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Chapter 329- Lianzhou!! Lianzhou!!

Chapter 329- Lianzhou!! Lianzhou!!

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Ouyang Shuo first took a look at his second talent.

Ice: Attacks have an icy effect

A very simple description with only a few words. Ouyang Shuo thought back to when Song Jia was training, and in the air there was an icy chill. The difference was that as it was a talent, it didn't need to be ignited from within; Song Jia's ice needed to be sparked off using internal strength.

For the specific effects, Ouyang Shuo needed to find out for himself in battle.

Ouyang Shuo then took a look at the new specialty born from the 6th layer of cultivation. The name seemed really amazing, but who knew what the effects were?

Way of the king: The cultivation route created by the 3 emperors and 5 kings, raising sensory abilities and giving birth to the aura of a king.

Another dumb description. Ouyang Shuo was about to go crazy. What sensory ability? What aura of a king? Gaia didn't explain anything.

Ouyang Shuo thought hard about it and still didn't understand anything. Cultivating to the 6th layer, his internal strength had became primordial energy and the primordial energy upper limit was 100 points.

Wow, he had to start from scratch again.

Ouyang Shuo tried again. Now he could only rotate 3 cycles a day, and each cycle would increase 1 point of primordial energy. This meant Ouyang Shuo needed only a month to break through to the 7th layer.

On the surface, cultivation seemed to have became much easier. Ouyang Shuo didn't believe it. With how Gaia is, it had definitely dug deeper holes for Ouyang Shuo to fall into.

The fight with the iron armored beast revealed to Ouyang Shuo his weaknesses. Out of all his cultivation techniques and martial arts, he had an internal cultivation technique, a spear technique and a palm technique, but the only thing he lacked was a dodging technique.

Although his cultivation technique and spear techniques had some movement skills, those weren't pure dodging techniques, so they weren't that effective.

During land battles, without a movement technique, one would be at a heavy disadvantage. If he had one during that battle, Ouyang Shuo wouldn't have been in such a bad state. When the opportunity came, he had to find a movement technique secret manual.

After breaking through, Ouyang Shuo joined in the beast clearing army. He could feel that the Yang Family Spear technique was at his bottleneck and needed practical battle.

Every day, Ouyang a Shuo would at least kill one or two desolate beasts. As for inner pellets, he couldn’t even think about it. They wouldn't be able to be so lucky.

What Ouyang Shuo had mastered was of great use against the desolate beasts. Unfortunately, the desolate beasts were weak or too ugly and weren't suitable to be mounts.

If not, Ouyang Shuo would have wanted to tame one to act as his mount.

Ouyang Shuo's addition made the operation much smoother, and it proceeded at breakneck speed every day. Ouyang Shuo predicted that in just half a month, he could clear until the village building spot he had chosen.

Just as Ouyang Shuo was trying to take over Yazhou, thousands of miles away, Lianzhou Basin was undergoing a huge change.

Ever since it became winter, various signs showed that the grassland tribes were about to launch a large scale wall against Shanhai City. Amongst this, there were signs of Broken Blade County being involved.

As for where to start this story, Ba Dao had actually mixed in with the Tian Qi Tribe.

The two biggest enemies of Shanhai City in the Lianzhou Basin had actually joined up. Needless to say, the Yanhuang Alliance was always hiding behind Broken Blade County.

After Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang upgraded to marquis, it was a huge provocation towards the Yanhuang Alliance.

If this continued, Yanhuang Alliance would be left in the dust by Shanhai Alliance. This was something they wouldn't like to see.

Using Broken Blade County to cause trouble for Shanhai City and maybe even taking it over was the best possibility. In the case of the Yanhuang Alliance, this was an amazing move.

The 3 sides had come to an agreement, and after the auction, they were planning their killing blow.

After a month had passed, the time was right.

The first to attack were the grassland tribes.

The various grassland tribes who were holding it in for a long time had suddenly announced war. In a moment’s time, all the farmers and herders prepared their war horses, bows, and grain, and started to gather in the barracks.

The young men were all familiar with bows and horses, and totally didn't need training as they were all passable cavalry.

Usually, the herders were split up into small groups based on the herding region. During war, these small groups would become the base of the grassland army.

In a short 5 days, the army had gathered.

With Tian Qi tribe as the leader, the grassland tribes had gathered 50 thousand men. Tian Qi tribe alone had gathered 15 thousand. The east commander Daiqin acted as the commander while Lahkshen was his deputy.

