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Chapter 347- The Grandfather and Grandson Pair Meets

Chapter 347- The Grandfather and Grandson Pair Meets

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The man in the wheelchair was one of the representative figures of the philosophy of war, Sun Wu's grandson, Sun Bin.

Sun Bin came a few generations after Sun Wu. Since they both appeared at the same time in the wilderness, Gaia arranged that they were grandson and grandfather to avoid making things weird.

After he heard that his grandfather was living in Shanhai City, Sun Bin did not come straight away. Instead, he went traveling until New Year's Eve before visiting.

The old man beside him was the god physician Bianque from the Spring and Autumn period.

Bianque called himself a traveling physician, as he did not stay in one city. In history, Bianque and his disciples traveled four thousand miles around.

Under the guidance of the guard, Sun Bin managed to see his grandfather, Sun Wu.

The meeting between the two was certainly an amazing event.

When he saw that the young man was truly Sun Wu’s grandson, he did not dare to disturb them and left.

After he left, the guard did not return to the city wall. Instead, he went to the Lord's Manor to report to the manager there.

When the manager received this news, he immediately went to report to the Marquis. However, the secretary stopped him.

"The marquis has orders. Unless it's something important, no one should disturb him."

The manager understood and told the secretary the information. As for how he handled it, be it immediately reporting or doing nothing, it was not the manager’s problem anymore.

After the secretary heard the news, he waved the manager off and asked the latter to leave. He thought about it and decided to wait till the Marquis came out before telling him.

After all, Sun Bin came over to spend the lunar new year, so he would not be in a rush to leave.

Otherwise, it would be horrendous if he disturbed the lord and broke his train of thought.

The Lianzhou Manor did not have a specific organization to scout out news and intel about the territory. Hence, they could only rely on maidservants, guards, and the like to spread news.

As for the Military Intelligence Division, they were only in charge of military matters and would not cross the line.

Sun Wu residence.

Sun Wu's residence was not in the official residence area. Instead, he stayed in the Army Military Academy.

After the two of them met, Sun Bin introduced Bianque to his grandfather.

"Grandfather, I met this god physician on my journey. His name is Bianque. The whole way, he has taken care of me!"

After Sun Wu heard such words, he immediately said, “Thank you kind sir!"

Bianque would not dare to accept that, so he said, “I was just doing what I could. I wasn't purposely taking care of him!"

Sun Wu nodded and smiled, “Since you have come to Shanhai City, you will be able to gain a lot!"

"How so?" Bianque's eyes brightened.

"Have you heard of the book collection house?"

"I came because of that. I heard that it contains a lot of old and new books. Is that true?"

"Definitely! The medical works of various dynasties are all in there."

Bianque was delighted, so he smiled and said, “Seems like my trip will be worth it!"

"Not only that, Shanhai City has a medical department. They have olden arts and medical skills that the players brought. Especially one surgical technique, which even I have to commend."

When Bianque heard those words, he grew even happier.

"I can't wait anymore!"

Sun Wu laughed; it was pretty understandable, as he too was like that when he came here. Sun Wu waved and called for one of the servants, “Bring mister to take a look at the book collection house."

"Yes, sir!"

Bianque understood Sun Wu’s intentions, so he followed the servant and left.

Firstly, he desired to read the medical works. Secondly, he also knew that the grandson and grandfather pair definitely had something to talk about.

After he sent Bianque away, the two felt much more relaxed.

Sun Wu felt a heartache when he saw his grandson's paralyzed legs.

Sun Bin was really sharp and said, “Grandfather, even though my legs are paralyzed, I can still lead thousands and ten thousands of troops." His words contained a hint of pride, and it also held a little bit of burden.

Sun Wu nodded, “God Physician Bianque also can't do anything about this?"

Sun Bin kept silent and shook his head.

Once he saw that, Sun Wu did not continue with this serious topic and smiled, “Grandson, the Sun Bin art of war that you wrote, I've read it. It made me feel really happy."

"Thank you for your praises!"

"You don't need to behave humble in front of your grandfather. However, you also can't be arrogant. During this period of time, I've read many famous works and learnt a lot. Although the books we wrote are good, they have a lot of limitations."

"Thank you for your teachings!" Sun Wu sat in the wheelchair as he said, “I came here to accompany grandfather and also to cultivate my art of war."

Sun Wu shook his head and pointed at Sun Bin. He laughed and said, “In front of your grandfather, you don't need to hide. I can feel that you want to go to the battlefield. However, you decided to make such a decision instead because of me, right?"

