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Chapter 344- The Girl in the Family Grows Up

Chapter 344- The Girl in the Family Grows Up

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2nd month 7th day till the 16th day

The Battle of Lianzhou lasted a total of 10 days.

In these 10 days, the building in Yazhou didn't stop for even a second.

Under the guidance and leadership of Bai Nanpu, the harbor, saltpans, farms, quarries, and logging farms were all built. Everything was basically in order and they just needed to wait to harvest the fruits of their labor.

The Guards regiment felt depressed that they had missed out on the Battle of Lianzhou. To these guys who loved to fight, they really wanted to join that battle. They didn't dare to blame the Marquis and could only vent their frustrations on the wild beasts and desolate beasts.

During these 10 days, the Guards regiment were like they were on drugs. They went all out, hunting beasts everyday at first light until sunset before they returned to the camp.

The nearby wild beasts were killed, and the efficiency of their operation increased. The work planned for half a month was now near its end.

The next day, Ouyang Shuo was going to bring Bing'er to set up their territory.

Gaia 2nd year 17th day, Yazhou.

After breakfast, Ouyang Shuo called out to Bing'er, who was about to go out and play.

During this period of time, the little brat acted like she was crazy. The beach wasn't near the main area and the nearby region was already explored and visited by her.

Because of this, Ouyang Shuo had to arrange four guards to keep her safe.

Every day, she would bring the four little beasts and fool around, making it hard for Ouyang Shuo to even see her.

The bigger she got, the more independent she grew.

Because of the age gap, Ouyang Shuo even got the feeling that his daughter was growing up.

"Baby, don't go out today. I'll bring you to do something interesting."

"What interesting thing?"

Ouyang Shuo decided to act playful and knocked on her little head, "You'll find out when you get there!"


Bing'er touched her head, as she looked at her bad brother.

Hen, brother must be jealous of Bing'er playing around all day, so he wants to bully me.

It must be like this!

Thinking about that, the cute Bing'er decided to forgive her brother.

The little brat copied what Ouyang Shuo usually did, putting her hands behind her back, taking short steps and saying, "Brother, let's go. Bing'er will play with you today."

Ouyang Shuo shook his head in amusement.

Walking out of the camp, the Guards regiment were in formation waiting for them.

Apart from that, Bai Nanpu had also brought the Chamber of Commerce leaders along.

To these people, today was a historical day. All those who held a certain position naturally would come over and want to witness this.

Seeing this, Ouyang Shuo decided to give a short speech and recap on the difficulties of this journey, as well as what he hoped for the future of Yazhou.

To the various Chamber of Commerces who had supported him, Ouyang Shuo was really thankful.

Ouyang Shuo was experienced in these kinds of speeches, and he gave an exceptional one.

At 8 AM, the forces went out towards the village creation point.

The place that Ouyang Shuo chose was in the north south direction and was the central region of the Ningyuan river and South Mountain. Twenty kilometers east would be the Yazhou Bay. Sixty kilometers to the east was the Five Finger Mountain.

With the hard work of the Guards regiment, the few tens of kilometers around the area was fully cleared out and had become a safe zone.

Ouyang Shuo took out the silver village creation token and called Bing'er to his side. As her guardian, he could control her territory, but the building had to be done by her.

On the way there, Ouyan Shuo had already explained the basics to Bing'er.

She was smart and naturally understood everything. She could feel that this was extremely important to her brother, so she was very focused and serious.

Although this little brat liked to tease her brother, deep inside, she really loved him.

Bing'er received the village creation token from Ouyang Shuo's hand and stabbed it into the ground. Following this, she bit her white and tender finger and dripped a drop of blood onto it.

Throughout the whole process, Bing'er didn't even frown.

All the other people, upon seeing that, couldn't help but nod.

Strictly speaking, Bing'er was the princess of this army. Seeing her so tough at such a young age, being able to withstand the pain of biting her finger, she really had the aura of a lord.

As the fresh blood dripped onto the token, it turned into a silver light.

The light burst forth into the sky and burst apart. The silver luster spread all around to the borders of the territory before disappearing.