The last member of the 3 generals of the Tianqi tribe was the Guards commander Beiritie China. He led 8000 troops to defend the northern region to spy on Mulan City and defend their home.

Mengke Kehan listed out all the sins that the Shanhai City had done towards the grassland tribes.

"The despicable Shanhai City, destroyed the Tianling tribe, even trying to put the blame on others and spoil the relationships between the tribes; they sneak attacked the west region and caused the grasslands to be in chaos for 6 months; they sent troops to destroy the Tianfeng tribe. They are ambitions and dangerous. They have committed so many sins and cannot be spared. Blood must be paid by blood!"

"Blood debt! Blood debt!"

In a moment, everyone was excited and ready for war. For some of them, this was the first time they heard about the sins of Shanhai City and they were furious, their hesitation and doubts were thrown right out the window.

Mengke looked at the army below him and was delighted, it was like he was 10 years younger and had gone back to the glory days. In the eyes of the tribe leaders behind him, unease and worry flashed across in their eyes.

As time passed, the 7 mid-sized tribes who are able to stand against Tianqi tribe would not allow the Tianqi tribe to rule over them again.

Against the big enemy, the tribe leaders could only temporarily set aside such thoughts.

Fifty thousand warriors waltzed towards the Shanhai City.

At the same time, the only division in Broken Blade County exited their city and gathered at the border, looking straight at the 3rd division.

Based on the strength of the Broken Blade County Division, they definitely couldn't handle the 3rd division. Ba Dao knew that and directly asked the Yanhuang Alliance for help.

Yanhuang Alliance was also spontaneous and arranged Sha Pojun to lead 5000 troops to assist. The advance army would be in charge of holding down the 3rd division.

Be it Ba Dao or the Yanhuang Alliance, before the grassland alliance engaged, they wouldn't initiate the fight.

The grassland alliance was a great knife.

The Shanhai City protection squad including the 2nd division at the city north camp and the city protection division were a total of 27 thousand people, half of the grassland alliance.

The northern outer wall was completed and could be used. The problem was that the east and west were still empty and couldn't defend against the grassland alliance.

This meant that Shanhai City couldn't use the wall as a defensive barrier, and could only fight head to head.

The reason why Mengke chose such a time to attack was because of that. He knew that once the outer wall was completed, it would be extremely difficult for the cavalry of the grassland alliance to take them down.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Military Intelligence Division knew the movements of the grassland alliance straight away.

As for the various tribes, the Military Affairs Department was worried about them. during this period of time, the military investigation had not stopped. Various war preparations had already started 1 month ago.

It wasn't the time to panic for Shanhai City.

Mulan Yue had contacted Ouyang Shuo through the alliance channel straight away. Although Mulan County was outside of the alliance, Mulan Yue was added to the alliance channel as a member of the Shanhai Territory.

When Ouyang Shuo got the news, he wasn't shocked. The only thing that surprised him was that the grassland tribes were working together with Broken Blade County. This also taught him a lesson: don't underestimate your opponent.

When the Military Intelligence Division found out, Ouyang Shuo had already left. Hence, he had no clue.

He let Mulan Yue send his orders that all military action would be passed to Baiqi and Du Ruhui. During war time, they could make all the decisions and didn't need his permission to act.

Ouyang Shuo also didn't forget to tell Mulan Yue to remind Baiqi and Du Ruhui that all military plans must include the fact that the Yanhuang Alliance could teleport in to help.

The teleportation to fight wars was really strange to Baiqi and Du Ruhui. Without him personally there, Ouyang Shuo had to made sure they understood these things.

Mulan Yue was really solemn and expressed that she would take up the duty that Ouyang Shuo was supposed to have.

The alliance channel was unable to contact people individually, so all the members found out. When they got the news, they expressed concern and said that they could send their army to assist.

Ouyang Shuo firstly thanked them and reminded them that apart from assisting Shanhai City, they should set up defenses against the tricks by the Yanhuang Alliance.

Ouyang Shuo wasn't worried that Shanhai City was broken into. He was worried that Yanhuang Alliance would use them as a distraction and attack another ally territory instead.

Such things were pretty common by Di Chen in the last life.

Ouyang Shuo's reminder made all of them frown. Especially Gong Chengshi, who was the eyesore of Yanhuang Alliance, and he was hated by Di Chen, being the easiest target.