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Chapter 332- Changing the Moat into a Path

Chapter 332- Changing the Moat into a Path

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On the city wall, Zhao Sihu looked on at the advancing grassland army; his face was one of perseverance.

Under the instructions of Daiqin, Hari Chagai and Hu Leigen chose the river area that was farther away from the Friendship City Region. Daiqin's intentions were obvious, avoiding the inner city area of Friendship City and directly breaking into Shanhai City.

His small act was calculated by Baiqi.

On the only part of the outer wall that was built, 10 thousand archers were lined up. The god machine unit were lined up in the middle of the north wall; the bowmen and crossbowmen from from the city protection division were sent to the east side; the bowmen and crossbowmen regiments of the 1st division were assigned to the west of the north wall.

On the east and west, the grassland army came carrying sandbags. Before they even came close to the city protection river, a rain of arrows enveloped them.

The arrow rain made it hard for them to move forwards.

With every step forward, hundreds of soldiers would be hurt.

On the west, Hari Chagai was green, and in his heart, a bad feeling started to form.

The enemy was right in front of them, so he couldn't think too much. He had already ordered the troops only to advance and not retreat . If not, he would lose the face of his entire tribe.

Thinking about this, Hari Chagai raised up the sand bag over his head and covered his head while charging forwards.

Hari Chagai's actions instantly succeeded and had an effect.

The soldiers learned from their general and advanced while braving the arrow rain.

As the arrows hit the sandbag, the arrow stopped and was no longer a threat to the soldiers. It was a natural barrier, even more effective than shields.

All of a sudden, the soldiers on the west side moved quickly and managed to reach the city protection river.

Their goal was to fill up the river and to provide the army with a pass to cross.

On the city walls, in the 3rd regiment of the first division, the archer regiment colonel Jiangkai laughed coldly upon seeing the enemy use such an old method, "I really want to see how you guys will go back."

As expected, once the grassland soldiers threw the sandbags into the river, they didn't have any cover and was under fire from the arrow rain.

In that moment, death spread.

What was more painful was that the lucky ones still needed to carry a second sandbag to continue to fill up the river.

If it wasn't for their strong resilience, normal people wouldn't have the courage to make the second trip.

Hari Chagai, as the general, had guards raising shields for him when he went back, so naturally he was safe.

Unfortunately, shields weren't the standard issue, and normal soldiers didn't have such equipment.

A short 300 meters became a region of death. Every second, there would be someone dying. The 5000 man army was getting smaller and smaller every moment.

Seeing such a scene, Hari Chagai's face turned black, and he wasn't as confident as before. He could feel that he was scammed and he was scammed really badly.

The 5000 man army was 90% of the army of the Tianying tribe. If they all died here, Tianying tribe would be eaten up by the neighboring tribes.

Thinking about this, Hari Chagai felt a shiver down his spine.

"Go, report to the commander, say the enemy firepower is too strong and we request backup!" Hari Chagai wasn't dumb and knew to ask for some backup.

Since he was going to die, he’d rather drag some other tribe to die along with him.

"Yes!" The guard turned around and rushed.

Alliance army commanding unit.

The commanding unit had built a high platform, looking across at the battlefield from there, one could see everything.

On the high platform, Daiqin stood in the center, and beside him were Lakhshen and the other 5 generals.

When the 5 generals saw the slaughter on the battlefield, they turned white and were silently happy that they weren't rash yesterday. If not, the ones to get rained upon by arrows would be them.

Hari Chagai's personal guard rushed to the high platform at his fastest speed.

He directly knelt down, panicked, and said loudly, "Commander, the enemy firepower is too strong. We can't handle it, we need backup."

The moment he said that, the generals on the platform all had different looks on their faces.

Only Daiqin still had a casual expression and laughed, "Didn't Hari Chagai say yesterday that he was going to succeed? Why? It's only half an hour and he can't hold on?"

Although Daiqin's words were said with a smile, they were enough to make one embarrassed to death.

The guard's face turned red. His lord was insulted, and as a guard, he felt greatly insulted and embarrassed. Luckily, he was still rational, and thinking about his brothers dying on the battlefield, he cried, "Commander! You are magnanimous, please forgive our stupidity!"

As he reached the last few words, he was on the verge of tears. "Commander, please leave some face for the Tianying tribe! Our boys really tried their best, no one can say that we weren't courageous."