At the same time, where she stood, a silver stone steele slowly rose up. It was three meters tall and one meter wide. Bing'er placed her hand onto it. Instantly, a system notification sounded.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Ouyang Bing for successfully building a village, please name your village!"

"Yashan Village." Bing'er read out the name that her brother told her.

After she said that, the words appeared on the stone steele.

"System Notification: Player Ouyang Bing is underage, a guardian can be set to help manage the territory. Will you assign a guardian?"

"Yes!" Bing'er said as she assigned Ouyang Shuo as her guardian.

"System Notification: Guardian fits the requirements, successfully assigned!"

At the same time, a system notification sounded out by Ouyang Shuo's ear.

"System Notification: Player Ouyang Bing has chosen you as her guardian, you will have equal rights as her and have control over Yashan Village."

Before it finished, a few more system notifications sounded out in his ear.

"System Notification: Player Ouyang Bing has high luck, village creation token has upgraded and has become gold rank, congratulations!"

"System Notification: Player Ouyang Bing has extraordinary charm, awarded emperor rank historical general Fan Lihua, congratulations!"

"System notification: Player Ouyang Bing has extraordinary talent, rewarded hidden building spirit beast hall, congratulations!"

What a god, Ouyang Bing was really overpowered!

With that, the starting point of Yashan Village was higher than even Shanhai Village.

At this moment, Ouyang Shuo had to admit that he was jealous. Jealous of his sister.

At the beginning, he made use of his last life advantage to complete the village building quest before obtaining a gold rank village creation token and an emperor rank summoning token.

Bing'er, on the other hand, didn't need to do anything and just used her natural luck and charm to get the exact same thing.

What was more overpowered was that there was a hidden building.

That little brat had obtained all the good stuff. How would one not be jealous of her?

Thinking about his pitiful luck and charm, Ouyang Shuo felt very bitter.

Ouyang Shuo continued to configure the territory.

After which, he took a look at its stats.

Territory: Yashan Village

Lord: Ouyang Bing

Assistant Lord: Qiyue Wuyi

Title: None

People's thoughts: 70

Security: 75

Population: 1570/200


Territory specialty: take a look at Chapter 6


Existing Buildings: Village grade Lord’s Manor, Basic Market

Hidden buildings: Spirit Beast Hall

Basic Building list:


The stats of Yashan Village were largely similar to when Shanhai City had started. The only differences were the population and the hidden building.

For the population, the Guards regiment was not included inside. The population included all the masons, talents, and basic level administrative personnel.

Ouyang Shuo took a look at the stats of the spirit beast hall.

Name: Spirit Beast Hall

Type: Hidden Building

Function: Helps to evolve and improve spirit beasts

Specialty: Increase attraction rate of special talents by 10%, territory fame increased by 10%.

Evaluation: A hall specially designed for spirit beasts. At most three spirit beasts can train inside at once. Their training time cannot cross one hour a day.

The introduction was simple but its effects weren't.

The moment the spirit beast hall appeared, Little White and Little Green eagerly rushed in.

Just at this moment, the free general from the system rushed over from the village entrance.

She was riding a white horse and wore a red dress and silver armor. She wielded a long knife in her hand. Her beauty was unparalleled like that of a pear in full bloom. She was one of the four famous heroines in China—Fan Lihua.

She ran in front of Bing'er, getting off her horse, and kneeling on one leg, "Greetings, princess!”

Bing'er had seen such things before. After all, she had spent so much time in the Lord's Manor.

The little brat helped her up and called out, "Pretty Sister!"

"Haha!" The beauty laughed and instantly liked this little princess.

Ouyang Shuo took a look at her stats.

Name: Fan Lihua

Title: One of the Four Heroines

Dynasty: Tang dynasty

Identity: Yashan Village General

Occupation: Special level general

Loyalty: 80

Command: 75

Force: 80

Intelligence: 78

Politics: 50

Specialty: Smart and courageous (raise morale by 40%), conqueror (raise movement speed by 30%); insight (raise troops Attack by 20%)

Cultivation Method: Xiurong Knife Technique

Equipment: Xiurong Knife

Evaluation: Smart and courageous, beautiful beyond compare, righteous, cares about the large picture, and fights evil with good. A magnanimous woman and a very strong martial artist.