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Chapter 335- Shanhai City Is Lost?

Chapter 335- Shanhai City Is Lost?

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Walking in the morning sun, the 20 thousand reinforcements from Yanhuang Alliance sneakily appeared to the west of Shanhai City.

At the same time, to the east of Shanhai City, a 20 thousand man army led by Zhan Lang and Feng Qingyang appeared, charging straight at the city east camp.

In Broken Blade County, Di Chen and Wandering Magic led 5000 elites to assist Sha Pojun's unit.

Amongst the group, there was an old general- Lianpo.

Adding with the 5000 that Sha Pojun led, the Yanhuang Alliance had invested 50 thousand of their elite.

Their strategy was to surround the city and not attack. The Broken Blade County city protection division pincered the 3rd division together with the 10 thousand elite from Yanhuang Alliance and the 20 thousand led by Zhan Lang.

After destroying the 3rd division, they would proceed west and siege Shanhai City.

Their appetite was unexpectedly huge.

Their plan wasn't only that. Di Chen and Chun Shenjun also used their connections and contacted the various big power lords to send troops and form up at the border of the various Shanhai alliance allies.

Their goal was to prevent them from sending reinforcements.

One had to say that they were making a huge move.

If they succeeded, not only would Shanhai City be totally destroyed, but the Shanhai alliance would also be greatly affected.

With that, the Chinese region would belong to Yanhuang Alliance and return to the path that Di Chen and them planned. The changes that Ouyang Shuo had triggered would then cease to exist.

This was the strongest blow that the Yanhuang Alliance dealt since they formed.

Even as their opponent, one would have to say that they made a good move.

Ouyang Shuo had no idea was happening with any of this.

Daiqin, seeing the reinforcements arrive, heaved a sigh of relief in the alliance army tent, .

Early in the morning, the various tribes had started to pack up and were ready to leave. Seeing the suddenly appearance of reinforcements, the various generals rushed to the tent to ask Daiqin what was happening.

Daiqin gave a simple explanation and then said, "The reinforcements have arrived. It's time to attack Shanhai City."

"We will follow commander's orders!"

At this time, obviously no one would want to retreat and disperse the troops.

The 20 thousand reinforcements were like a strengthening agent, and once again raised the morale of the troops.

Compared to the alliance army tent, the Shanhai City commander unit had a more serious atmosphere.

Baiqi's eyebrows were locked. What he was worried about wasn't the 20 thousand reinforcements but the position they came out from wasn't correct. Based on logic, they should have came from the east, so how did they come from the west?

The count of the commander unit was something only Ouyang Shuo could answer.

To be able to keep contact with him, Mu Lanyue had remained in the Lianzhou Lord's Manor.

When she got the news, she relayed it to him straight away.

The alliance being able to come from the west means that one of the lords had destroyed the contract and allowed them into Lianzhou.

As it had special meaning, the contract in game had lawful implications. The player breaking the contract would have to be punished.

To prevent such a thing from happening, he made strict demands. If one went against it, not only must he pay heavy economic consequences, but must also go to jail.

Not only that, a one sided breaking of the contract will also affect the player's credit evaluation and was detrimental to both his life and game.

In conclusion, the consequences were very heavy.

He didn't expect for the Yanhuang Alliance to actually have such huge connections.

Ouyang Shuo was unable to think about what conditions Yanhuang Alliance had promised to allow that lord to be willing to go to jail.

The bottom line of the Yanhuang Alliance was far more than Ouyang Shuo expected. The connections and influence of these old men were simple terrifying.

Usually one wouldn't notice, but the moment they bared their fangs, it was a bloody slaughter.

In this aspect, Ouyang Shuo was just a rookie and wasn't on their level.

Ouyang Shuo had no time to think, and his first reaction was to ask Mu Lanyue to remind Baiqi to take a look at the east. Since the west broke their contract, the east side would as well.

Yanhuang had planned so well, so they probably covered everything.

If the east had allies as well, the 3rd division would be in deep trouble.

In truth, Ouyang Shuo didn't place any high hopes on his reminder.

Since the allied troops to the west appeared, it was already too late. Ouyang Shuo just hoped that the Military Intelligence Division was sharp and could catch the eastern troops to buy some time.

As for the allies of Shanhai Alliance, Ouyang Shuo had only one sentence: adapt to changes.

As one said, danger was a chance.

If they could make use of the chance and expand their strength, they could clear those people around them. As for Shanhai City, it didn't need reinforcements at this time.

