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Chapter 331- Scheme

Chapter 331- Scheme

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After the meeting, the cogs of the territory war machines had stated spinning.

Lianzhou Lord's Manor announced a state of war, and all cities were in lock down. People could only enter but not leave. All relays were closed and the sending of letters was prohibited.

The Military Affairs Department used the Feng bird to spread the orders to the various divisions.

When the 1st division received the orders, they instantly left the city west camp. The 2nd division left the city north camp and before leaving they destroyed the camp. The third divisions was in the city east camp and waited for a chance. The 4th division secretly left Zhennan Pass and gathered in Mulan City.

The city protection division was in charge of increasing the Defence work of Shanhai City.

Before the war started, the scouts of both sides had already started killing one another. Joining the scouting Mission on the side of Shanhai City, apart from the military intelligence division spies, there were the 2nd division and city protection division scouting squads.

Based on riding skills, the grassland cavalry were naturally better; but on scouting, they were far off.

Every movement of the grassland alliance army was seen by the scouts. And every important intel was spread back to Shanhai City by the Feng Birds.

The commander unit apart from Baiqi, there was Du Ruhui's war division. After a month's preparation, the structure of the war division was set up and this was the first time it was shown.

The war division was made up of 12 people chosen by Du Ruhui, 6 from

Quanzhou or Dali Army and had vast experience; the other 6 were believers in the philosophy in war so they were very knowledgeable.

Two of them helping one another, it was perfect.

The war saint effect was still working as Everyday there will be people who come over to the city.

Under the instructions of Ouyang Shuo, the building of the Army Military Academy was very smooth and the main body was basically finished, half a month more and the whole project will be done.

The role of the war division was to make use of the intel and come up with a battle plan and act as Advisors.

The highly efficient intelligence network, highly skilled Advisors, logistics prepared beforehand... du Ruhui made the Military Affairs Department into a weapon for the army and was what Ouyang Shuo had always wanted for the department.

All this, from the standpoint of the grassland alliance was unimaginable. Since the start of the war, both sides were already on different levels.

With the support of the Military Affairs Department, it made the commanding of Baiqi easier and have less things to worry about.

Gaia 2nd year, 2nd month, 7th day, the 1st division arrived in Shanhai City.

Based on the arrangement by the commander group, the 1st division was in charge of the Defence of Shanhai City Region, city protection division was in charge of friendship city region while the 2nd division was in charge of the defense of the Qiushui City Region.

The next day, the grassland unit had arrived outside Shanhai City. The first group had 15 thousand cavalry, and they were led by deputy general Lakhshen.

The army decided to set up camp at the original city north camp, and the camp they set was directly opposite of the Friendship City Region, right across the river.

Closely after the first group, the main army of Daiqin arrived in the afternoon.

Alliance army tent.

Daiqin was a 30 odd years old male. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes, and his hair was tied into 5-6 braids, a typical mongol male.

Daiqin was sitting in the lead seat, and below him were the important leaders of the alliance. Apart from Lakhshen, the remaining 7 generals each represented one tribe.

The grassland army meeting was always decided by one person.

Daiqin looked around and said, "In the battle tomorrow, our main goal is to take down the city protection river. Who is willing to be the vanguard and help open us up to victory?"

Lakhshen immediately stood up and said loudly, "Commander, I'm willing!" The other generals seeing that Lakhshen was willing, didn't say anything.

Seeing that, Daiqin's eyebrows frowned, he purposely said, "Ok good, the vanguard also needs to be the good warriors of our Tian Qi tribe, I approve!"

As he said those words, the other 7 generals were unhappy and requested to lead them to battle.

"I'm willing!"

"Yes commander, such a matter like being the vanguard should be left to our Tianying Tribe!"

"Commander, Tianshu Tribe is willing!"


"Good!" Daiqin laughed. "Since that's the case, Hari Chagai and Hu Leigen will lead 10 thousand men as the vanguard and take down the city protection river.

Hari Chagai was from the Tianying Tribe and Hu Leigen was from the Tianshu Tribe.

"Thank you commander!" Both of them were excited.

"Commander!" Lakhshen appeared a little anxious.

Daiqin waved him off and didn't let him continue on. "This is already settled, so we will move on."

Lakhshen returned back to his seat in anger.

Seeing that, Hari Chagai and Hu Leigen were both even more pleased.

