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Chapter 338- Striking at the Foot of the Problem

Chapter 338- Striking at the Foot of the Problem

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It was still the 13th day of the 2nd month, and all the things that happened today was enough to make one dazzled.

At 1 PM, the 2nd and 4th division set out.

At 2 PM, the head of Beiritie China was sent to the commander unit.

At 5 PM, Di Chen and Zhan Lang's forces had reached Gushan County and cornered it.

At 6 PM, Chun Shenjun finally persuaded Daiqin, and he agreed to attack Shanhai City.


Night, Shanhai City.

The Military Affairs director brought one guard and secretly advanced towards the grassland alliance camp.

Daiqin was in the tent and met Du Ruhui alone.

Du Ruhui entered the black tent and said, "General, are you okay?"

Daiqin said roughly, "If you have anything just say it."

"General is indeed frank!" Du Ruhui didn't care and smiled. "I would like general to retreat!"

"What?" It was like he heard a huge joke and said in a low voice, "Do you believe that if you continue to stay stupid things, I'll kill you?"

"Why not general? First take a look at the present we prepared for you?"


"Bring it forward!" Du Ruhui waved his hand and the guard brought a wooden box in front to the table.

Du Ruhui made a gesture to invite Daiqin to open it, saying calmly, "Please take a look. I believe that when you see it, you will change your mind."

Daiqin's eyes froze. He knew that the other party was a capable person and definitely wasn't bluffing him.

For him to visit so late at night, he must have something important.

"Why not have your guard open up the box!" Daiqin said.

Who knew whether there were any hidden weapons. Although the risk was low, Daiqin still didn't want to.

Du Ruhui nodded.

The servant opened the box only to see a bloody head in the middle of the box.

"Ah!" Even with the calm demeanour of Daiqin, seeing the thing in the box, he couldn't help but call out.

"Commander!" The Guards outside the tent immediately wanted to rush in.

"I'm fine! Stay outside." Daiqin prevented the Guards from entering.

"Yes commander!" The guard replied and silence was restored.

Only then did Daiqin regain his senses and stared at the head in the box, saying coldly, "Beiritie China?"

"That's right. This afternoon, his forces were totally killed by ours and some surrendered. Not only that, Shanhai City's 4th division has already set out toward Shenjuan Lake Camp." Du Ruhui gave a simple description of what happened.

Daiqin felt a shiver down his spine and his face was extremely ugly. He gritted his teeth. "Do you think with just one head that I'll trust you?"

As one of the three generals of the Tianqi tribe, he knew that the current Shenjuan Lake Camp was just a defenseless camp.

The army of the tribe were all in the alliance army and what remained were just a small amount.

When he thought about how the tribe’s noble families like Kehan and even his own wife was going to be attacked, his face turned ashen white.

"If you don't believe, you can go check it out. As for whether or not you reach in time is another story."

Daiqin's face was totally white. He didn't dare to take the risk and said solemnly, "Ok, I'll retreat my troops tomorrow."

Du Ruhui shook his head and laughed.

"What? What do you want? Don't go overboard!" Daiqin gritted his teeth and scolded.

"Overboard?" Du Ruhui suddenly kept his smile and said coldly, "General actually dares say that I'm going overboard? When you attacked our city, did you think that you were going overboard? When you attacked Friendship City, did you think that you were going overboard? Why? Now that I want to destroy your home you come and talk to me about this?"

A majestic aura spread out from Du Ruhui.

The current Du Ruhui made one fearful as what he represented was the entire Shanhai City.

Daiqin's face blushed red and he didn't speak.

Inside the tent was a really awkward silence.

"Speak, what exactly do you want?" After a long time, Daiqin said once again, his voice was now really bitter and sad and lacked the confidence as before. "As long as you promise not to harm my tribe I'll agree with everything."

Du Ruhui nodded, it seems like he had finally tamed this wild tiger.

"With the crimes you committed, no punishment would be too much." Du Ruhui said solemnly, "Luckily for you the Marquis is merciful and is willing to give you guys a way out."

"Please elaborate!" The prestige of Daiqin was totally crushed.

"The grassland tribes will come under Shanhai Territory and enjoy the same treatment as ordinary residents."

In the afternoon, the news of the big victory had spread back to the commander unit and they contacted Ouyang Shuo for his opinion. To Ouyang Shuo, integrating all the grassland tribes was the best choice.

Ouyang Shuo wasn't one to do things on a whim.