Ouyang Shuo's words helped stabilized the chaotic situation within the alliance.

After calming down, it was time to make a plan.

Right now, it was far from when victory and defeat was decided.

Hearing Mu Lanyue's words, Baiqi kept silent. He ordered all the divisions to stop their movement. Following which, he stayed in the room alone, planning for god knows what.

Lianzhou East Region.

Before, the prevent the mountain barbarian tribe from talking to Chiyou City, the military intelligence group had planted many eyes around the east region. Following which was the Battle of Lianzhou.

Tianqi Tribe working together with Broken Blade County was found out by the military intelligence 1st group.

As compared to the area in the west, the entire east region was under surveillance by the military intelligence 1st group.

Hence, the moment the east army appeared, they were found by the military intelligence first group. The spy immediately used the Feng bird, informed the city east camp, and asked the 3rd division to make preparations.

Zhanlang was around a day away from the city east camp. If they rushed, it was less than a day's journey.

The high speed of the Feng bird had earned the 3rd division half a day of time.

This half a day allowed the 3rd division to escape death.

The moment the intelligence officer in the camp received the intel, he immediately reported to major general Er'Lai.

When Er'Lai received the news, he immediately gathered or the colonels for a meeting.

"There is no time, whatever ideas you have, throw it out." Although Er'Lai was fierce, he was very civil when he did things. He knew his weakness, and hence was able to listen to the ideas from his subordinates.

The tent suddenly quietened down.

Those generals were basically brutish. They could bring soldiers out to battle, but such suggestions were too much for them.

Out of the five colonels, Er'Lai had high hopes for one of them; he was the second regiment colonel Lei Jingtian. Lei Jingtian came out of the Leidian Tribe and Gushan County Magistrate Leifan was his brother.

Although Lei Jingtian was a mountain barbarian, his senses were sharp and he was good at using troops.

As expected, seeing no one speak, Lei Jingtian stood out and said directly, "The enemy is two to three times ours. Relying on the city east camp, we can't defend it. I feel that we should retreat before the enemy arrives."

"Retreat, to where?"

"Gushan County!"

"Gushan County?"

"That's right. Firstly, mostly mountain barbarians live there and the independent regiment was housed there. Secondly, the county has good defenses, and is much better than the city east camp.

As his words were heard, all the generals agreed.




"Ok, that's settled. All of us will retreat to Gushan County."

"General, we must plan it well and not let the enemy see any weaknesses." Guards unit major Liaokai reminded.

"En, we really need to plan." Er'Lai brushed his moustache and turned to the intelligence officer. "Immediately send all our intel and plans to the commander unit. At the same time, ask them what we should do next."


In truth, when the Military Intelligence Division spy located Zhan Lang, they had sent two reports, one to the city east camp and the other back to the headquarters.

The only thing they needed to inform the commander unit was only the issue with retreating.

Time was tight and after dispersing, the city east camp started to get busy.

To not alert the 3rd division, Di Chen's forces hid in Broken Blade County and didn't show themselves.

Opposite the city east camp were only the Broken Blade County city protection division and Sha Pojun's forces.

Both armies were at a standstill for many days and nothing happened.

To trick the enemy, Er'Lai had specially arranged a guards unit, the only cavalry unit in the 3rd division to provoke the enemy.

The main army had quietly left through the back of the camp.

Of all this, Ba Dao and Sha Pojun didn't have any clue.

The hatred both of them had for Ouyang Shuo was deep in their bones. Every moment, they would imagine the feeling of the upcoming revenge.

As time went on, Yanhuang Alliance's plan was revealed.

The forums were in an uproar and they were basically mourning Shanhai City.

"Shanhai City is about to be destroyed, Yanhuang Alliance is more skilled!"

"Yanhuang Alliance had stayed quiet, but when they act, it's truly shocking!"

"Well played Yanhuang Alliance!"

"The situation in China Region is changing, who will commoner lords look to now?"


There were all kind of comments. Some were cheering while some were sad. Be it people who opposed or supported, no one felt that Shanhai City could get out of this.

At this moment, the professional commentators that Yanhuang Alliance hired had announced that Yanhuang Alliance had considered far ahead and the complacency and arrogance of Shanhai City had given them the chance.

Even the global forums were shocked at such a change.

Jack Dawson, who felt that Shanhai City would survive, was speechless. The China Region really had many hidden tigers and dragons, the competition in it was so intense.

At this point, the fame of the Yanhuang Alliance rose and they claimed all of the spotlight.

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