beast meat to the soldiers. To the current Ouyang Shuo, the strengthening effects of the meat weren't of much use.

After ensuring everything was okay, the Guards regiment buried the bodies of the dead and continued their operation.

Maybe this region was the territory of the iron armored beast, as during the following period of time, they actually didn't meet any desolate beasts. The operation continued really smoothly, and in a day, they had moved forward by 2 kilometres.

Just as they previously planned, they kept the pups of the wild pigs and the calves of the rhinoceroses and reared them. The pigs and rhinoceroses that were killed weren't wasted as the pig meat and the rhinoceroses skin and tendons were all gathered by the Guards regiment.

The large amounts of wild pig meat that was gathered had largely alleviated the food crisis.

Close to nightfall, the Guards regiment returned with large rewards.

Near the harbour, a temporary base had been set up, and it was bustling. Ouyang Shuo directly returned to his little house by the seaside and didn't join in.

Who knew whether Song Jia was successful on her trip.

During the next few days, Ouyang Shuo didn't head out and stayed in his little house, adjusting his body condition. After 5 days, the side effects of the devil possession had all gone away and his internal strength had returned to normal.

Although Ouyang Shuo was in Yazhou, through the forums, he knew everything that happened elsewhere.

In a short half a month following the Taiping Country uprising army, the Chen Sheng, Wuguang uprising army and the Huangjin uprising army all appeared in the wilderness.

The year of the uprising had officially started!

Following the 4 uprising armies getting into position, the number of alliances between players had quickly increased.

Alliances like the Brother Alliance, Brotherhood Alliance, Baihe Alliance, Lashou Cuihua Alliance, Little Student Alliance, etc. all started posting on forums to invite all the lords to ally with them to fight against the uprising army.

Their alliance mottos were all really eye catching.

"Real Brother, we will die together or we will create greatness together!"

"Brotherhood and loyalty, we will take care of one another, form an alliance with our blood. Attack evil together!"

"Little students, we are invincible!"


These types of alliances were pretty much useless as they attracted attention but they didn't do much.

The real alliances were all in the dark and were over a small area or region. Only these kinds of alliances could survive, maybe even do well, and become the rulers of a region.

At this point, under the forceful push of the uprising army, the strong and weak in the China region were slowly separated.

About the strong people in each region, although they couldn't be compared to large powers like Yanhuang Alliance, they did have absolute prestige over a certain region. Even Yanhuang Alliance wouldn't be able to destroy them easily if they wanted to.

In the end, they would all affect the China region.

The road in front of Ouyang Shuo and the Shanhai Alliance was long and arduous.

After selling all their authentic secret manuals and earning large amounts of gold, Swordsman County had new activity. The Qingyang Sword Sect started to become a public sect and recruit disciples from player groups. All of this was free.

Apart from that, Feng Qingyang also used heavy rewards to invite various experts to join the sect. Their targeted audience weren't just players, but were also the experts from the aboriginal people.

In the field of martial arts sects, with Feng Qingyang representing the Swordsman County, they had the absolute advantage. The insider news they got in this area was much more than other large powers.

The expansion of the Qingyang Sword Sect was obviously in preparation for the future, to get ready for the appearance of the big sects.

Feng Qingyang was determined to compete and beat the future Wudang, Huashan Sects.

To martial arts families, the territory battle wasn't their real goal. Compared to war, what they were interested in was to take over the underworld and be the real overlord, the best martial artists in the entire underworld.

Even when the reached planet Hope, a strong martial arts sect had influence comparable to any other power or territory.

Especially with the fact that everyone in the world would be practicing martial arts, running a sect had its benefits.

It was hard to say what all of this had anything to do about Feng Qingyue.

Shanhai Alliance members had good news to share.

Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang, after a period of raider clearing operations, had finally reached the needed merit point mark and upgraded to rank 3 Marquis. Bai Hua was given the title of Consonance Lord, and Feng Qiuhuang was the Caifeng Lord.

At this point, the top 10 marquis in the world had all gotten in to place.

Out of the 10, the China region took up 3 and made people envious.

After upgrading to marquis, Consonance County and Fallen Phoenix County both applied for the territory upgrading quest. If they were successful, before the lunar new year they would both become prefectures.

Shanhai Alliance's influence in the China region had reached a historical peak.

Gaia 2nd year 2nd month 3rd day.

In his silent room, Ouyang Shuo took out the wooden box with the inner pellet.

After adjusting his body condition to its optimal state, Ouyang Shuo was ready to use the inner pellet. The best time to use it was within half a month of obtaining it. As time went on, the effect would be greatly reduced. In a short time, Ouyang Shuo wouldn't be able to find a priest to help make it into a pill, so he could only eat it.

The inner pellet was still shining a blue light and lying quietly in the wooden box and looking really mysterious.

In the last life, although Ouyang Shuo had never used an inner pellet, he had a rough knowledge on how to use it. It was actually very simple, just directly swallowing it.

Ouyang Shuo didn't hesitate and placed it directly into his mouth.

What was magical was that the moment it entered Ouyang Shuo's mouth, it dissolved into a cooling liquid and flowed down into Ouyang Shuo'a stomach, magically entering his dantian.

Ouyang Shuo's dantian, after 5 days of recovery, had already returned to normal. Thousands and thousands of internal strength formed up into a golden fog, and it was really thick like a golden cloud.

The golden cloud covered the core region of the dantian and spread out across the entire dantian. After his internal strength was squeezed dry, the new internal strength would be purer and stronger, the golden cloud would also be thicker.

The moment the liquid entered the dantian, Ouyang Shuo felt a cooling sensation which started from the stomach and spread over his body.

Ouyang Shuo immediately focused and observed the situation in the dantian.

The moment the blue liquid entered his dantian, it was like when an ice cube was placed in boiling oil, initiating a chain reaction.

One could only see the golden internal strength was like crazy and swarmed forward, wanting to consume the blue liquid. Quickly, the blue liquid was totally covered by all the golden internal strength.

The magical moment appeared!

After the golden internal strength consumed the blue liquid, it actually had a tinge of blue and gave off a chilly feeling.

That wasn't all. When all the blue liquid was finished, the golden internal strength actually started to consume each other. They wrapped around each other and tried to consume one another, forming little balls. The mysterious golden balls started to collapse inwards and shrank and shrank.

In the end, thousands of golden internal strength strands turned into a drop of primordial energy the size of a rice grain.

In less than 10 minutes, there weren't any strands of internal strength left, and all of them were drops of primordial energy.

This wasn't all, the primordial energy started to consume one another and became larger drops of primordial energy. In the end, it became a liquid form of primordial energy the size of an egg.

This liquid ball started to collapse inwards and started to shrink and shrink.

As the ball continued to shrink, the golden color became more pure and eye catching. The blue color that it had obtained had disappeared and dissolved in the primordial energy.

In the end, the liquid ball transformed into the purest primordial energy the size of a rice grain.

Ouyang Shuo's internal strength had underwent a form change, from gas to liquid. It also went from internal strength to primordial energy.

This also meant that Ouyang Shuo's cultivation had broken through to the 6th layer.

Just at this moment, a system notification sounded out by his ear.

"System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for using the iron armored inner pellet, successfully obtaining a second talent!"

"System notification: Congratulations Player Qiyue Wuyi for cultivating to the 6th layer, giving birth to the cultivation method specialty!"

This series of surprises made Ouyang Shuo squeal in joy.