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Chapter 340- Life is All About Acting

Chapter 340- Life is All About Acting

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The same day, Shanhai City.

At the same time that the alliance army attacked Gushan County, Chun Shenjun and the grassland alliance launched their assault on Shanhai City.

Chun Shenjun and Xiongba led 20 thousand troops and focused on the west of Shanhai City.

Thirty thousand grassland alliance troops attacked the north, and at the same time guarded the bridges to prevent reinforcements.

The west was the core region of Shanhai City.

As they had come to an agreement with the grassland alliance army, the 1st division had to mainly defend the west.

As for the north, only a few reserve force members were stationed there.

The war at Shanhai city, because of the cooperation of the grassland alliance, wasn't as intense as that of Gushan County.

Although the alliance army did bring huge amounts of trebuchets, Shanhai City wasn't Gushan County, and all the city walls they had numerous arcuballistas. Their defense was absolutely shocking.

Hence, solely relying on the 20 thousand alliance troops, they could do nothing about the defense of the 1st division.

As a light cavalry and light infantry mixed division, the 1st division had sword shield soldiers, spearmen and archers, the best combination to defending city walls.

In a morning, the alliance army had heavy casualties but didn't achieve anything.

Shanhai City was as strong as rock as it stood tall in the wilderness.

Chun Shenjun wasn't a fool and the weird actions of the grassland alliance, he had noticed it all.

In the afternoon, Chun Shenjun went to find Daiqin.

"General, what is the meaning of this?" Chun Shenjun's face was extremely ugly and he burnt the bridge instantly.

Daiqin said apologetically. "I had no choice. I eagerly supported your decision to Attack; but the other generals have their opinions. They grumbled and said that you came too late and caused them heavy casualties. Hence, this siege, naturally you will be in charge and we will be in charge of dealing with Friendship and Qiushui County.

Chun Shenjun froze.

The last few days, he watched on and caused many deaths of the grassland alliance army.

He didn't think that karma would strike back so quickly.

Luckily he was really well trained and he smiled. "I didn't delay on purpose, we had already rushed day and night, I hope you can explain that to them and I wish we can put aside all this and cooperate. As long as we take down Shanhai City, wouldn't we recuperate all losses?"

"You are right, I'll try my best."

Chun Shenjun didn't have absolute faith and could only helplessly make another promise. "As long as you help us out, I promise that after I take down Shanhai City, you will be in charge how about that?"

Daiqin laughed bitterly in his heart. If his home was safe, he would naturally agree. Unfortunately, Shanhai City was so highly skilled. Even if you promised mountains of gold and silver, it would be useless.

Putting it another way, if the grassland army didn't lose many troops and generals and could take down Shanhai City quickly, Daiqin would also have such a thought. If they could take down the city, naturally he could use it to protect his family. Unfortunately, the current Shanhai City was something they couldn’t take down in one or two days.

When they eventually manage to achieve that, the grasslands would probably be dyed red.

Daiqin looked at Chun Shenjun with apathy. This guy was probably still having dreams about taking over Shanhai City.

Daiqin's face didn't have any weird expression as he said emotionally, "Really?"

"Of course!"

In truth, Chun Shenjun was cursing in his heart: this bunch of brainless barbarians, a simple promise and they believe it. When I really take over the city and the alliance army gathers up, what say will you guys have?

The two old foxes looked at one another, both thinking that they had victory in their grasps.

Their smiles had a tinge of sincerity but it was mostly fake.

If one didn't know, one would think that they were really close friends.

Xiongba, who followed along upon seeing Chun Shenjun's smile, felt a shiver down his spine.

Just as both sides engaged, the city protection division housed at Friendship City sneakily left the city, going across the city protection river, turning west, over the Friendship river and going behind the alliance army.

At this point, the Shanhai City army had totally surrounded Chun Shenjun's forces.

To prevent alerting the enemy, the grassland alliance army continued to help siege.

They only needed to wait for the 2nd division to take down Broken Blade County, and then this army could take down Chun Shenjun's forces.

The huge net created by Baiqi was finally in place, and they just waited to reel it in.

The attack in the afternoon became more intense under Chun Shenjun's rushing. To help the grassland alliance act, Shanhai City had to send more soldiers to defend the north.

Even so, the siege was still a failure.

Chun Shenjun had no reason to doubt Daiqin and could only return to his tent.

The day's battle came to an end just like that.

2nd month 15th day, the Battle of Lianzhou reached its most crucial day.

