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Chapter 333- Fight and Retreat

Chapter 333- Fight and Retreat

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The city guards division cavalry, under the leadership of deputy Major General Zhao Sihu, started to assault the alliance army.

Facing the Shanhai City cavalry who were like wolves and tigers, the alliance army which was on the verge of collapse couldn't even put up a fight. One charge by the cavalry, and the army on the east side was broken into bits.

What happened next was a one sided massacre.

The soldiers on the west side were getting ready to defend but upon seeing the Shanhai City army only attacking those on the east, they were relieved.

Hari Chagai felt that he had a total change of luck.

Alliance Army Commanding Unit.

Daiqin stood on the high platform, and upon seeing the Shanhai City army act, he smirked.

Since he dared to send out the vanguard force, he was obviously prepared. A 10 thousand man army was already laying in wait, just for such a situation to occur.

Daiqin was afraid of the enemy being like turtles and hiding inside. Since they were willing to come out, he was happy to oblige. Based on his orders, the cavalry forces not only had to save the Tianshu tribe and Tiangou tribe, but they also had to destroy the enemy.

The only thing that made him feel surprised was that the timing that the enemy chose was sublime.

Daiqin didn't hesitate and waved his flag. The cavalry forces who were hiding in the barracks burst out like an arrow and dashed into the east battlefield.

Zhao Sihu was a really wary and alert person. Furthermore with Baiqi's instructions, after killing for a while, he immediately asked the troops to retreat back into the city before the reinforcements arrived.

The cavalry who were there to reinforce, seeing the enemy retreat laughed out loud and mocked.

10 thousand cavalry, scolding under the city wall was quite majestic.

On top of the wall, the soldiers of the guards division were all furious.

Zhao Sihu looked down and gave a cold smile.

If it wasn't to prepare against the Yanhuang Alliance, with the 3 divisions, even in a head to head battle, it was enough to destroy the grassland army.

Under the protection of the 10 thousand cavalry, the situation on the east stabilized.

At this point, the grassland alliance army had taken down the city protection river after suffering heavy casualties.

Seeing the Shanhai city troops retreat, Daiqin shook his head in regret. He waved his flag once more and asked all his troops to advance.

Since they had already taken down the river, naturally he would move the camp to protect it and prevent Shanhai City from opening up the river again.

The huge army immediately started to pack up and move.

Zhao Sihu stood on the wall and looked at the huge army that covered the land, not making a sound. He focused and analyzed their troops, trying to see through their weakness.

There was really a weird aspect.

At the back of the alliance forces, there were 10 huge chariots. It was covered by cloth, so one couldn't see what it was. It was a bit too tall for one to say it was a grain cart.

Zhao Sihu didn't dare be slow and informed the guard to tell Baiqi.

When the alliance army finally set up camp at the north of Shanhai City, the sun was setting.

After the city protection river was taken down by the alliance army, the north city wall became a lone island.

The same night, the archers of the 1st division and city protection division left the wall. The archers of the first division formed up another defensive line in the outer city, while the city protection division was in charge of defending the Friendship City Region.

The Shanhai City army had totally given up on the north city wall.

The first day of the war ended just like that.

Shanhai City didn't even lose a single soldier and killed off 8000 men.

No matter if it was Daiqin or Baiqi, both knew that this was just an appetizer.

The real battle was about to start.

In the dead of night, there was total silence.

Alliance army camp.

A man dressed in black appeared at Daiqin's tent.

"Shouldn't you all act already?" Daiqin seemed to be familiar with this man and in his tone was one of slight unhappiness.

During the first day of the war, the alliance army already had heavy casualties, so naturally Daiqin was unhappy.

"Relax, the reinforcements are coming!" The man in the black shirt was expressionless.

"When's the exact time?" Daiqin wasn't pleased with his answer.

"The most crucial time!" The man didn't care. "Whats most important is for you to bait their main force and clear or the outer obstacles to create a chance for the final battle."

"I don't need you to teach me!" Daiqin was cold. They were risking their lives in the front line while the man hid in the shadows, obviously it was easy for him to say such a thing.

"I hope you all can have a victory tomorrow!"

After saying that, the black shirt man exited the tent and disappeared in the darkness.

After he left, Daiqin dissed, "Rat!"

The next day, the sun rose up as usual.

As the sun shined on the soil of the Lianzhou Basin, it was unable to give anyone a feeling of warmth.

War was always so brutal.

