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Chapter 342- Abandoning Men

Chapter 342- Abandoning Men

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2nd month 15th day. Nighttime. Shanhai City.

The moon shone outside Shanhai City, making it look sad.

Outside the west gate, it was a scene of devastation.

After surrounding the enemy, Baiqi didn't give the alliance army any time; he just launched their attack.

The armies from all three directions suppressed the alliance army until they couldn't move.

After an afternoon of battle, the alliance army lost. They either died in battle or they surrendered.

In this battle, Chun Shenjun was killed, and Zhao Kuo was captured.

The list in this battle was enough to hurt the backbone of Chun Shenjun's territory. Not only did Zhao Kuo get captured, but all his elite generals were either captured or killed in battle.

This was a huge blow to Pill Sun County, whose military wasn't strong in the first place. Especially the capture of Zhao Kuo, which would be the greatest loss for Chun Shenjun in this year.

It seems that Chun Shenjun would need a long time to heal this wound.

The Battle of Lianzhou was destined to be the Battle of Waterloo for Chun Shenjun.

When Zhao Kuo was captured, he was mentally prepared for execution.

What was weird was he wasn't sent to the prison but escorted to the Lianzhou Lord's Manor.

Ouyang Shuo had plans to use Zhao Kuo.

As a lord, the main goal was to put suitable people in suitable positions.

Zhao Kuo had a stage that belonged to him.

With Chun Shenjun's death, he dropped all his equipment. Based on what Mulan Yue said, out of the equipment, there was a piece of platinum rank jewelry suitable for Ouyang Shuo. As for what it was, she didn't want to tell him and wanted him to unravel the mystery when he came back.

As for the other main character of the Yanhuang Alliance, Xiongba received a different treatment.

Xiongba was prepared to die but instead he was given a chance to live.

Baiqi listened to Ouyang Shuo's instructions, releasing Xiongba and his important generals. He allowed them to teleport out from the Shanhai City teleportation formation, leaving Lianzhou Basin.

The reason Ouyang Shuo did this was to build a relationship with Xiongba and also to plant a seed amongst the Yanhuang Alliance.

Secondly, he purposely wanted to split Chun Shenjun and Xiongba. The two of them were in the same camp, but they experienced totally different treatment. Even if Chun Shenjun could see through the devious intentions of Ouyang Shuo, he was still petty towards Ouyang Shuo.

Xiongba couldn't reject such good intentions.

To a lord, he himself dying wasn't important.

The death of basic soldiers were still okay.

The key was the generals. The moment they died, it would be a catastrophe to the army. Thinking about developing the talents from scratch again, it would be highly difficult.

This move by Ouyang Shuo was an outright scheme but Xiongba couldn't refuse.

After the battle, the various troops started to tabulate casualties.

The alliance army had 8000 troops that surrendered, and they were all locked up.

Shanhai Army also had casualties.

The grassland alliance army lost 2000 men and 28 thousand remained. What awaited them was a reorganization by the Military Affairs Department.

The city protection division lost 4000 men, which was the highest number. The main casualties happened when the grassland alliance army attacked Friendship City.

Hence, this was why the city protection division was wary of the grassland alliance army.

Because of this, even Zhao Sihu and Daiqin had an awkward relationship.

This problem wasn't one that was easy to solve.

As for the 1st division, they lost 1500 men, which was considered good.

After dealing with the alliance army to the west, Baiqi turned his attention to the alliance army to the east.

After the battle, he ordered the 1st division to rest up for a night before rushing to the east war region.

The city protection division would stay in Shanhai City, and the grassland alliance army would wait for reorganization.

Before the tribes officially surrendered, Baiqi was still wary of the grassland alliance army and didn't want them to leave his sights and enter the battlefield.

The same sunset, the same coldness.

Wilderness, east alliance army tent.

Di Chen, Zhan Lang, Wandering Magic, Sha Pojun, Lianpo, and Zhao Zhuang had gathered together.

"The troops to the west were destroyed. If everything happens as expected, tomorrow, Shanhai City will attack us. Do any of you have any ideas?" Di Chen took the lead.

Total silence, the continuous blows had made everyone feel despair.

"We can only fight to the death!"

"Fight to the death? Even if we fight to the death, can we walk out of Lianzhou Basin alive?"

"Then, we can't surrender, right? Even if we die, we must bite off a piece of them!"



"Be serious!" Di Chen was a little ruffled.

Di Chen's methods were deep, much more so than Sha Pojun’s. Upon knowing that Broken Blade County was attacked, Di Chen had used a hidden method to contact his family.

Learning of what happened in the Battle of Lianzhou, the elders of the family were astonished.

They gathered their knowledge and resources to think of a plan.