"This..." Daiqin was speechless. "I'm only a general, I can't make the decision."

"Don't worry, we won't put you on the spot." Du Ruhui continued. "As for surrendering, my Marquis will discuss with Kehan and the other tribes. What you need to do is to lead your troops to go under Shanhai City."

Daiqin sighed and muttered, “Maybe this is the decision of the heavens. The Lianzhou Lord uniting Lianzhou is not something one can prevent."

Thinking about the fate of the various grassland tribes, Daiqin didn't know whether to worry or be happy.

In this year, the various tribes had been cooperating and breaking up, cooperating and breaking up with Shanhai City.

Both sides had done close trading and also hated one another because of the betrayal.

Daiqin's foresight was so far in the future. To him, when the relationship between the grassland tribes and Shanhai City was the closest, he felt the impact of Shanhai City's resources on them.

Surrendering and living in Shanhai City wasn't a bad choice.

"Don't worry, I won't have any second thoughts. Tomorrow I will lead my forces." Daiqin looked at Du Ruhui and said, "As a criminal in this war, I'll also take up responsibility."

In his words, Daiqin already had the intention to die.

From his perspective, the Lianzhou Marquis was kind-hearted and could allow normal soldiers to survive, but as a commander, he would definitely not be let off.

At the crucial moment, Daiqin showed the courage and responsibility of a general.

This was a real man that was worthy of respect.

Du Ruhui looked at Daiqin with a complicated expression. "General doesn't have to do this. In truth, the marquis hopes that you will forget about the past and continue to work for the Shanhai City army.

"?" In Daiqin's eyes, a glimmer of hope shone.

When Du Ruhui saw the doubt in Daiqin's eyes, he said, "General doesn't need to have doubts. Have you heard of Shaobu? He had fought against Shanhai City, and now he's also extensively used by the Marquis."

Daiqin nodded, and hope rose up in his heart.

Which man wouldn't want to conquer territories and build up fame and a career?

"Your prestige, the marquis had long heard about it. It’s only that he isn't in Shanhai City and is unable to meet you personally. The marquis wants me to tell you that as long as you are willing, you can lead a division."

In the short conversation, Du Ruhui had many good words for Daiqin.

Daiqin's heart shivered. The promise made by the Lianzhou Lord definitely meant something. Thinking about the 4 major generals of the Shanhai City, which one wasn't a famous general?

He thought he was definitely going to die and now seeing hope, he couldn't hold back the emotions in his heart and said, "Thank you for your good grace, I'll work hard to repay you!"

Du Ruhui stood at the side and silently nodded.

When Daiqin regained his composure, Du Ruhui continued, "As for the battle tomorrow, we need you to help us out."

"Sure, please speak!" Daiqin had already adjusted to his new identity.

"Tomorrow morning, you will lead the army as usual to attack Shanhai City..."

In the tent, Du Ruhui started to discuss the scheme with Daiqin, spreading the order of the commander unit.

It was only in the dead of night when Du Ruhui prepared to leave.

As for how Daiqin was going to convince the other generals, it wasn't his problem. He believed that with Daiqin's ability and the head of Beiritie China, it was enough to shock them.

The 4th Division didn't attack Shenjuan Lake but instead, all the camps of the tribes were in their range. Du Ruhui wouldn't believe that any leader will be so stupid to do anything out of the ordinary."

On the grasslands were their wives and their families.

One had to say that Baiqi striking at the root of the problem was such a brilliant strategy, turning the whole situation around.

Before leaving, Du Ruhui said, "Oh yeah, there's still one more thing I forgot to tell you."

"Please speak!"

"The original Tianfeng tribe leader Dari Ahci and his followers had been taken down by the Law and Order Division and sent to jail, awaiting the court’s decision."

"..." Daiqin had no words.

Dari Ahci was contacted by him. The goal was to use them to open up the Shanhai City gate.

They didn't expect that before the operation even began, it would be blown up by Shanhai City.

It seemed that Dari Ahci was under supervision by Shanhai City. Thinking about how Dari Ahci was acting so confidently, Daiqin could only give out a bitter laugh.

As for Shanhai City's spy methods, Daiqin understood another layer of it.

Daiqin himself understood that the reason that Du Ruhui brought this up was to remind him that since he was surrendering, to not play any tricks. If not, he would be killed.

"You can relax!"

At this point, Daiqin didn't have any other thoughts.


Du Ruhui stood up and left, disappearing in the night.

The night sky was dark like ink and it was really quiet.

A new day was about to begin.