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Chapter 341- Reeling in the Nets

Chapter 341- Reeling in the Nets

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Seeing the alliance army retreat, cheers spread out within Gushan County.

To the residents, war was an evil that they best stayed away from and they would rather not see.

On the city wall, the generals came to E'Lai's side.

"General, why did the enemy suddenly retreat?" Lei Jingtian asked.

E'Lai guessed that it had probably had something to do with the commander unit.

"Who cares!" Hu Yibiao said.

"General, what should we do next?"


Er'Lai immediately made the decision that no matter what, they couldn't let the enemy retreat comfortably.

"Wouldn't that be taking a risk?l Lei Jingtian was a little hesitant. "What about Gushan County?"

Er'Lai wave his hand. "They have no intention to attack Gushan County already, let the independent regiment defend in case."

"Gather the troops and move out!"

"Yes general!"

Just like that, the 3rd division followed closely behind the alliance army and monitored their every movement.

Ba Dao led his city protection division away, and tried to save Broken Blade County.

However before his army even covered 5 kilometres, a notification sounded out in his ear.

"System notification: your territory have been occupied, all players inside will be teleported to Dali!"


Ba Dao led out a sad scream, instantly turning into a white light and disappearing from the Lianzhou Basin.

Ba Dao's ending made one shiver in fear.

At this point, the three overlords of the Lianzhou Basin had all disappeared and Lianzhou Basin was unified.

A new era was about to begin.

Seeing their lord suddenly disappear, the city protection division didn't know what to do, they were like abandoned children who sat in the wilderness.

After occupying Broken Blade County, Luo Shixin didn't stop and continued to move west.

Broken Blade County was occupied, so the teleportation function had disappeared, there was totally no need to defend.

Luo Shixin's goal was the retreating alliance army.

Halfway there, the army conveniently met the abandoned Broken Blade County City protection division.

"Which force are you from?" Guards unit major Suwang asked.

The deputy major general of the division recognized the Shanhai City army and guessed that they were the reason for the disappearance of the lord. Unfortunately, they had lost all courage to go against Shanhai City.

"We are the city protection division of Broken Blade County!"

Luo Shixin smiled. "What a coincidence! Broken Blade County is occupied by us, are you willing to surrender?"

The soldiers upon seeing the situation all looked at one another, they did think about taking revenge but they didn't have the ability to do so.

"We surrender!"

"We surrender!"


A flurry of surrenders were heard and it didn't stop.

"Great!" Luo Shixin was delighted with the city protection division, turning around and saying, "Sun Chuanlin!"

"Present!" Sun Chuanlin went to the front.

"You lead your men and bring the city protection division back to Gushan County."

"Yes general!" Although Sun Chuanlin had some doubts, he followed the orders.

Seeing the army leave, Suwang asked doubtfully, "General, why did we send them to Gushan County?"

Luo Shixin smiled, "The reason is simple. Broken Blade County is their old home and where their family is at. The moment they returned, things might escalate."

"General is smart!"

The other colonels also felt immense respect for Luo Shixin's wit.

Luo Shixin waved them off," move off! We might have a huge battle waiting for us!"

"Yes general!"

Shanhai City.

The 2nd division occupying Broken Blade County had long ago spread to Ouyang Shuo.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for occupying Broken Blade County, rewarded 1000 merit points."

Ouyang Shuo immediately informed Mu Lanyue through the alliance channel and asked her to inform Baiqi.

At the same time, Ouyang Shuo also said something in the channel. "Guys it's time to reel in our nets!"

Instantly, the channel was bustling.

"I was waiting for these words, these fees days have been horrendous!"

"Hen, those people who looked down on the Shanhai Alliance, it's time to teach them a lesson!"

"That's right, slap them, papapa!"


It was apparent that the mourning of the public towards Shanhai Alliance on the forums had affected their feelings.

Everyone was feeling cooped up and quietly arranged their troops. They waited for the situation at Shanhai City to be settled before sending out their troops, giving the territories around them a lesson.

It was a sudden movement, like that of a gun.

In the China Region, Shanhai Alliance territories all attacked at the same time, sending out all their troops.

The allies of the Yanhuang Alliance to date hadn't gotten any news.

Facing the huge army, they were unable to react.

All of a sudden, a huge territory war swept over the China region.

All of a sudden, various people with information went online.

The forums went into an uproar.

The proactive strike from the Shanhai Alliance members didn't seem normal.