After the discussion, all the generals went back, only leaving Lakhshen.

Seeing Lakhshen stay back and having something to say, Daiqin regained his calmness.

"If you have any doubts, just say them."

"Commander, why don't you see me?” Lakhshen was unhappy.

Daiqin's face showed that he expected it and asked Lakhshen to calm down. "You ah, don't you know the purpose of Kehan starting his war?”

"Purpose? Isn't it for revenge and to destroy Shanhai City?" Lakhshen didn't understand.

"Dumbass!" Daiqin raised his voice. "War isn't a child's game, and our brothers aren't tools for revenge."

After being scolded by Daiqin, Lakhshen's face blushed red. "Commander, please clear my doubts."

"Lakhshen, not only did hate blind your eyes, it also blinded your head. You weren't so rash last time." Daiqin didn't care about his face and continued, "Destroying Shanhai City was the most obvious purpose. Most importantly, Kehan wants to use this war to establish our position in the grasslands.”

Lakhshen was shocked and understood.

"The position of overlord, what does it depend on? Military. Only by crushing the others can we tame them; everything else is fake. The war tomorrow will have heavy casualties. Your men are all the elite of our tribe, so how can we send them to fight?"

Lakhshen felt a shiver down his spine, Daiqin wanted to use this battle to weaken the other tribes. Thinking about those deep eyes of Kehan, Lakhshen flinched.

"Commander is a genius!"

Daiqin's face relaxed once again. "Ok now go rest, we will have many hard battles for you to participate in. Remember that our conversation is only between both of us."


"Now go!" Daiqin waved him off, took up the book on his table, and started reading.

As Lakhshen left the tent, his face was ashen white. He felt that in the tent sat a beast and was just a wolf in sheep's clothing.

On the 9th day of the 2nd month, the Sun rose, and the land was totally red.

The seasonal wind from the valley brought with it the salty smell of the ocean.

Early in the morning, the alliance army had started to get busy. The night before, 50 thousand troops moved out and dug out large amounts of soil from the grasslands and placed them in straw bags.

Sacks of dirt were stacked up in a mountain in front of the camp, making them look majestic.

In front of the barracks, a 10 thousand man army was ready; they were the vanguard forces for today.

Hari Chagai and Hu Leigen rode their horses to the front of the group.

They wanted to motivate their men before the war.

"Warriors of the Tianying Tribe, the commander gave us this mission, which means he recognizes our bravery. We must battle beautifully, understood?" Hari Chagai took the lead.

Hu Leigen on the side used a louder voice and shouted out, "Tianshu tribe sons, we don't need to say anything. Kill the Lianzhou Marquis, take over Shanhai City!"

The morale was sky high and covered the land.

Such a scene would definitely made the blood of every men boil.

To the men and sons of the grassland, bravery was their highest goal.

The highest honor of a warrior, higher than even their own life.

The other soldiers of other tribes, upon seeing such scenes, looks of envy filled their faces.

The soldiers were discussing and ranting that their general was stupid and didn't get them the chance to fight the first fight.

The remaining 5 generals, upon hearing their discussions, their faces were really ugly.

Hu Leigen looked at Hari Chagai from afar, and his eyes had a bit of provocation.

Hari Chagai was naturally unhappy and shouted, "Let's go!"

"Buhe Haga!" The sons of the Tianying tribe replied to their general with the highest honor.

Seeing the army leave the barracks, Daiqin from afar had a weird expression on his face.

Lakhshen stood beside Daiqin. In his heart, he felt bad for Hari Chagai and Hu Leigen. They were used like pawns and were still so happy about it.

Who knows, the two of them might think that Daiqin were giving them a chance to become famous. Thinking about that, Lakhshen glanced at Daiqin. In his eyes were weariness and fear.

Daiqin didn't notice that; he was really calm like the wind.

Walking out of the barracks, the 10 thousand men were split in two. Hari Chagai was in charge of the west side of the city protection river, while Hu Leigen was in charge of the east side.

Such an arrangement made the two generals butt heads and compete with one another from the start.

There was no second best olden scripture, and no one remembered the second best martial artist. No one would want to lose. Needless to say, whoever took down the city protection river would be the bravest warrior on the grasslands.

The dirt bags that were prepared were taken up by the soldiers and were ready to be used to fill up the river.

The army waltzed forwards like two black lines, charging towards the city protection river.

The war had officially started.