As his words were said, everyone's expression changed. The soldiers around also dropped their mocking expressions, and they changed to ones of respect. Thinking about it, under such an arrow rain, the Tianying Tribe didn't back off. They were indeed great men.

If it were them instead, they wouldn't be able to do any better.

Daiqin kept his smile and praised that guard. He really wasn't simple. With a few sentences, he changed the whole situation.

One wouldn't expect that beside the brutish and stupid Hari Chagai would be such a talent.

Just as Daiqin was about to speak, the personal guard of Hu Leigen ran over. He panted as he said, "Commander, the enemy firepower is too strong, request to retreat!"

"What nonsense!" Daiqin was furious and everyone instantly quietened down. "Do you think the military order is a joke, retreating as you wish?"


"Go back and tell Hu Leigen that I have made plans. If he tries to retreat, I'll take his life myself!" Daiqin stared at the terrified guard. In his eyes, one could see his contempt.

Both were guards, but the distance was just so huge!

"Understood!" Hu Leigen's guard replied before running off.

Daiqin definitely wouldn't let them die out. He wanted to suppress the other tribes but the prerequisite would be that they won the war. If not, it would all be for nothing.

He had mocked the personal guard of Hari Chagai so as to let the Tianying Tribe remember his good grace, such that it would be better for the future.

Although Daiqin was a general, he had a brain for governance and politics.

After the small interruption, Daiqin turned to the generals and asked, "Who is willing to help the two tribes?"

All of them looked at each other, respecting the Tianying tribe was one thing, but rushing over to assist was another. That was real and actual casualties; no one was a fool.

"Why? Don't tell me that the men of the grassland are all soft eggs and cowards!" Daiqin was unhappy, and at the same time he made a gesture towards Lakhshen.


Lakhshen understood; he knew that it was time for the Tianqi tribe to come into play. Although Daiqin was the commander of the alliance, he couldn't force the other tribes too badly, at the crucial moment, he had to act too.

If one said that the vanguard troops were volunteered, the Tianqi tribe not joining was still understandable; but if now the Tianqi tribe let other tribes sacrifice themselves while they did nothing, then that would be a problem.

No matter how good Daiqin was, he wouldn't be able to convince the rest.

Needless to say, the other tribes also had qualms and caution towards the Tianqi Tribe. If the biasness was too obvious, the other generals weren't fools to be played by Daiqin.

"Commander, I'm willing to assist!" Lakhshen stepped up.

"Good! You will lead 5000 men to assist the Tianying tribe." Daiqin smiled, he expression changing as fast as flipping a book. "Is there any other who is willing to assist the Tianshu tribe? If no one then I'll have to choose."

Lakhshen had stepped out, and the other 5 generals were now waiting to get picked.

At this point, they had no say and couldn't reject.

"Commander, I'm willing!" Tiangou tribe's Xirigou Lige stepped out.

Daiqin nodded, the Tiangou tribe and Tianshu tribe were secret allies, so for him to step out wasn't unexpected. "Ok you'll lead 5000 men to assist the Tianshu Tribe."


Daiqin looked at Lakhshen and Xirigou Lige and said solemnly, "Remember, you have to level the river today. No retreating or you will be beheaded."


The two armies walked out of the barracks to assist the Tianying and Tianshu tribes.

Zhao Sihu stood on the city wall, and seeing reinforcements, he muttered, "Baiqi really predicts things like a god!" He turned around and told his personal guards, "Send my orders, cavalry get ready!"


After the reinforcements rushed there, Hari Chagai and Hu Leigen heaved sighs of relief. In a short hour they had lost a half of their strength. If they tried to hold on, the army was going to fall apart.

The only difference was that Hari Chagai was touched and thankful for the assistance. Hu Leigen was angry about the insult which Daiqin gave him.

Lakhshen looked at the arrow rain in front of him and froze. It didn't look like much from far away, but close up, it was really terrifying.

In a short period of time, the arrows formed up layer after layer on the ground.

It was difficult for the Tianying tribe to survive to now. Thinking about that, Lakhshen was also courageous and sent all his forces up.

When the reinforcements came, the rate at which they filled up the river sped up.

One could see that the river was about to be stopped and blocked in half.

Victory was in their sights, and both tribe armies were excited. They have finally gotten out of that nightmare.

Suddenly, the north gates of Friendship City opened. Cavalry burst out of the gates and charged straight at the Tianshu and Tiangou tribes.

To fill up the city protection river, the grassland army used their cavalry as infantry, facing the sudden rush of cavalry, there was nothing they could do.