"Grandfather is sharp." Sun Bin was a little embarrassed, “I don't want to hide it from you, but yes, I want to enter the military and put what I learned to use."

Sun Wu nodded, “I chose to be a hermit, as I'm old. I don't want to go through that torture and pain again. Even so, the Lianzhou Marquis persuaded me to lead the Army Military Academy. You are still young, so you should go all out to learn. Be a man and head to the battlefield."

"Is the Lianzhou Lord really so amazing? He actually managed to persuade you?"

Sun Bin was surprised. Instantly, he felt eager to meet this famous lord that he had heard so much about.

Sun Wu nodded, as he thought about Ouyang Shuo's visit yesterday. Then, he said, “The foundation of Shanhai City is very thick and firm; it can definitely rule the earth. The Marquis is good at using talents. Furthermore, the generals under him are given power, and he trusts them. With the Battle of Lianzhou as an example, Baiqi commanded the entire thing."

When Sun Bin heard about this, he was so excited.

In his book, he described that a lord needed to trust his soldiers and not interfere, allowing them to handle military matters.

Ouyang Shuo’s actions were the perfect example of the relationship between a general and a lord.

When he noticed Sun Bin's expression, Sun Wu reminded him, “Since you have made the choice, I have to remind you. Shanhai City not only has Baiqi, it also has historical generals like Shi Wanshui and Er'Lai. If you want to gain a solid foothold in the military, it won't be easy."

When Sun Bin heard this, he solemnly said, “Don't worry, grandfather, your grandson knows what to do!"

After they spoke about such matters, the pair started to casually converse.

As for the god physician Bianque, he only returned at night after the servant reminded him. The many medical books and scrolls in the book collection house had left this god physician very engrossed.

Ouyang Shuo similarly spent an entire day in the reading room.

Zisu even had to send lunch to his reading room for him to hurriedly eat.

After he left the reading room, the secretary immediately went up.

This whole day, the secretary had not just slacked off. He had found out everything about the identity of the two men.

"Lord, the territory has two guests. One of them is the god physician Bianque, the other is the grandson of Sun Wu, Sun Bin."

This news piqued Ouyang Shuo’s interest.

In truth, after Sun Wu moved over, Ouyang Shuo had looked forward to Sun Bin's arrival.

This wait had lasted an entire two months.

To a paralyzed person like Sun Bin, although he did not join many famous battles, everyone could change the path of history. Although he was not so famous, he was still considered a great general.

Putting it another way, Sun Bin should be considered a strategist, similar to Zhang Liang, Zhuge Liang.

As for the god physician Bianque, he was a pleasant surprise.

Of course, the book collection house was great at attracting philosophers. However, even if they came to Shanhai City, that did not necessarily mean they would move in.

Ouyang Shuo said to the secretary, “Send someone to visit the War Saint Manor and tell them that tomorrow morning, I'll personally visit the two guests."

"Yes, my lord!"

Ouyang Shuo nodded and went to the back hall.

A night of total silence.

Gaia 2nd year, 2nd month 20th day, Shanhai City.

At night, it was the lunar New Year’s Eve evening.

The servants in the Lord's Manor had started to get busy under Zisu’s orders. Some were in charge of cleaning, while the others hung up lanterns and paintings.

The back kitchen was even busier. Early in the morning, the chefs had started preparing for the dinner. The Marquis had said that he would hold the dinner at the Lord’s Manor. Additionally, all the generals and officials were invited.

The square in front of the Lord's Manor was bustling, and they had built performance platform there.

At night, the troupe would perform on the platform and share the joy with the commoners.

Even the commoners could watch the performance, not just the important generals that joined the Lord's Manor.

When Ouyang Shuo left, four Guards followed him.

He quickly went to the Army Military Academy. The construction of the academy had almost finished. He did not have any thoughts of walking around. Instead, he directly entered Sun Wu's Residence.

After they got the news yesterday, the residence had prepared to welcome him.

Even Bianque had to put down his desires for medical books to stay in the residence and wait. Based on Ouyang Shuo's current position, even if he summoned them both to the Lord's Manor, there would be nothing wrong with that.

Personally visiting them showed them the utmost respect.

Of course, Sun Wu's influence played a part in this.

In the olden times, the position of physicians was not high. However, Ouyang Shuo, as a modern person, naturally would not look down on them.

Toward Sun Bin and Bianque, he treated them equally.