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Chapter 343- The Dust Settles

Chapter 343- The Dust Settles

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After the Battle of Lianzhou ended, the aftermath continued.

Not mentioning the Shanhai Alliance members, who struck out in all directions and quickly expanded their territories, the players cared about the star—Shanhai City.

The two lords who had their territories destroyed secretly sold the information to Bai Xiaosheng.

Bai Xiaosheng combined the information with other intel and wrote a long analysis online.

The moment he posted it up, it immediately caused an uproar.

Only then did the players know that the Battle of Lianzhou was actually turned around. The Yanhuang Alliance not only failed to gain the upper hand, but were instead in dire straights. They did not gain anything and also lost things in the process.

The moment this news was out, naturally, people were stunned.

All of a sudden, everyone everywhere was face palming.

"Shanhai City turns it around!"

"Yanhuang Alliance is badly hurt and is no longer able to compete with the Shanhai Alliance!"

"Retreating to advance, Shanhai City planned it out well!"

"Bait! It was a bait!"


"Asura Baiqi is really invincible; the alliance army is no more!"

"Chun Shenjun dies for the second time against the Shanhai City army!"

"Sha Pojun died three times!"

"The biggest joke of the China region, Yanhuang Alliance returning to the peak? Haha~"

Apart from the mocking, there were a few people supporting Ouyang Shuo.

"Qiyue Wuyi rules over Lianzhou!"

"He didn't even need to personally act and defeated the Yanhuang Alliance. What a god!"

"Big powers have collapsed; commoner players rise!"

"Shanhai City shocks the world once more!"


On the forums, it was another bickering session. Those who were mourning for Shanhai City, who supported Yanhuang Alliance, were now embarrassed. They didn't dare to hang around on the forums.

The normal players went to enjoy the atmosphere, while those who really cared felt fear in their hearts.

Be it Jack from the American Region or Ruan Tianque from the Annan Region, they were all looking very serious.

The nearby Dongying Region and Gaoli Region were even more silent.

Amongst the noise, what players craved for were the details of the battle.

Unfortunately, apart from the Shanhai City Commander unit, no one would know the specifics of the entire war.

Nobody knew until the Army Military Academy was set up and War Saint Sun Wu invited Baiqi to teach about the Battle of Lianzhou and make it a case study.

Baiqi even took time off to purposely teach students for a semester.

His first lecture would be about the Battle of Lianzhou.

The Battle of Lianzhou also became another brilliant example of Baiqi combining many tactics like defending, surrounding, distance war, and head on fighting, all into one.

The only difference was that this war was more complicated with teleporting and communications needed to be taken into account.

Baiqi was undoubtedly learning and using his newly acquired knowledge as he progressed.

When he faced the allied army teleportation, he also used his own teleportation to the extreme. This was the first time the 2nd division teleported, and it was a master stroke that single handedly won them the war.

Baiqi used such a method to announce his existence.

Shanhai City had once again stunned the world.

Just as the forums mocked, after this battle, the Yanhuang Alliance needed to keep silent for a while.

They needed to slowly heal up and power up in the darkness.

As for them really sinking into the abyss, Ouyang Shuo wasn't sure that would happen.

The various powers had deep pockets, and they showed that in the Battle of Lianzhou.

Especially at the last stage when Di Chen managed to escape really terrified Ouyang Shuo. To be able to convince a lord to ally with you under such conditions….

Furthermore, the ones to really make use of all their resources in this battle were Chun Shenjun and Sha Pojun. The other allies only lost some teleportation costs and some elite soldiers.

To the territory, these could be accumulated and slowly recovered over time.

From this battle, Ouyang Shuo didn't dare to underestimate these old powers.

In the last life, he was an adventure mode player and didn't even have the ability to fight with the Six Tyrants of Handan, so his knowledge of them was limited.

Was the strength displayed by Yanhuang just the tip of the iceberg?

Everything was unknown.

After the Battle of Lianzhou, every grass and tree in Shanhai City was revealed to Yanhuang Alliance. There were no more secrets to speak of, and this was also why Ouyang Shuo rushed to explore Yazhou.

He had to win some strategic benefits for the territory and hold some more trump cards.

Apart from that, the determination revealed by the Yanhuang Alliance also scared Ouyang Shuo.

In this battle, the Yanhuang Alliance plotted and their goal was obvious—to take him down.

As Shanhai Alliance's influence rose, he had become the eyesore of the Yanhuang Alliance and naturally should be removed.

