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Chapter 337- Transition

Chapter 337- Transition

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Baiqi had played a wonderful empty city plan right under the noses of the alliance army.

When he had given out the city defense roles, the 2nd division had sneakily hid in the Shanhai city barracks. As for the soldiers patrolling at the city gate of Qiushui City, they were just a bunch of reserve force members dressed like cavalry.

The only 2nd division soldiers that were there were the cavalry unit that defended on one end of the bridge.

As what Zhao Sihu was worried about was that if the 3 divisions defended the inner cities, they would be forced to fight alone and for themselves.

The war happened as predicted.

The allied army had taken control of the 3 bridges and thus cut off contact between the three cities.

Hence, Baiqi decided to sneak the 2nd division into Shanhai City.

To bluff the enemy, Baiqi had ordered them to hang the 2nd division flags on the city wall of Qiushui City. During the battle over the bridges, it proved once again that the 2nd division was inside Qiushui City.

As they had their own goals, be it Daiqin or Chun Shenjun, they didn’t bother about Qiushui City.

To Baiqi, how to move and use the 2nd division depended on the layout of the enemy.

If the alliance army focused on attacking Shanhai City, then the 2nd division will sneak attack.

If the enemy was unable to immediately take down Shanhai City, then Baiqi would transition to dealing damage.

What it would result in would be that under the continuous assault of Shanhai City, they would have heavy casualties and would be forced back. Even with reinforcements, they wouldn't be able to attack.

To Baiqi, this was the best decision.

The only change was the problem with the 3rd division.

Luckily at the crucial moment, the Military Intelligence Division had worked its magic and helped them escape.

Receiving the intel from the Military Intelligence Division, Baiqi made the decisive step.

And this was also the biggest present Baiqi prepared for the alliance army.

2nd month 13th day

It was the turning point of the Battle of Lianzhou.

On this day, the 3rd division had retreated to Gushan County and escaped from being pincered.

On this day, Di Chen and Zhan Lang met up in the city east camp and decided to attack Gushan County.

On this day, Chun Shenjun tried to persuade Daiqin to attack Shanhai City together.

The key was:

On this day, the 2nd division teleported from Shanhai City to Mulan City.

After confirming that Shanhai City was temporarily okay, Baiqi activated both trump cards, the 2nd and 4th divisions, and targeted Beiritie China's forces.

He only had 8000 cavalry, and inside Mulan City was two divisions, one of which was the trump card of the Shanhai City Army.

Together with the newly built city protection regiment, the total strength was close to 30 thousand.

Before the 2nd division left, Baiqi left Luo Shixin with a few words: end it fast.

Time was of the essence for Shanhai City.

The empty city plan could only work for a while, and if time is dragged out, it would definitely fail.

Luo Shixin immediately ordered them to prepare for battle and promised that in a day he would destroy their forces.

To achieve that goal, after Luo Shixin teleported, he discussed with Mu Guiying and both of them chose to surround Beiritie China's forces.

Mu Guiying led the 4th division and city protection regiment from the front to attract attention.

The 2nd division sneakily went out of the west gate and circled behind their forces to break their escape route.

In these few days, Mulan City was very silent and nothing occured.

As the main general, Beiritie China naturally wouldn't let down his guard.

The soldiers on the other hand were different. Some were grumbling about their mission to spy on the sea. From their point of view, charging towards Shanhai City and plundering its riches was the most glorious.

What they didn't know was that their friends not only didn't obtain a single copper, but that 20 thousand of them died on the battlefield.

Things in this world were actually so magical. When you are envying others, they are envying you too. Those who attacked Shanhai City were envying Beiritie China's forces for being safe.

Hence when Mulan City's south gate suddenly opened and a huge army waltzed out like a black swarm, the grassland cavalry troops were stunned.

"Sneak attack! Sneak attack!"

"Quick, prepare for battle!"

"Cavalry units form up!"

"Prepare the horses! Prepare the horses!"


Various noises spread out in the camp, and it was total chaos.

When Bieritie China got the news, he walked out of the tent and onto the high platform.

The 4th division was made up of light cavalry and infantry with the main force being infantry. There was only one light armoured infantry regiment protecting the left wing. The right wing was the city protection regiment.