In the morning, the 2nd division whipped their horses and finally reached Broken Blade County.

After reaching Broken Blade County, Luo Shixin didn't immediately attack and instead like Heiqi led the 4th regiment and attack the territory that Zhan Lang teleported in from.

This time, Baiqi wanted to totally destroy the escape route of the alliance army and trap them in Lianzhou Basin.

The appearance of the huge army was something the Broken Blade County wasn't prepared for.

The current county was like an empty city.

Facing the strong 2nd division, they just rolled over and died.

The 2nd division entered effortlessly, and the sounds of horse hooves spread out.

If it was that before leaving, Baiqi instructed them not to kill the innocent, which would infect their rule of Broken Blade County, Broken Blade County would have probably become a living hell.

After entering, Luo Shixin led his troops and went straight for the lords manor.

It still had some defenses, but unfortunately, facing the 2nd division, they was all useless.

In less than half an hour, the lord's manor was taken over.

Lin Yi led his few generals and entered the meeting hall and attacked the stone steele.

At this moment, Ba Dao received a system notification.

"System Notification: your territory is under attack!"


The sudden notification made him tremble in fear. He didn't know what to do and immediately informed Di Chen and Zhan Lang.

The current alliance army was getting ready to launch its 2nd assault on Gushan County.

Hearing the news, Di Chen and Zhan Lang both felt uneasy.

"Is it the Shanhai City army?" Di Chen wasn't so calm anymore.

"Apart from them, who can it be?" Ba Dao totally panicked.

"How did they appear?"

"Who knows?"


The alliance army held a discussion but they couldn't find a solution.

The development of the situation was far more than they expected.

Without detailed intel, even a general like Lianpo couldn't do anything.

Seeing such a situation, Ba Dao shouted out, "I don't care, I'm leading my troops back before it's too late!" In his words, he had totally lost his patience with the Yanhuang Alliance.

"It's too late, why not help us take down Gushan County!"

Di Chen tried to stop the rash action of Ba Dao, the territory stone steele could at most last for an hour so there was no point in rushing back.

Strictly speaking, his suggestion wasn't wrong.

Unfortunately, the party he was trying to persuade was a lord that had lost all rationality.

"Help you?" Ba Dao mocked, he was practically shouting. "My territory is about to be taken over, how can I help you? Take down Gushan County, stop bragging! Without 2-3 days you can't do it! At the beginning I shouldn't have listened to you and just signed the contract with Shanhai City, I could have become a rich man."

Ba Dao went crazy, his words weren't as courteous as before.

"Are you shameless?"

Sha Pojun couldn't stand it anymore. Towards Ba Dao, he didn't have a good impression of him.

A nameless player who only had a relationship with the Yanhuang Alliance because his territory was in the Lianzhou Basin. If not, who would bother with him?

Ba Dao's face was as black as charcoal. He stared at Sha Pojun and shouted, "Go to hell!"

After that, he immediately led his troops and left.


Sha Pojun was furious and wanted to chase.

"Enough!" Di Chen rolled his eyes at Sha Pojun. "Isn't it enough? Haven't you lost enough face?"

Di Chen looked at Sha Pojun with unhappiness. this rash fellow couldn't do his part and instead messed things up. Originally he had a chance to persuade him but Sha Pojun had totally pissed off Ba Dao.

Seeing Di Chen so mad, Sha Pojun shivered and didn't dare to speak.

All of a sudden, the alliance army fell apart.

Seeing Ba Dao leave, the heads of the Yanhuang Alliance looked at one another.

Zhan Lang acted as the mediator and said,"Ok, ok, everyone calm down."

"Yes, the crucial thing now is what we should we do next." Piao Linghuan followed, trying to shift their attention.

As the words registered, there was total silence.

That's right, what should they do?

Not talking about whether or not they could take it down, even if they did, they would suffer heavy losses. Would they have the ability to attack Shanhai City then?

Any smart person would know that before their siege even ended, it was already a failure.

A depressed emotion spread out amongst the alliance army.

Thinking back, when planning for this, everyone was so pumped up. Thinking about giving Qiyue Wuyi a taste of his medicine and giving him that killer blow, everyone was so exicted.

During the start of the war, everything was smooth and as expected.

On the forums, everyone was mourning for Shanhai City.

However, when did the situation start to change?

All of a sudden, no one could give a definite answer.

After a long while, Di Chen stood up and said, "Let's retreat!"

As the breeze blew across, there was total silence.