The only plan would be to persuade another territory to break the contract.

This was difficult but not impossible.

On this earth, there was nothing that was absolute. It only depended on whether you paid a high enough price.

Based on the strength of Di Chen's family, they naturally had the ability.

Thinking about it, at the latest, they would have a result tonight.

What Di Chen needed to think about was how to escape from the Shanhai City army. The 3rd division were like hunting dogs, close on their heels.

If they waited until tomorrow, there would definitely be more troops surrounding them.

At that point, even if they contacted the territory, he wouldn't be able to lead the troops to teleport out.

The only way was to abandon someone to save the rest.

Thinking about that, Di Chen's eyes swept across everyone seated and kept silent.

It was impossible for all of them to leave. There definitely needed to be one or two left behind to attract Shanhai City army's attention.

Lianpo was someone he definitely needed to bring away. Zhan Lang was his best ally. Since he left, Zhao Zhuang would have to leave too.

What remained was only Wandering Magic and Sha Pojun.

Piao Linghuan was the best friend of his enemy Xiongba, so he was the first to be abandoned.

What was left was Sha Pojun.

Thinking about his rashness and also about the relationship between him and Chun Shenjun, Di Chen decided to abandon this pawn.

As he decided on his plan, Di Chen felt relaxed and slowly looked at everyone who were fighting.

Out of all of them, only Zhan Lang could notice the weird expression on Di Chen’s face.

In the end, the meeting ended unhappily.

Zhan Lang stayed to the end and as expected, Di Chen called for him.

Upon hearing his plan, Zhan Lang felt very conflicted.

His style of doing things was totally different, but Zhan Lang couldn't blame Di Chen.

After all, everyone was different.

"I'll remember this good grace!"

Zhan Lang said as he walked out of the tent.

Di Chen looked at the fading back of Zhan Lang, not saying anything. Being born in a family like his, how would everything be as he wanted?

At night, a 100 man group left the camp and disappeared in the wilderness.

The next day, the alliance army woke up.

Sha Pojun and Wandering Magic noticed that Di Chen and Zhan Lang were missing.

This was also true for their generals.

"We were abandoned!" Wandering Magic was furious.

Sha Pojun snarled, "Di Chen!”

The two poor bugs that were abandoned looked at one another speechlessly.

He knew that Xiongba was released by Shanhai City. Sha Pojun was the enemy of Qiyue Wuyi, so he would definitely die here. Maybe he had a chance to not die together with him.

"Now, what should we do?" Sha Pojun asked.

Wandering Magic, who had other thoughts in his head acted, as if he were helpless. "Before they reach us let's just stick to here!"

"What stick to here? Since we are going to die here, why not lead our troops to kill them!"

Wandering Magic knew that his chance had come.

On the surface, he was still unaffected, "Ok, let's discuss in my tent."


When he entered the tent, he was immediately taken down by Piao Linghuan and died under his blade.

Sha Pojun, if you wanted to blame something, just blame yourself for being too arrogant!

Thus, like this, Sha Pojun was totally abandoned.

After killing him, Piao Linghuan took the news of his death and sent people to tell the 3rd division that they were willing to surrender.

When Er'Lai heard the news, he gathered the generals to discuss.

"There's something wrong with this!" Lei Jingtian was a born conspiracy theorist.

"Who cares whether it’s a scheme; let's take them down first!" Zhang Daniu continued, "Let's let Baiqi and the Marquis decide the rest."

"That's right, take them down first!" Er'Lai nodded in agreement.

Things were decided just like that.

On the 16th morning of the 2nd month, Piao Linghuan led the alliance army and surrendered.

After they surrendered, the 2nd division arrived.

Upon seeing the situation, Luo Shixin was shocked. He thought that he would need to fight again.

As for the 1st division, they had just left Shanhai City not long ago.

The Battle of Lianzhou had ended in such a comical way.

After getting Ouyang Shuo's agreement, Wandering Magic and his generals were all released.

With that, the Battle of Lianzhou had officially ended.

In this battle, Yanhuang Alliance had lost everything. Not only that, there would be subsequent betrayals about to happen. Cracks had already formed in the alliance.

Sha Pojun and Di Chen had totally burned the bridge, and he was enemies with Wandering Magic.

Chun Shenjun and Xiongba weren't on the same page. To protect Wandering Magic, Xiongba and Sha Pojun were against one another.

All in all, it was a total mess.

Only Di Chen was okay; his strength wasn't greatly affected, and he even managed to get a great ally like Zhan Lang.

This helped solidify Di Chen's position as the leader of the Yanhuang Alliance.

Di Chen, who was slowly maturing, was getting scarier and scarier.