The center was the biggest and formed up of sword shield soldiers, spearmen, and archers in that order.

The huge army charged forwards in an orderly formation, shocking the heavens.

Beiritie China's eyes focused as he knew that the enemy had finally acted. He was originally a hot blooded person and being cooped up for so many days made him feel uncomfortable. Seeing the enemy troops come out, his blood boiled.

Although their number were more than expected and twice the number of the grassland cavalry, Beiritie Ahci wasn't fazed and he believed in his invincible iron cavalry that they would be able to crush the enemy.

The grassland cavalry were well trained and in a short time, they formed up.

Beiritie China rode his Qingfu Horse and walked to the front of the army, waving them forward to attack.

The cavalry started charging fearlessly towards the enemy.

Before they even reached the front, the 4th division archers gave them a warning.

After the 4th division was re-equiped, the bows that they used were all elite equipment produced by the bow and crossbow division, be in range or precision they were all of high grade.

The arrow rain that covered the sky was like a huge net that rained down on their heads.

The grassland cavalry had misjudged the range of the archers.

All of a sudden, both humans and horses fell onto the ground.

The vanguard forces of the grassland cavalry were like wheat getting harvested as one by one they were killed in the arrow rain.

The powerful arrow rain made the grassland cavalry cower in fear. They hadn't faced such a powerful weapon before and their own bows were like toys in comparison.

Beiritie China had a serious expression on his face and wasn't as confident as before.

He was a rash person and the blood on the battlefield ignited the blood in his heart.

He decided to risk it all and give it their all to continue their charge into the enemy.

The short 500 meters was destined to becoming a killing field.

Finally after paying heavy casualties, the grassland cavalry had bumped into the sword shield soldiers and spearmen of the 4th division.

The high speed cavalry had a destructive effect on them.

The sword shield soldiers weren't like the heavy armoured mountain barbarians which were able to withstand the charge of any cavalry. One could see that the middle army was about to be broken right through.

At the crucial moment, the light cavalry at the sides cut in.

With the help of the light armoured cavalry, the attack of the grassland cavalry was affected and their attacking momentum was messed up.

Making use of this chance, the center group under the lead of Mu Guiying formed up once again to prevent the cavalry from charging through.

The grassland cavalry were strong as expected.

They had, under the situation of being under armoured and outnumbered, to be able to deal so much damage, they were really worthy to be called the grassland iron cavalry.

Just as the situation entered a stalemate, a huge rumbling spread out from the back. The deafening sound was even louder than the charge of the grassland cavalry.

Beiritie China was astonished. He turned around to see and in an instant he was on the verge of giving up.

Before his army was a huge force of cavalry charging forwards. They were wearing shiny armor which under the sunlight reflected a golden shine.

The 2nd division had arrived at the crucial moment.

Before the grassland cavalry could even react, the 2nd division had already rushed to the front, and together with the 4th division had totally surrounded the grassland army.

What happened next was a total slaughter!

Two hours later, the remaining grassland cavalry couldn't hold on and decided to surrender.

In this battle, apart from the 3000 who surrendered, the remaining ones all died.

Their commander, one of the 3 generals of the Tianqi tribe, had died.

The Sun hung overhead and shone down, revealing a beautiful red glow.

The death of Beiritie China was a turning point to the grassland tribes. It signified that the grassland tribe rule of the middle region was over and the time of Shanhai City had arrived.

In the later parts, the various grassland tribes named the place where Beiritie China died as the origin of blood.

Time after time, some grassland herders would come over and mourn and remember the glory of the past.

His death was the turning point of the Battle of Lianzhou.

After the battle, the prisoners were sent back by the city protection regiment back to Mulan City. Along with the prisoners was the head of Beiritie China which would be teleported back to Shanhai City.

As the main force of this battle, the 2nd and 4th divisions would directly continue on in the battle. They would follow the orders of the commander unit and continue fighting.

The 2nd division went east, and their target was the empty Broken Blade County, to totally destroy the Broken Blade County city protection division to help out with Gushan County.

As for the 4rth division, they came down south towards the base of Tianqi Tribe.

The two divisions were like two assassins, under the planning of the commander unit, to take out the heads of the enemy.

In the blue sky, a wild goose flew across, both sad and lonely.