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Chapter 334- Surrounding the City

Chapter 334- Surrounding the City

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2nd month 11th day

The grassland alliance troops surrounded the Friendship City Region.

After two days of slaughter, the alliance had 37 thousand men left and only the city protection division defended Friendship City. In terms of numbers, the alliance army didn't have the absolute advantage.

Apart from that, Daiqin arranged 2000 troops to guard the 2 bridges.

Although the grassland army was mainly cavalry, it didn't mean that they didn't know how to siege.

For this battle, the alliance army had been preparing for a long time.

One of which were siege machines. Apart from the simple siege ladder, the alliance also prepared a secret weapon, the trebuchet.

The trebuchet was provided by the Yanhuang Alliance.

If Ouyang Shuo could obtain the technical manual through raiders, naturally the Yanhuang Alliance could too.

Chances were equal.

The trebuchet was sneakily transported to the Tianqi tribe around half a month ago, and was kept a secret.

Today, the mysterious veil was finally revealed.

When 30 odd trebuchets were placed on the northern side of Friendship City, Zhao Sihu's face was bitter.

He had already reported the intel to the commander group, and they had also sent spies to find out what it was.

Unfortunately the alliance army kept it a secret, and anyone who tried to get close were mercilessly killed. As such no spy was able to get near it.

At 9 AM sharp, with the explosive sound of the trebuchets, the siege had begun.

Large amounts of stones were flung into the inner city by the trebuchets, destroying anything that could be destroyed. Be it archer towers or houses, none of them could hide.

Especially the arcuballistas mounted on the north city wall, they were the targets of the trebuchet.

Arcuballistas were the absolute counters to cavalry, so why would Daiqin let them off?

However, it front of the three-bow arcuballistas, normal trebuchets didn't have an advantage.

The range of the trebuchet was 400 meters, while the three-bow arcuballistas could reach 500 meters.

Hence, the trebuchets were totally in the range of the arcuballistas.

The god machine unit returned the favor and rained down bolts at the trebuchets.

Be it the trebuchets of arcuballistas, they were all very exquisite machines. Hence, the moment they were hit, they were easily broken and couldn't function normally.

In this battle, the god machine unit won.

Of the 30 odd trebuchets, in less than an hour, 20 were destroyed.

In comparison, only 10 arcuballistas were destroyed.

The god machine unit had once again done a miracle.

At the high platform of the alliance army, Daiqin's face was totally black. He remembered that when the Yanhuang Alliance gave them the trebuchet, they swore that Shanhai City had no way to defend against it.

Who would have thought that right from the start, his trebuchet strategy would fail?

At the crucial moment, he still needed the grassland children to fight. Daiqin was more and more annoyed by the Yanhuang Alliance. He send the orders for the army to use the sieging ladder and charge towards Friendship City.

With the protection of the god machine unit, whichever army wanting to siege it, the task was highly difficult.

With such a killing machine coupled with the archers on the city walls, they were a real life human life collector. Before the large grassland alliance could come close to the wall, they had suffered heavy casualties.

The thinly equipped soldiers were like wheat in the fields and got harvested batch by batch.

What was good was that the grassland alliance army was fearless, braved the arrow rain, and resolutely rushed towards the city wall. When they got near the wall with much difficulty and latched it on, what awaited them was an even bigger catastrophe.

Numerous rolling wood and huge stones pelted downwards from over the wall, taking away life after life.

Siege battles were all along the most brutal ones.

In the battlefield where blood and meat flew around, if one wasn't cruel enough, he would collapse instantly.

The siege lasted until noon, and Friendship City was still as strong as rock. The alliance didn't have a single soldier that managed to get on the wall and cause a threat for the city protection division.

In the end, without the trebuchet, the grassland alliance army was still weaker.

On horses, they were heroes; at sieging, they were total noobs.

Making use of the break, the city protection division could finally take a breather. With only one division to defend such a huge area, it wasn't as easy as it seemed.

As for the arcuballista archers of the god machine unit, these were strong men as they had been continuously operating the arcuballista. Not only did they use up all their energy, but their hands were also swollen and shaking.

Not only the strong men, but those soldiers in charge of throwing the rolling wood and stone had it tough too. The enemy was really too fearless and kept on attacking. They could only follow and move around the rolling wood and throw it down.