Everyone didn't understand what was happening.

One could only be sure that something unusual had definitely happened in the Battle of Lianzhou.

The nosiness of the players had started to burst apart and spread.

Unfortunately, be it Ouyang Shuo or the Yanhuang Alliance, neither were interested in revealing the latest developments on the forums.

As for the lord players in Lianzhou, during wartime, they didn't even go out and knew nothing about the Battle of Lianzhou.

Various commentators started to use all the methods they could to gain new intel about the Battle of Lianzhou.

No matter how noisy it was in the outside world, the momentum of Shanhai City wasn't affected.

When Baiqi gained the news that Broken Blade County was occupied, he jolted to his senses.

The time has came to reel in the nets.



"Fire the signal bullet and order the city protection division and grassland alliance army to immediately reel in the nets!"


The guard turned around and quickly two signal bullets shot up into the sky.

In the grassland alliance army tent, Daiqin upon seeing the signal, his heart felt very complicated.

He had no time to think and immediately waved the army flag.

Receiving the military orders, the grassland alliance army that was attacking the city wall immediately backed off.

In less than half an hour, they had successfully gathered up.

Daiqin walked to the front of the army and waved his hand forward, the army immediately turned to the west and went to the north side of the alliance army.

At the same time, the city protection division that was camped at the west attacked.

At this point, the alliance army was surrounded.

On the north was the 30 thousand strong grassland alliance army; east was Shanhai City city wall with the first regiment defending; south was the mountain range with nowhere to go; west was the city protection division.

The alliance army, with only 15 thousand men, was surrounded by 56 thousand men.

The alliance army was in a state of chaos.

"Lord, we are surrounded!"

"Those grassland barbarians betrayed us!"

"I know!"

Chun Shenjun gritted his teeth. Only he schemed against people, no one had ever schemed against him.

Daiqin, ah Daiqin, if I get out of this, I won't let you go!

"General, what should we do?" Chun Shenjun asked Zhao Kuo for help.

Zhao Kuo's face was black as well. From the start he thought he had a chance to compete with Baiqi. He didn't expect that before they even engaged, he had lost.

Luckily after the battle of Changping, Zhao Kuo was a lot more calm. "We can only charge west and use the teleportation formation and leave."


Chun Shenjun led Zhao Kuo lead the troops to break out.

He didn't expect to hear news in his ear that made him freeze in his spot, his face ashen white.

"Lord, what happened?"

Zhao Kuo didn't understand why Chun Shenjun would suddenly be like this.

The current Chun Shenjun was like he lost his soul and his face was as white as a ghost.

The alliance channel spread that the 2 player territories to the east and west that they bribed had been destroyed .

The two lords didn't forget to inform them after they were teleported to Dali and remind them that they did their job and for them to remember their promise.

The moment the news was out, the alliance channel was dead silent.

Not only Chun Shenjun, even Di Chen and Zhan Lang stood still on the spot.

The alliance army was in a desperate situation.

The one that destroyed the east territory naturally was the 4th regiment led by Heiqi.

The one that destroyed the territory to the west was the city protection regiment that was guarding Tianfeng City.

Before that, Ouyang Shuo had already ensured that the territories on both sides didn't have any soldiers left.

Compared to the Military Intelligence Division first group, the special operation group in charge of the west didn't notice Chun Shenjun's appearance and was berated by Du Ruhui.

After the scolding, Du Ruhui demanded that the special operation group investigate which territory broke the contract and allowed Yanhuang Alliance to teleport.

The leader had long changed from Songsan to a new elite spy.

Being scolded by the director, naturally he would be furious and left his men with harsh words. "Guys if we can't find out which territory it is, I have no face to see the Marquis and I can only kill myself. but before I do that, I will kill all of you first."

All of a sudden a cold breeze spread out in the group.

The special operation group spies were like hunting dogs, checking each and every house. Finally they found a clue and confirmed which territory it was.

Getting the intel, Baiqi immediately gave the order for the Tianfeng City city protection regiment to monitor it and get ready to destroy it.

The whole plan had totally blocked off any road for the alliance army to escape.

"Lord?" Zhao Kuo asked once more.

"Oh!" Chun Shenjun regained his composure and said bitterly, "We have nowhere to go!"

"What?" Zhao Kuo was alarmed.

"The territory in charge of sending us back has been destroyed. We have no place to retreat to!"

The moment his words registered, the army tent was dead silent.