Because of war, the farmers outside of the city couldn't farm, and the workshops in the city didn't open up. The commoners were afraid and terrified that when they woke up they would be prisoners.

"Have you heard, yesterday the enemy took down the city protection river!"

"The grassland barbarians are really strong!"

In the midst of the people, the original men from the Tianfeng Tribe's face changed and they were overwhelmed with emotions.

They exchanged glances, looking excited but also nervous.

On the high buildings on the side of the road, two Military Intelligence Division spies were like hunters staring at their prey.

The calm Shanhai City was being pushed forward by a hidden current.

In every war, the dark side of society would slowly be revealed.

The discussions between the people naturally couldn't stop the war.

At 10 AM, the war began once again.

Daiqin led 12 thousand men and sat in the city north camp to survey the Friendship City Region.

The remaining 30 thousand troops were split into two, going around the north city wall and going straight for Shanhai City.

The west was led by Lakhshen; the east by Xirigou Lige.

The two armies were like a nail, embedded straight into Shanhai City.

In the current outer city, apart from the buildings, anything valuable was all moved into the inner city.

As Lakhshen entered the outer city, the scene in front of him shocked him.

The vast empty land of the outer city were laced with huge amounts of arrow turrets and barricades. This was especially true at the sides of the bridge towards Qiushui City and Shanhai City.

Apart from that, on the ground were scattered large amounts of iron barbed wires.

Be it the barricades or the barbed wires, they were all prepared by the Combat Logistics Department long time ago. The strong military industry showed its worth in battle.

Not only that, on the bridges were high numbers of soldiers. On the bridge towards Qiushui City, a cavalryman stood there solemnly, the flag he waved was of the 2nd division cavalry.

On the bridge towards Shanhai City, the 1st division’s 1st regiment sword shield soldiers laid in wait.

Baiqi's strategy was simple. Before the enemy showed everything they had, Shanhai City army would not go all out and would use the land to their advantage.

Even if the war was ugly, as long as it was effective, Baiqi didn't care.

Lakhshen felt numb and had a feeling of being unable to attack.

"General, what should we do?" The deputy official was also helpless.

Lakhshen's face turned black and shouted, "What can we do?"

Without removing these obstacles, the cavalry would be unable to proceed.

Helplessly, the alliance could only send out their daredevil force to clear out the obstacles.

Clearing everything, it was a bloodbath.

The Shanhai City archers stood on top of the archer tower and shot down. The alliance army could only shoot one or two arrows from their war horses and vent their frustration.

What was worse was that before the daredevil squad cleared the area to below the archer tower, the archers retreated and escaped.

Lakhshen was furious and scolded aloud. Where was there such a despicable fighting method?

When Daiqin received the news, he was also fuming. Now he knew what the black shirt man said about clearing the obstacles.

That stupid rat had obtained intel but hid it from them.

When Daiqin's reaction was spread to the troops on the east and west, Lakhshen and Xirigou Lige shivered and thought that their commander was angry at their speed.

Helplessly, they could only grit their teeth and send out more men out to die.

Throughout an entire morning, the daredevil squad was changed and changed.

Only just before noon did they manage to clear all the obstacles to the north of Friendship river and Qiushui river.

In just a morning, the alliance army lost 4000 men.

Using the break in the afternoon, Lakhshen asked Daiqin whether he should continue clearing the obstacles on the opposite shore or surround Friendship City.

What he got was that he had to take down the bridge.

Daiqin was also helpless, as he himself also wanted to directly attack Friendship City.

But if they didn't take down the bridge and block the passageway between the three cities, when they attack, they could be pincered in and surrounded.

At 2 PM, the intense battle over the bridge officially started.

This was the first real battle between Shanhai City army and the grassland alliance army. Even at the start, it was already very explosive.

One bridge obviously couldn't hold so many men.

On the narrow bridge, both sides gave their all.

In less than half an hour, the bridge was strewn with bodies. The fresh blood seeped into the gaps of the wooden floor and dyed the bridge red.

At the farther portions of the battle, to make space, soldiers had to throw the corpses off the bridge. The corpses thrown into the river floated up and looked like hell.

Apart from the battle for the bridge, both sides also shot at each other using the arrow towers.

The killing shouts made the commoners and residents in the inner city terrified.

All the way until 4 PM, under the fearless charging of the grassland alliance army, the Shanhai City army retreated and both bridges were taken over by the alliance army.

War had started to turn towards the direction that favored the alliance army.

As for the truth about the war? Everything was still unknown.