The continuous battle had totally exhausted the soldiers.

Luckily at this time, the Combat Logistics Department had arranged for the commoners to bring delicious and warm rice.

The alliance army was similarly cooking rice, but their atmosphere was really depressing.

Their morale had been crushed by problem after problem, and was at its lowest. Some soldiers even felt despair and that no matter what, they wouldn't be able to take down Friendship City.

This depressing mood that spread around the camp made Daiqin frown.

For him to hold on until now was for the promise reinforcements by the Yanhuang Alliance. Those stupid rats still not appearing at this time, what tricks were they playing?

The alliance army was on the verge of collapsing, and one small mistake would push them over the edge.

Daiqin could feel in the eyes of the various tribe generals that they had the intention of retreating. In the end, the only one with a deep hatred for Shanhai City was the Tianqi tribe.

If it wasn't that Shanhai City had endless amounts of riches, they wouldn't have responded to Kehan's call and lead their troops to attack the city.

3 days had passed and they haven't achieved anything. Their army was half destroyed.

Whoever it was, they wouldn't feel good.

In the afternoon, under the pressure of Daiqin, the alliance army launched another assault on Friendship City.

The current alliance army's morale had dropped tremendously and they weren't as fierce as before.

After a noon of readjustment, the city protection division had barely managed to recover. After some casualties, they managed to block the alliance army assault.

The third day has ended just like that.

Night, alliance army tent.

Daiqin was furious, he wasn't as calm and easygoing as before.

The meeting that just ended, the 6 tribe generals, apart from Hari Chagai who kept quiet, the other 6 pressured him to disperse the troops of not they would leave.

Those bunch of rats!

Do they think dispersing the army will make things fine? When you bare your fangs, wanting to close your mouth wasn't that easy.

After this battle, when Shanhai City recovered, would they let them off?

Stupid to the maximum!

To the alliance army, there was already no way out.

Advancing was a road filled with thorns; retreating was a cliff.

Unfortunately, no one believed his words. They’d rather be an ostrich and not give their all.


Daiqin raged, and he smashed the things in his tent.

Lakhshen stood at a side quietly. This was the first time he saw Daiqin lose control, so even when he loses his senses, even he will lose control of himself.

Lakhshen realized that he wasn't as fearful of him anymore.

Daiqin turned around and seeing Lakhshen's expression, he immediately regained his senses.

"You go back first!" Daiqin regained his calmness.

"Yes!" Lakhshen backed out of the tent quietly.

Daiqin looked at the view of Lakhshen’s back, giving a weird expression.

Not long after Lakhshen left, the black shirt man visited the tent once again.

When Daiqin saw the black shirt man, all his pent up anger was released. He pulled out the crescent knife by his wait and held it at the neck of the men, "Where's the reinforcements that you promised? Give me a satisfying answer or else you won't leave here!"

The black shirt man was unfazed. "General, why are you so angry?"

"Asshole! It's because of all of you. Those generals are about to leave. I probably can't escape but your hopes are now all lost." Daiqin was really going to be angered to death, he gritted his teeth as he said.

"The reinforcements will come tomorrow!" The black shirt man wasn't fast or slow and didn't bother about the knife at his neck.

Daiqin's eyes froze and he kept the crescent knife back into his sheath. "Are your words true?"

"General will know tomorrow, when have I lied to you."

"Good, I'll trust you one last time." Daiqin was helpless, now he could only advance and his only hope was the reinforcements.

The black shirt men laughed coldly, his grasp of human nature was at the peak. The timing at which the Yanhuang Alliance would act was predicted and strategized by the advisors from the military.

On the surface, he was still expressionless. "Goodbye, tomorrow I still need you to put up a good show for us."

"Hen!" Daiqin didn't answer.

The black shirt man didn't care and left, disappearing into the darkness once again.

In the night, a 20 thousand man army appeared in Lianzhou wilderness. The army was like a ghost, silently staring at Shanhai City.

Amongst the slowly advancing army, there was Chun Shenjun, Xiong Ba, and also a special existence, Baiqi's old friend, Zhao Kuo.

Zhao Kuo rode on the horse, looked towards Shanhai City, and muttered, "Wu An lord, we are going to meet again! This time I'm not going to lose to you."

Shanhai City was welcoming its greatest danger.