The way Yanhuang Alliance acted was also slowly coming to light.

They wouldn't usually attack, but the moment they did they would go all out.

Ouyang Shuo felt overwhelmed that a commoner like him was able to challenge all the big powers in the China region.

In the journey to become an overlord, one didn't have any time to rest.

After the war, the Military Affairs Department entered overdrive.

The first thing was to reorganize the military.

During this battle, the 4 divisions and the city protection division lost a total of 12 thousand men. The heaviest casualties came from the 3rd division and the city protection division, as they fought a tough war.

In terms of prisoners, Beiritie China had surrendered 3000 men, the grassland alliance army had 28 thousand men, Chun Shenjun's forces had 8000 men, 7000 from the Broken Blade County city protection division, and 20 thousand from the east alliance army for a total of 66 thousand men, a huge and terrifying number.

The first step would be to select members from the prisoners to reinforce the casualties. After filling in the gaps, the remaining 54 thousand prisoners would wait to be reorganized into the 4 divisions.

As the number of prisoners was too huge, Ouyang Shuo personally ordered the Military Affairs Department to cut off some injured or lousy soldiers and make them retire.

The main goal would be the grassland cavalry and the Broken Blade County city protection division. Some of the cavalry were recruited before the war; the latter were just randomly formed.

As for the alliance army, they were basically all elite, so apart from some loyal members and the injured, the rest were all kept.

The Military Affairs Department's mission was to organize 3 divisions as well as 2 city protection regiments. Including the cavalry independent regiment was also in the reorganization plan.

The remaining prisoners were sent to the reserve forces.

Apart from reorganizing the military, the Military Affairs Division had to take care of post war matters and logistics.

Of course, they also had to calm down the situation on the grasslands.

After the east alliance army surrendered, Baiqi ordered the 2nd division to rush to the grasslands and help the 4th division calm down the situation.

Before this, Mu Guiying had led the 4th division to directly enter Shenjuan Lake. Before the Tianqi tribe could react, they captured all the noble families and the royal family.

The mission of the 2nd division was to capture all the noble families of the seven medium-sized tribes and bring them to Shenjuan Lake for Ouyang Shuo to handle when he returned.

In truth, when they got the news that the grassland alliance army had failed, all of them had given up. The war had squeezed dry all the forces of the tribes, and to form another huge army was impossible.

Before they could have any thoughts, the 2nd division arrived.

The noble families had no choice and could only follow the instructions.

The last mission was for the Beihai Naval Fleet.

During the Battle of Lianzhou, the Naval fleet didn't do anything and basically had no chance to do anything.

After the battle, they sent the second batch of migrants to Yazhou.

The second batch had more workers, especially masons, bricklayers, and carpenters. Apart from that, they also brought huge amounts of resources and vegetables that could be stored for the long term.

Baiqi had asked Ouyang Shuo if he needed to arrange a huge army to act as reinforcements at Yazhou.

Ouyang Shuo thought about it and rejected that plan. For the military, he had it planned out and it needed him to return before implementing plans.

Apart from military affairs, Ouyang Shuo had plans for the administrative blueprints of the Lianzhou Prefecture.

Setting up Broken Blade House, and after changing its name from Broken Blade County to Broken Blade City, Yishui County and Gushan County would be under the jurisdiction of the Broken Blade House.

Following which, Ouyang Shuo announced two appointments: Yishui County County Magistrate Zhou Haichen would be the prefect of Broken Blade House, while Zhao Dewang would replace him.

The two of them didn't need to wait for Ouyang Shuo to personally appoint them. They took up the jobs straight away.

What was placed in front of Zhou Haichen was a dirty job that needed him to calm down civilians, regain productivity, and also plan for future development.

This tested his all around ability. His performance would decide whether he would have a part to play in the future blueprints of the territory.

The city wall projects of Tianfeng City had reached their end, within which Zhao Dewang took a lot of credit. Naturally, Ouyang Shuo wouldn't treat this old worker of his badly. He sent this old worker to Yishui County, which had immense potential.

As he was limited in education and skill, his future would most likely end at this stage.

As for the plan for the grasslands, it would wait until Ouyang Shuo was back.

Just like that, Mulan Yue helped Ouyang Shuo spread the message and settled all of the Lianzhou Prefecture major issues. What remained would be handled by the 4 departments.

After settling everything, Ouyang Shuo turned his gaze toward Yazhou.